Tayo na sa Antipolo

The title is actually a song and for some reason, I’m singing it to the tune of the Sineskwela theme song (tayo na sa sineskwela, tuklasin natin ang siyensya) πŸ™‚

Rizal is known for its caves and mountains. I’ve been to Mt. Daraitan and a friend recently posted about his dayhike on seven Rizal summits. SEVEN! SUMMITS! DAYHIKE! Wow, kumusta naman yon? However, Tords, Chabs, and I had another popular destination in mind when we visited late last year. That is, Pinto Art!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of this museum or have seen acquaintances post pictures of it in social media. A simple search of the hashtag #PintoArtMuseum on Instagram would lead to more than 60,000 posts as of this writing. As for me, I first read about it in Jessica Zafra’s blog where I also learned that it is owned by Dr. Joven Cunanang, a neurologist and also the owner of Sitio Remedios (a place included in my must-check-in haha). You can say that the place is too popular but I don’t have a problem with anything mainstream. Besides, I’ve wanted to go for a long time!

We left Manila after lunch. 2PM to be exact (our agreed time was two hours earlier, I should seriously strive to be punctual). Thanks to that, we were welcomed by horrendous traffic on our way to Antipolo. I think our travel time was close to two hours so we arrived two hours before the 6pm closing time. I thought there’d only be a handful of visitors since it was already late and a weekday at that but I was wrong. Still, I believe it’s considerably less than a weekend crowd.antipolo-34antipolo-9The collections are housed in different open-air Mediterranean-inspired buildings and just walking along the expansive space is a treat in itself already. The structures are predominantly white. Most visitors (including me) took advantage of these spaces, looking for the perfect background for that like-worthy post.antipolo-6antipolo-28The picture on the left are X-ray films of religious statues while the one on the right reminds me of Rizal’s Gamu-gamo story.antipolo1Old has gone, new has come.antipolo-13Two of the more famous artworks I’ve seen countless times in my timeline.antipolo2Zen Christ.antipolo-20Captivating. Also, gradient lip is a trend in South Korea right now!antipolo-2When we entered this room, the first thought that came to mind was: I WANT A HOUSE THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS!antipolo-3In another room I saw two big frames, one of eggs and the other of birds. Upon closer inspection, they were made of these.antipolo-26There are doors and hallways and windows everywhere.antipolo-25Swim. Bike. Run.antipolo-27Di ma process ng utak ko lahat bes.antipolo-5The Forest which was relaxing except for fellow visitors who thought it was a good idea to be loud.antipolo-29Museum of Indigenous Art.antipolo-30I think I was more drawn to the buildings, trees, and shrubbery than the artworks. Kidding! But seriously, the landscape is so visually appealing especially at night. Anyway, another piece I remember I couldn’t stop looking at is Pensieve (a girl looking at the distance and my current Facebook cover photo). Since we arrived late, I didn’t stay in the galleries as long as I’d like and there are a lot of things I missed. We didn’t even get to try any of the restaurants housed inside. Hence, this place warrants another visit!antipolo-33Sunset from the rooftop of one of the buildings.antipolo-32antipolo-31After Pinto Art, we wanted to have dinner somewhere with an overlooking view of Metro Manila. After much prodding with Google, we ended up in Cloud 9. The view did not disappoint.antipolo-4Post sisig and kare-kare (reasonably priced, if you ask me), we crossed this hanging bridge to View360 for a better, uhm, view. I was very confident in the beginning but I got a little scared in the middle because the ascent was slippery.antipolo-36Ganda po! If I knew there was something this beautiful less than two hours away from Manila, I’d have gone a long time ago.antipolo-38We were at CBTL the night before when we thought of going to Antipolo. Madalas talaga pag biglaan natutuloy. Thanks, you two!antipolo-7


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