Food photodump 11

It’s 1:15 AM. I have to be in Mendiola at 5:45. I haven’t done my AccRev2 assignment. I slept at seven pm hoping to wake up at 1 am so I can survive the day that is to come. Alas, I woke up past 9PM to my father loudly speaking on the phone and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I spent the past hours playing Everwing, my new addiction. I’ve only been playing for a week but I’m already past level 40 and my 3-star dragons are on the way. Eto na naman tayo, wasting time on things that are of no eternal value. It was a long weekend thanks to the 119th Philippine Independence celebration but my father arrived from the province which means all my plans of studying in advance (or catching up, really) went down the drain. Also, I said goodbye to my 1 week old diet and just today, went on a Binondo foodtrip. Last week I averaged 4-5 hours of sleep per day thanks to my practicum in the morning and classes in the afternoon — well into the night during MW. I may have to get by on less this week. With everything that’s been said, you’d think I’d be more wise in prioritizing things (like sleep, or my assignment), yet here I am posting my eleventh food photodump just because I wrote it in my BuJo (will talk about this discovery some other time) and I would really really love to highlight it as done.


This one was from Buffet 101 last January. During Christmas season, buffet restaurants are filled with families, usually with a couple of balikbayans who are, most of the time, the ones who foot the bill. We were no exception (thanks tita maro!). The selection was decent though based on experience, you never really feel good after a buffet, you feel so full your stomach might burst. Or maybe that’s just me. What I’d really love to see in spreads is a yogurt station ala llao llao. I’d pay for a place like that.IMG_0846Desserts. Sometimes you get more than what you can eat. Or bite more than what you can chew. Or whatever.IMG_0854What stood out for me was their shake. I forgot if this was green mango or guava or star apple or what. All I remember was that it was sour, the perfect pampatanggal umay!IMG_0870Another eat-all-you can is Tajimaya, still at SM Mall of Asia. I ate here with my father and sister. Since the latter isn’t a heavy eater, she opted for the ala carte menu. We were warned that she couuldn’t have even a bite of the food from the buffet or else, she’ll pay the 600+ pesos. We were so annoyed and offended because more than two waiters were obviously lurking around waiting to catch her. Schwes even told me she overheard the manager berating the staff to be on the lookout for guests violating the rules. K fine.IMG_1671The meat was tender though I don’t think I’ll be back because I don’t like eating at buffets with time limits (in Tajimaya’s case it was an hour). The one hour isn’t even for ordering, eating is included. Ang hina po kaya ng apoy niyo. They expect us to wolf down the food without even taking the time to enjoy it.IMG_1058Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli from Coffee Bean. Ekkkk, I’d take their Spicy Tuna Linguine or Spinach and Cheese Ravioli over this anytime. Good thing it was bought with my reward points or else I would have sulked over money wasted.IMG_0950Some days I just crave for Angel’s Burger’s hotdog. Cheap and satisfying. It doesn’t get better than this.IMG_3159In unloving memoryย of all the salt, fat and MSG in these. Anunarani?!?!IMG_1261So I delude myself into thinking I can eat healthy once in a while and it will set off all the junk I feed my body haha. Gardenia wheat bread, some ham, lettuce, and cream cheese. Ooops, still not healthy after all.IMG_3249THIS IS A DISGRACE TO SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS. IT’S JUST SO MILD.IMG_3246One of the junks I eat. I read somewhere that pop corns are actually healthy. I bet they are but not if they’re packaged, microwaved, and flavored with butter.IMG_3251For days after my El Nido trip, I was craving for crepe so I frequented CrePes and Cream. I tried to recreate the Nutella banana we always ordered and this one even had vanilla ice cream but it’s just not the same. Baka nag iinarte lang tastebuds ko because I was in a mall hahaha. Still delicious though.IMG_3222Even though I try hard not to because it’s hella expensive for my budget, I still went back to CoCo Ichibanya. This time I had their Mushroom Omelette curry and it was so good T.T The tomato soup I can live without. I now have a thing for mushrooms even though I didn’t touch the fungi for most of my life!IMG_3239Thank God I am no longer frequenting RobMan as much as I used to (primarily because my bebe is gone lels). A lot of new restaurants and stalls are opening and most of them, though delicious, aren’t exactly budget friendly. Paper Moon is an example. Dear Japan, y u make good food perfect?IMG_3294Every bite was a delight! My first taste of crepe cake was from a food market in Makati years ago (thanks Pagsy!). I thought it couldn’t get any better than that. I was, of course, wrong. Another thing that feels wrong is the fact that a slice (which was just right bordering on small) of this heaven costs 225 pesos ๐Ÿ˜ฆIMG_3295Pag wala na talaga, softdrink plus overpriced manga and bagoong na lang sa foodcourt. Then I’ll slightly regret the decision when it’s time to go to the bathroom.IMG_3297Valentines was spent taking my finals and then spontaneously going to Tagaytay with classmates. I remember the February weather with fondness because I love it so much! It was cold enough to wear a hoodie. It was even colder in Tagaytay! First stop was this famous ice cream, Buffy’s. It was pricey but you can taste the freshness, I’m not kidding. We had my two favorites: Ube and Vanilla.IMG_3921Tapos medyo napasubo sa dinner hahaha. I forgot where we ate but the bulalo in Mahogany Market is better and cheaper. I think people visit this place because of the view of Taal but we went at night so no view for us, only the chilling air โคIMG_4001While we were in Binondo a while ago, Pangs mentioned that this restaurant we visited already closed its doors. I remember the food was decent but I wasn’t surprised because the place was too big and