Food Photodump 9

I woke up past 2PM today. It would not have been so bad if I actually spent the night (and early morning) doing productive things like studying or reading or watching a movie. Instead, I only scrolled through social media, got emotionally invested in a twitter party about college boys harassing a minor online, and took in garbage in other forms from the internet.

Okay, the time spent on twitter is acceptable because I hate the “boys will be boys” excuse as much as I hate “customers are always right”. So sad (and mad) that some of the people who victim-blame are women themselves. It’s exhausting just to read through the tweets. Waging war online is toxic especially since rage-filled, empathy-lacking, self-entitled beings are more confident behind their anonymity. For the record, it’s not superiority we’re asking for but equality. We might have different functions and characteristics but the same value.

Anyway, this photodump is brought to you by my need to feel productive despite not being in the mood to be studious.

Let’s start with places that are familiar. Like theΒ ihawan sa gilid ng St. Paul which I only recently found out had a name, The Grill at Pedro Gil. Joey pointed out Pedro Grill would have been better but hey, it’s their prerogative.

Didn’t realize how comforting this place is (and how much the price has changed since 2008 haha). So many memories. Ordered the usual. Liempo, squid, chicken and salted egg. Perfected by cold soft drinks. Should have gotten Tender Juicy hotdogs and Lucky Me para kumpleto!img_9416I don’t think Max’s has the best fried chicken. Sometimes it’s actually too dry I ask myself why I even bother to pay more for a subpar chicken. But then I remember how good it is when paired with ketchup+Worcestershire sauce and how much I love their boneless Bangus with vinegar and I succumb to another visit. And I discovered their chicken sisig is actually good.img_9577I would have given up on fast food but KFC’s Tokyo Pepper Steak Rice Bowl and BonChon’s Beef Bibimbowl and Bulgogi Noodle Soup are just too good. KFC and Bonchon are now forgiven for the atrocity of phasing out Hot & Cheesy and Ko-Yo. And let’s not kid ourselves. There’s Jollibee and McDonald’s. Can’t imagine a life without fast food but I would have to give them up in the future if I want to live longer.12345Kyochon is another story. You can say the Koreans have perfected their fried chicken. This one’s reserved for when my parents or other people are paying because it’s pricier.img_8201DEAR DARLAAAAAAAA, I love you.img_7487Cafe Mezzanine in Binondo with Pangs. The Beef Mami and Xiao Long Bao are decent. My father only looks scary but I swear I’m worse.1234567The only dish I enjoyed at Pedro and Koi: SISIG!img_1238Overpriced Japanese chilled cream buns. Yeah, it’s soft and fluffy and not nakakaumay but I ain’t paying 118 pesos for it. Yes, 118 PESOS. A. PIECE. I only bought one because it was on sale for half the price.img_9379Another flop. Lay’s and Kettle are still my go-to brands for Salt & Vinegar cravings.img_9383Roasted chicken paired with sweet and spicy kabsa rice, spring rolls, and beef samosas (the triangular one) from Moud Halal Restaurant at the heart of Quiapo near the Golden masjid. Now this is what I call worth it. You derive much more pleasure than what you pay for! I think I Pangs paid less than 200 pesos for everything below. If you can get over your unfounded and irrational fear of the Muslim community, go there and reward yourself with juiciness! πŸ™‚Moud'sMy love for Thai food is growing I want to visit the country and just eat my way in and out of its famous streets. Thank you ate Meg for introducing me to Sen Lek at the basement of Robinsons Pioneer.img_9729This was definitely better (and cheaper) than the one I had at a restaurant called Jatujak which taints the reputation of Thai food. To think I went on a date there hahaha I’m never going back. Just like what he said, the lack of customers should have warned us. Anyway, this stall has a branch in Harrison Plaza but for some reason, they taste differently. Pioneer’s better. But that didn’t stop me from eating at the Harrison branch almost every week after Sunday service for a season πŸ™‚img_9731Visited Apag Marangle because it was featured in one of the lifestyle shows my father frequently watches. He always tells us “kayo bahala” when choosing where to eat so when he suggested we try this place, off we went. There’s nothing special about the food. Even the sisig, which I was looking forward to, was just okay. The adobong kangkong was too oily and I prefer my balut not to be sizzled haha k. But all for you, Pangs.IMG_5738Sad looking boodle from Jerry’s Jeepney. Oddly enough, I remember feeling full and satisfied. Maybe it was my companions from EN San Beda and all the laughter we shared that night. Maybe I was still high from my first One Conference experience. Maybe.img_9805Went back to Casa Roces with Fae my love when she visited me in Mediola. I was a Paella Negra virgin and it was a disappointing first time I think I’m traumatized to order Paella Negra again. Too salty even after the lemon juice. Yeah, the server advised us beforehand that mussels/squid were unavailable so they’re using fish instead. Still, it was 90% rice and 10% seafood. Meanwhile, I’m still not sure whether I like the Fettucine with Blue Cheese or not. On one hand, it was creamy. On the other, there was too much onion and also a bit salty.

I think we just ordered the wrong things though, there are more promising items in the menu so I guess we’ll be back? It’s not really budget-friendly but if you want some private and quiet time (we do) and are seduced by old house homey charm (I am), then you’ll like the place.img_2602Grabbed some dessert in AdvoCafe afterwards which recently opened in Mendiola huhu. So happy because I love their Carrot cake and Calamansi juice (get it hot instead of iced, you’re welcome) and house brewed coffee. It can get loud when full of students so the place is not really conducive for studying but I’d endure the noise pollution for the carrot cake ❀

Aaaaand little by little, I’m dragging my friends into the Korean Skincare hole that I’m in πŸ™‚123456Lazy Bastard in Makati for a get together with my college barkada. The place was small it can only accommodate less than 20 but it was cozy! And the “long live bacon” light has been the subject of thousands of Instagram posts for sure.

We had high hopes for their burgers which were unfortunately not met but the honey parmesan dog was so good the saltiness of the cheese and sweetness of honey plus the dog complemented each other. And for some reason, we couldn’t stop eating their fries!1234But first…img_2161Went to the nearby Ludo after. It was packed we had to wait close to two hours just to get a table. And they have a shortage of game masters 😦 But that was compensated by fun afterwards. I missed this crazy bunch even if no out of town plan in the past 2 years materialized and we spent 70% of the time learning a new game only to be bored with it after one or two tries. What is mabilis magsawa?img_2223To end this post are food I ate almost every day during summer break. Hence, I again breached the 80kg mark and had to buy new uniforms 2 sizes bigger than when I first started in 2013 😦 😦 😦

Cheese burger with as much cheese and patties as I want, Mango shake with as much mangoes and milk as I want, and Beef Mami with (you guessed it!) as much beef as I want. Can’t wait to eat them again in two weeks!!! Sembreak pls come faster.img_7482img_9154



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