Where money went

Hola! In 8 days it will be two months since my last post. I’d like to tell you that time spent away from the internet is quality time spent in the real world but that’s not entirely true. Despite my socially-busy calendar, I was still online most of the time — just unable to update this site because compared with endless scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and the real-time-don’t-overthink-just-overshare nature of said social networks, I put in a minimum of an hour per post in rovingrani (di lang halata dahil dami pa ring grammar crime).

March (and the half of April) was a blur. All my weekends were booked meaning I missed my Saturday class for the whole month plus an important seminar. Truth be told, I felt the academic consequences of my choices when I came back. Still hoping and praying that those consequences will not reflect on my final transcript haha. Anyway, academics aside, it was a month of love and grace most notably in the form of two weddings, two out of town trips, and two final examinations. Those stories are for another post.

In lieu of March being a blur, it can’t be denied that no matter how much I enjoyed the past few weeks, even busyness can become monotonous. There are days when I just long for rest, both in body and soul. I was planning on doing just that this Holy Week but alas, my will just wouldn’t cooperate because there are still other things that need to be done.

Hence, today, Black Saturday, I conducted a general cleaning of the studio, folded clothes so my cabinet wouldn’t look like a dumpster, and organized my messy study table among other things. It took me the whole day to do those because I woke up at noon, checked SNS in between, and squeezed in an almost three hour movie. I planned on capping the day with sipping the wine I bought from La Union that’s been sitting in the fridge ever since, finally listening to Ang Bandang Shirley’s new album, or finishing IQ84. But since I put “update blog” in my to-do list, here I am!

Since the year began (and I am not exaggerating), my wallet has been empty but my heart, full. There are days when I scratch my head wondering where money went and there are moments like this, when I scratch my head thinking how I was able to afford these things.

*I wrote a paragraph justifying my unwise handling of finances given that other people my age are slowly building their portfolios/buying properties/preparing for retirement/being responsible adults in general to feel better but I cannot justify myself so I deleted it.*

In January, I watched Sa Wakas, a musical based on the songs of Sugarfree at Power Mac Center in Circuit, Makati. If you haven’t been to Circuit, I highly recommend the place! It’s still relatively peaceful. Before the show, we ordered food from Backyard Kitchen and Brew. All were decent but not the kind I’d crave for in the future.0 (6)Best of the bunch was their Pizzookie (not sure of the spelling). Imagine what warm cookie dough that’s not overly sweet, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup taste like in one mouthful and you’ll know what I mean.0 (3)I was not a big fan of musicals/plays because I am musically-challenged, I thought it was a luxury reserved for the 1% and the creative souls, and I was afraid I wouldn’t appreciate the characters bursting into songs when they could have said their lines and gotten it over with. But I’m a changed person now, thank God. I have a newfound love for plays and performers have my respect!

Sa Wakas is only my second (Rak of Aegis was the first) and it did not disappoint. It’s a love story told backwards — starting from the break-up working its way to the honeymoon stage which makes the latter more heartbreaking because you know it wouldn’t be a happy ending. Plus, the music is too familiar, from one of my favorite bands ever, Sugarfree (whose songs are really musicals waiting to happen).

Because this happened in January, some of my feels have dissipated and I already forgot the things I wanted to write about before but one thing I remember is how it made me feel — bittersweet (especially the yosi part 😦 ). One takeaway from the play is the importance of finding someone who is aligned with your purpose because no matter how much you love a person, if you are not looking at the same end goal, you either break him/her or break your heart.0 (4)I still believe that cheaters/two-timers have no excuse because actions doesn’t happen in a vacuum but it doesn’t mean they’re beyond forgiveness and the other party, beyond healing.

