We like having breaks don’t we?

The past two months were a blur. Since December, it has been a cycle of one gathering to another, sleepless nights (non-school days yet I have to wake up before 11AM), diminishing savings, lots of pictures and procrastination. I’ve been running around from one destination to another, filling my calendar as much as my schedule and meager money allow me, asking myself why I’m doing it but doing it nonetheless. I promised I’ll organize come February. I’ll hole up in my room and not meet with anyone for a day or two just to recharge but my efforts in the first five days of the month proved futile. And since midterms are coming and procrastination is still a problem, I don’t think I’ll be doing the holing up anytime soon. But I still need a break so I decided to post about the last decent and high-quality sleep I remember having before I start reviewing for two quizzes tomorrow later.

Last December my family checked-in at La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. A family-owned property which was developed and opened to the public a few years back, it was recommended by an uncle who has been to the place. Since I read online that they seldom allow walk-ins especially for overnight stay and they get fully-booked easily, I made our reservation as early as September and even then, the rooms I initially wanted were no longer available.la-luz-1We stayed in three premiere lofts and though the published capacity of this type of room is only seven, I think it can easily accommodate 10 (or even twelve if there are kids).la-luz-2la-luz-3I don’t have high standards when it comes to accommodation. I’m easy to please since I’m used to staying at cheap hostels. Give me a space to rest my head on and a decent bathroom and I’m good. Needless to say, I was happy with our home for a day. The air conditioning was strong (I like being woken up by the cold, increasing the temperature, and then going back to sleep 🙂 ), the sheets were clean, and the pillows fluffy. When we first arrived, me and an aunt lied down and decided we didn’t want to leave our beds. Just thinking about it now makes me want to sleep. Oh, there are no televisions and refrigerators inside and the Wi-Fi signal is weak, tulugan lang talaga.la-luz112/15 with nanay There are a lot of places to lounge at in the resort. I remember there were board games, a billiard room and a giant chess set but catching up and sea-staring (?) is a better alternative.la-luz-10My favorite are the cabanas because (1) they’re facing the sea (2) there are power outlers and (3) the Wi-Fi signal is strong haha.la-luz-36The shore in the resort is not of the best quality, it’s no Boracay. Heck, it’s no Laiya. The water is clear (not crystal) and the sand wasn’t fine. Two cousins got a bruise from the rocks and you’ll have a hard time walking without aqua shoes on.la-luz-8la-luz-9First time trying kayaking and it was tiring but fun. We raced each other and I’m so proud that our kayak did not topple. But the activity was painful in my non-existent abs.la-luz-11la-luz-12La Luz is pretty secluded compared with other resorts I’ve been in in Laiya. And the thing about secluded places is that your body thinks it’s pretty late when it’s only 7PM. Almost everyone went to bed at 8 right after dinner even though we planned on having bonfires and playing cards.la-luz-14I woke up at the crack of dawn *insert whoa emoji*. It went against my night owl nature but I’d be lying if I say it wasn’t refreshing. Grabe, is that the kind of feeling morning persons have? Is that why they’re not grumpy? I’m envious!

We walked along the seashore past the boarder of the resort.la-luz-20la-luz-17la-luz-18Went back and climbed the rock formation.la-luz-24Ate taho and watched the sun rise from one of the cabanas in front of our room.la-luz3I watched Sakaling Hindi Makarating yesterday and I remember Alessandra de Rossi’s character saying, “Iba’t iba ang sunset sa bawat parte ng Pilipinas pero iisa lang ang pakiramdam: lahat maganda“. Same goes with sunrise, Cielo.la-luz-29la-luz-30la-luz-34If you stay overnight, you’re also required to avail of their food package on top of the room rates. I think it’s a good deal especially if, like us, you’re a big eater (mga tatlong balik, ganun). It’s inclusive of buffet lunch, merienda, dinner, and breakfast. It’s actually one of the reasons why we chose La Luz — the oldies didn’t want the hassle thinking about what we’ll eat. I wasn’t expecting much from the spreads but they were pretty decent and filling. Can’t believe I’m saying this because I don’t usually eat breakfast but it was my favorite!la-luz-37Made the most out of our remaining time before our noon check out. It was too late when I discovered this duyan. Before we know it, it was time to leave. Sobrang bitin! la-luz4Ok, I’ve procrastinated enough it’s time to face AudProb 😦


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