San ka na Dio?

This trip was inspired by I’m Drunk, I Love You starring Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino. Unrequited love is my favorite trope (Hello Labs kita, okey ka lang?) so of course the film made me emotional. I know how Carson feels towards Dio. Is it safe to say that we’ve all been there? There’s just something romantic (or masochistic haha) about one-sided love especially if you’re not emotionally blackmailing the person into reciprocating your feelings. What I appreciate most about the film (aside from the soundtrack) is its fresh take on an old trope –more than Carson trying to win Dio over and the two of them ending up together, it focused on Carson processing her emotions and getting them out of the way.

IDILY is an ode to alcohol and friendships and silly emotions you thought you’d never grow out of. I’ve curbed down on my drinking but I wanted to go to the nearest 7eleven and buy myself a Red Horse and Butterball after watching. Personally, I don’t think being bestfriends with the opposite sex while remaining platonic works (in the words of Mr. Chow, feelings can creep up just like that. How much more if there’s regular encounter diba?) but Maja was so charming and natural in the movie that I did not even bat an eyelash. Still, boundaries are helpful. If you’re doing something for someone that you wouldn’t normally do for your other friends, it’s time to assess the situation. It’s tempting to let our emotions drown us (I’M GUILTY!) but the head is placed higher than the heart.

My favorite scene is the ending — Dio and Carson drinking beer on the balcony, Carson looking at Dio, Carson realizing something and bursting out laughing leaving Dio clueless.DDI4H_yVoAAAQgvYikes haba ng intro lels. Anyway, back to the trip! This happened in March. We rented a van and it turned out to be a UV Express. Aside from standing out and hearing strangers joke about it (“Ayan pwede na tayo umuwi ng fairview“), the air conditioning was bad and the seats union (35)In addition, our driver was not informed that we were going to La Union (labo diba?) so he just drove and drove. We woke up in a town just 30 minutes away from Vigan. Good thing my companions were already used to mishaps happening during trips. After contemplating heading straight to Ilocos, we just laughed about it and went back.

First stop was Bahay na Bato. We arrived earlier than the operating hours. Thank God the staff let us in. Also, no other visitors yet, yay!la union (30)la union (34)We stayed at The Circle Hostel. This is not advisable for families and picky travelers but since we were only spending one night, it was a good deal. The place is literally just for sleeping and taking showers and you’re really just paying for a bed that you even had to change the mattresses of. When you’re young, luxury is a foreign thing. Sans the long lines in the shower with earth hour looming in the background, it’s union (57)Really wanted to sleep on these hammocks but they were fully union (36)The common area of the hostel where you can charge your phones, take a nap, and befriend strangers. The number of your buddies on a trip is inversely related to your excitement to meet people. At that time there were eight of us, I think, so no new friends were made during that weekend hahaha!la union (37)I am amazed that their bunk beds go as high as 3rd floor!elyuula union (9)Hindi ako ang nagsulat union (10)It was so hot during midday that ice cream melts faster than I can eat it. Walking through sands was out of the question because I’m not interested in firewalking. We just found a shade and sat there, looking at the waves and wishing for the sun to union (38)la union (39)la union (41)After lunch we went to Tangadan falls. The habal habal ride en route is the most thrilling one of my life so union (47)la union (48)I tried Nga Nga and partly regretted it. Betel Nut chewing is popular in the Cordilleras and other parts of Southeast Asia. la union (53)Lime was covered in Betel leaf. It was only after I put it in my mouth that the guy realized he forgot to include the Areca Palm Nut (people forgot a lot on this trip). Anyway, I also popped that in my mouth, was instructed to chew until I feel something and spit out my excess saliva lest I want to be poisoned. After a minute though, I could no longer contain it so I spit everything out. It burned and tasted gross. I was told the effects would be similar to that of drinking 5 bottles of Red Horse or even better (or worse). Guess I’d have to try again next time, hopefully with a better union (51)No trip is complete without food and there were a lot of restaurants in La Union I wanted to try. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time. I did the math and realized I’d only be able to eat at 4 or 5 (out of a dozen on my list hahaha).

Surf Shack. Really appreciate the spiciness of their wings!la union1El Union Coffee. The dirty horchata was refreshing! The Smores can be easily recreated at home. And I really don’t have a sweet tooth so I prefer a sweet drink with salty food. Or a sweet dessert with sour union (8)Had breakfast at Flotsam Jetsam. While my friends had -silogs, I decided to be pretentious and ordered from Makai bowls. It looked appetizing but my taste buds aren’t wired to appreciate these kinds of things yet. I ended up only eating the bananas and oats. Next time I’m ordering Bangsilog which looked and tasted good with all its fats and calories!la union (7)I love watching sunsets at the beach. It doesn’t matter if there are a lot of people or none, whether it’s noisy or silent. As long as I hear the waves crashing, it is not raining, the sun is going down, and the sands are cooler, I’m good.Β la union (59)Who goes to the beach without swimming? Me! The only time I got went was in Tangadan Falls and the only part of my body saltwater got into contact with are my feet. I was supposed to try surfing but Emman did not wake me up. He reasoned that if I really wanted to, I should have jumped out of bed the moment I heard the alarm. Pero fam, di ko narining yung alarm and I thought we’ve been friends long enough for you to know na tulog mantika ako 😦 Ayway, I’ve berated him for that transgression many times and he’s union (27)I don’t mind looking after possessions while friends union (1)Swimming is prohibited past 6pm in Urbiztondo union (3)La Union at night! It’s somewhere between Boracay and El Nido. Establishments are popping up and a dozen decent drinking places are open till the wee hours but it’s still not too crowded.Β la union (4)la union (5)ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEH! Thank you for the dinner ❀la union (6)Shared a bucket with my high school friends afterwards over conversations about life, love, and anything in between. We’ve known each other since puberty and it’s comforting to know that the friendship is still alive and kicking.

Ma-Cho temple in San Fernando on our way back to union (13)la union (15)la union (16)Ronald chillin’ at the union (17)We stopped by a grape farm! The only pasalubong I bought was a bottle of wine for myself. It’s still sitting in the refrigerator, hopefully it tastes better the older it union (20)The entrance fee (200, if I remember correctly) was a bit steep especially when you’re only gonna take pictures of vines but since it’s a first for all of us and there aren’t Napa Valley-level vineyards in the country, we still union (24)See what I’m talking about when I said it was uncomfortable? Anyways, what’s done is done. Next time I’m taking the bus!la union (18)P.S. No bagnet was eaten during this trip. That’s one thing I don’t like about the film, it made us crave for bagnet and gave us false hope that it was abundant in elyu. We already knew bagnets were from Ilocos, not La Union. But since Carson said so, we still went around looking for one. To no avail *insert heartbreak emoji*.


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