Cheers to the great cast especially to Gabbi, Lexy and Topper! If ever this show gets a re-run, I’d gladly watch again with a different set of cast 🙂0 (7)Also in January is the arrival of my BIGBANG merch from South Korea! Thanks to Dianne for arranging everything because she’s a pro. I just had to pick them up at the PhilPost office near the airport for payment of customs duty. I was anxious at first because according to Dai, taxes are very expensive. Good thing imports worth 10,000 pesos and below are tax-free as long as you show the officer proof of payment. Yay!0 (8)Huhu now I know the adrenaline rush that fangirls feel whenever their merchandise arrive. I only ordered the official 10th anniversary light stick and the MADE album but I was so so so excited to unbox them. Thank God Dianne, my enabler, is leaving the country and BigBang is on a hiatus otherwise I’ll surely succumb to the temptation of buying more. I am amazed at how the Koreans have studied the fans and almost perfected the art of marketing their stars! They can sell overpriced notebooks and folders and useless pop-ups and we’d still buy them.0 (9)0 (10)0 (11)In February, TLW went on a roadtrip to Tagaytay for Dianne’s despedida, bulalo, and AndgBandang Shirley’s gig. Talk about hitting three birds with one stone.IMG_3680Thanks to Chabsie and Tordsy, I discovered that the best bulalo is not found in restaurants along the highway but on the second floor of Mahogany Market. There’s no view of Taal lake and Volcano while you eat but it’s cheaper and you’re busy savoring every spoonful anyway.IMG_3686I forgot the name of the stall where we ate basta it has the green menu pictured on the left below 🙂IMG_3707Fire to keep the sebo from solidifying hahahaIMG_3709Crispy tawilis plus suka huhu ang sarap T.TIMG_3712And if you ask for more, they give you a bowl of bone marrow free of charge! Come on and clog your arteries nommm.IMG_3715Best eaten for dinner (even though you’re not supposed to eat a lot at night) because the breeze are coolest at this time!IMG_3885Afterwards we decided to grab some dessert and hot chocolate at Bag of Beans. I’m a fan of their blueberry cheesecake even though I don’t like blueberries. The consistency of the cake reminds me of ice cream and it passed my only standard in a pastry — not too sweet.IMG_3796Finally, on to the reason why we went to Tagaytay in the first place! A Valentine’s gig called Subway Love Story at The Junction Tagaytay!!! IMG_3805We initially went there solely for Ang Bandang Shirley but was pleasantly surprised by other performers namely MOONWLK and Banna Harbera and most especially Tanya Markova! Unfortunately, the place was almost empty and towards the end (close to 2AM), we were one of only two tables occupied. This makes me sad because these people and their music deserve a wider audience. I was expecting the place to be full given that it was the Valentine weekend and a ticket comes with unlimited beer. I guess it was not marketed effectively or the place was too inaccessible. IMG_3806ANYWAY ANG BANDANG SHIRLEY’S SET HUHUHU I LOVE THEM THANK GOD I WAS ABLE TO SEE THEM LIVE BEFORE SELENA LEFT AND I’M STILL HEARTBROKEN BECAUSE I WASN’T ABLE TO ATTEND THEIR FAVORITE ALBUM LAUNCH. We were singing along to most of their songs wapakels kung konti ang tao.IMG_3820Super appreciate Tanya Markova because they still performed at their 100% even though half the people already left before they went on stage. And they quadrupled the energy inside the hall. The optimist me just pretended that it was a private event for the four of us hehe.IMG_3840We will miss you Dianne!!!IMG_3688Towards the end of February, before the madness of March began, I impulsively watched Mula Sa Buwan, a musical based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac, on its last day. I really wasn’t planning on seeing this because Caredivas at PETA Theater was the priority but for some reason, it kept showing in my timeline. Naturally, I got curious.

I was hesitating up to two hours before showtime because there’s no one to watch it with and getting my hands on tickets was a pain. I tried purchasing online but the website says tickets for shows on the same day can only be bought at TicketWorld outlets. I went to Robinsons Magnolia only to be told that they’re already sold out. Despite my frustration, I decided to go all the way to Irwin Theater in Ateneo and just walk-in. If I’m not meant to see the musical then I’ll just eat my frustration away in Katipunan.

As fate would have it, there were still tickets available and I even had a choice between the first row and last row of the VIP area. I chose the latter to be able to see the stage overall. Needless to say, it was worth all the hassle and taxi fares and running around and being alone. Even though the first few scenes were a bit crowded and I couldn’t hear clearly what the characters were saying, it got better. It was funny and sad and happy all at the same time. I got goosebumps during the first scene of the second half and I ugly cried during the last few scenes. I also have a newfound appreciation for the beauty of language especially our language. Lastly, “Ikaw” still makes me smile ❤

Salute to everyone!!! Just like what I said a few paragraphs ago, if this show gets a re-run (and I hope it does), I’d watch again without second thought.0 (12)Of course I rooted for Cyrano. Unrequited love is my favorite trope!

I wanted to buy the official soundtrack but they ran out of stock 😦0 (13)So I settled for stickers which were so cute! I put one on my calculator, external hard drive, and power bank to remind me of the selflessness of love charot (we have the cross for that). The rest went to my planner.0 (1)Now I’m itching to watch musicals and gigs 😦

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