I remember it was void of customers.IMG_2996I think Wong Kee was the name and we only went there because their dimsums are 50% off during lean hours hehehe.IMG_3002Saks lang.”IMG_2998All the food we ate and it wasn’t even the first restaurant we went to!IMG_3001Dong Bei stuffed pancake! I still like Dong Bei even though I believe it’s overpriced (am I cheap or what). I think first timers are sometimes surprised with the hospitality (or lack thereof) of waiters in Binondo. Some are even rude but I’m used to it and even totally understand them at times. Try working in the service industry at minimum (or less than minimum) wage and let’s see what you’ve got.IMG_4566I’ve been frequenting Binondo for a long time I no longer need to read the lists sprouting here and there of foods to try in the area. I already have my favorites. Once in a while though, out of curiosity, I still drag Pangs to look for new places to eat at. This was an example. I forgot the name because the buttered chicken was also forgettable. Charet.IMG_4577David’s Tea House — the place we go to when we don’t know where else to go.IMG_1222Of course a stopover at Salazar’s only for the Tikoy with monggo filling!IMG_1213Another visit to Binondo, not with Pangs this time! Happy to see AC after close to 5 years! Happy to meet Camille! Most of all, happy to celebrate with Trishia on her special day ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_4331Since it’s only Pangs and I most of the time, we don’t usually order viands meant for more than two people. This is one perk reserved for dining with friends. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I. LOVE. THE. BROCCOLI. Whoa my mother will be proud.ย IMG_4370Quick Snack afterwards. The place was renovated!IMG_4300Yet another eat-all-you can. This time it’s at Urameshiya in Little Tokyo and the specialty is Wagyu beef cubes!IMG_3104Trust me, I was so excited to try this because I’ve heard so much about Wagyu. Then, during our meal, I realized something. No matter how much people rave about melt-in-your-mouth beef, I still like my protein to require me to put effort in chewing it. I really enjoyed the first few bites but on my sixth piece, maybe, I started craving for good old liempo!IMG_3129For some reason this fish reminds me of characters cooking their own food and eating in Murakami’s novels.IMG_3861Ichiba at Newport Mall! The place is very IG friendly. This makes me want to go back to Japan. Everything makes me want to go to Japan, actually.IMG_4101I still have to learn how to like cold soba noodles. Also, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be (something I wish I could say about more restaurants!). Or I am just inclined to order the cheap items out of habit hehehe.IMG_4093The takoyaki was what stood out for me ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_4089And the dessert! Side note: I tried the matcha soft serve from Tsuijiri in S Maison a few days ago and I’ll never look at matcha soft serves the same way again.IMG_4094Arla recommended a KBBQ place in Malate for Tan’s birthday and it has easily become my favorite. The name is Tong Keun So and it is located along Remedios circle, on the second floor of a building with “Big Bang” lights!IMG_4968They have set meals for meat and I always order the cheapest at 990 pesos good for three persons. Sulit na bes!IMG_4974The side dishes are on point. I actually only look for four things: the spicy soup, kimchi, egg, and lettuce. It was one of the best korean bbq meals I’ve had, definitely better than Chosun and Maru and MakChang and KPub! The merit of the restaurant is evident in the abundance of customers. I’ve visited at different times, sometimes as late as 2 AM (because they’re open 24 hours) but the place is never deserted!IMG_5006Red Table at SM Manila. Obviously, the ramyun was instant.IMG_4840Forgot the name of the one on the left but it was a new offering and everyone’s favorite.IMG_4842Uncle Moe’s Shawarma! Hindi lang shawarma ang masarap, pati shawarma rice. Malamang!IMG_4454Uso pero di namin maubos. Masyadong matamis at wala kasing gatas.IMG_1192Back at Tap Station with denden! Broccoli is slowly rising in my “veggies I like” list.IMG_3310Hizon’s! This is more like my kind of meat. Also, I remember the conversation I had that day with Chabs and Tordy which made the already pleasant meal better. Definitely one for the books ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_3879Except for the way the egg was cooked (I’m a scrambled egg person), Sisig Hooray is perfect. It reminds me of the sisig place near St. Paul when I was in college where I used to buy my lunch during weekends, only better! If only it wasn’t unhealthy.IMG_4085Munchkins X Ice Scramble โคpage3I paid less than 50 pesos for everything on the left! It was a lugawan near where I live. Meanwhile, the Flaming Wings in Katipunan sucks. Sa Taft pa rin ako!page2What I usually eat during lunch break at school. Unhealthy, but fast and cheap. Is it obvious that I love Liempo? I really do.page5The picture on the left costs 99 pesos! It was a promo in the food court of Harrison Plaza. Pictured on the right are the superior foods from Coffee Bean.page22Can’t remember the last time I ate at Yellow Cab! Buti na lang andyan ang nanay ko to pay for it wahaha.IMG_6874My 3 little pigs charot. Labyu!IMG_6876I salute whoever came up with the idea of MY STUFF in respect to solo diners!IMG_4611Thanks to a Facebook post about Pancit Batil Patung, I saw my beloved high school friends one Sunday. We missed home and since Pancit Cabagan isn’t as popular as its neighboring pancit, we settled for this Tuguegarao pride to mitigate our homesickness.IMG_4654IMG_4735It was subpar but familiar.IMG_4736Pwede na pero ‘di na babalikan. Parang pag nagising ka sa katotohanan. LUH!IMG_4738Lastly, this, my friends, is Mang Inasal’s version of a Super Meal. You know the ways to my heart, JFC!IMG_1308The clock says 2:43 AM. I’ll contemplate if I can still do my assignment (with Everwing in between) then hopefully dose off for an hour or two so I can function later. I’m not getting any younger so I’m sorry body, I’ll try harder next time.


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