I think it will be long before we go on a family trip again. Schwester decided to work for another company abroad and with her resignation came our free airline tickets. No more going to the airport very early to secure a priority number, waiting for hours till the check-in counter closes, praying for available seats, running towards the boarding gate, and finally, entering the plane with deep sighs and big smiles. Those were stressful but fun times!

Before it expired, we used the benefit one last time on a trip to the most famous shoreline in the country. We flew in from Caticlan which is more convenient because we only had to ride a tricycle to the port instead of a 2-hour van ride from Kalibo airport. As usual, there were a couple of fees to be paid. Just like what an uncle said, “lahat may bayad sa Boracay“.img_1091We booked a room at Abozza Resort Station 2 located less than a kilometer away from D’Mall and White Beach. I wasn’t expecting much based on the price range plus I’ve already learned not to trust pictures posted on websites so I was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by a spacious room with good air conditioning! Definitely a good deal.img_0187We went during the rainy season (off peak = cheaper prices) and on our first night, it rained while we were roaming around D’Mall. The flood we were trying to run away from in Manila followed us to Boracay hahaha! It would have been okay if the water was cleaner but it was also murky-colored and the not-so-good smell was the same, oh well!img_0367I don’t think Boracay has an off-season though. I believe there’s only Super Peak and Peak. I mean, according to a local we talked to, foreigners of different nationalities are expected all throughout the year. During our visit, Koreans were everywhere. And from what I can remember, Russians and other Europeans flock during November. Of course Filipinos are present all year round but are in claustrophobic-ly high numbers during summer.

The paragraph above is sparked by my wrong notion that we wouldn’t have to wait just to be seated come meal time because it’s off peak. Nah, the queue is just shorter and more bearable.

Perks of travelling with family: we’re a big group so it’s easier to taste multiple items on the menu + my parents still foot the bill πŸ˜€

Kaopad from Smoke Restaurant.img_0342I ❀ BBQ – nothing specialimg_0700-16Halowich – we understand the craze12A Shawarma stall in Station 2 (a discovery from 2 years ago). For 60 pesos, you get a big bread with generous meat and vegetables. Whenever we pass by, even if we just ate, my father buys one (or two). Safe to say it was his favorite among all the places we bought food from.img_1046-2My family loves Mang Inasal (duh, unlirice). So kyot that the menu has translations, feels like we weren’t in the Philippines.img_0398Takot magutom so we also bought cup noodles for midnight snacks. HAHAHA obviously, we have unhealthy diets.img_1079One of the best pasalubongs I discovered thanks to ate Kay. So good I finished one or two packs that I’m supposed to give out. Couldn’t. Stop. Eating.img_1047-2Aside from really long naps (the weather cooperates) and eating, we also did some touristy things like island hopping and snorkeling.DCIM101GOPROG0641433.DCIM101GOPROG0531166.Went to Magic Island and it was proven that my schwes is the bravest among us. She jumped without hesitating (okay, a little, when she reached the second to the tallest board). Meanwhile, it took Shoti and I close to 30 minutes of convincing before we jumped from the 5 meter high diving board :p1Tried helmet diving for the first time and I’d love to do it again. Onnie was bullied for already doing the “not okay” sign 2 minutes into the dive HAHAHA.DCIM101GOPROG0821887.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1870.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1831.My favorite water activity still goes to FlyFish. I went with my siblings and we were laughing the whole time betting on who’d fall first (IT ME). In the next round, Shoti fell and the boatmen had a really hard time pulling him back aboard the speedboat which elicited more boisterous laughing. Even my parents, watching from afar, were having fun but they panicked a little after a couple of minutes because they thought my brother was drowning.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1917.During Habagat season, the establishments along the white beach put up a barrier made of plastic and bamboo. La lang, di maganda sa picture.

For an unobstructed view of the beach, we went to Puka!img_1129DCIM102GOPROG0892061.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1928.The waves were too strong for them.DCIM102GOPROGOPR2096.Especially my mom. She was shouting and rolling the whole time. These pictures (and her reaction) give me life. 123DCIM102GOPROGOPR2121.img_0677-1img_0694DCIM102GOPROGOPR2131.Yung magbabayad ka ng 200 pesos para lang sa personalized sand castle for picture taking. Pagbigyan ang nanay.img_0678See those clouds? That’s the reason why we go back to our room after lunch, sleep, and come out again during dinnertime πŸ™‚img_1252Four days went by fast 😦img_0384It was time to leave. I think this was the most relaxing and chill trip I planned for my family (so far). I didn’t hear complaints about them being tired nor hungry. Yay!img_1082Anyway, I was actually worried about missing classes because we left early morning on Friday and arrived Monday but just like what happens most of the time (di ko rin alam bakit, grateful na lang ako), the universe conspired. Thank you Mayor Erap for the biglaang long weekend! Will never get tired of the relief that suspended classes bring especially when you’re planning on being absent that exact day.img_1097-2Too burnt to f(x). Char!img_1128

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