Earworms #3

Ang Bandang Shirley has been in my periphery for years. I’ve heard about them but I haven’t actually listened to their music. I see the name in posters but my eyes deviate toward the main acts. That all changed a week ago (specifically on July 3, 2016) when it took the spotlight with Umaapaw, their latest single. I was hooked the first time and it’s been on loop ever since. Last night, while listening on Spotify, sitting on the bus on my way to Manila, I realized that it is now my favorite OPM song. So much feels I imagined the song being sung on my wedding day even if I don’t plan on marrying anytime soon — I don’t even have a boyfriend. Ganung level haha. Watch the music video below which was shot in a place that’s close to my heart, UP Los Banos!

The song never fails to put a smile on my face. I can’t choose a favorite line from the lyrics because I like every single word, beautifully-written!

Awit, masaya ang mga tenga
Sa aking alaala ito nagsimula
Ilaw, ika’y pinakilala
Mata ko ay nasilaw sa iyong ganda
Antok at pagod tila nag laho
Pagkagising panaginip ang dumalaw
Damdamin ko’y umaapaw

Labi, halik na ninanais
Sa dulo ng aking dila, salitang matatamis
Yakap, higpit ng mga braso
Sa ‘yong pagkadiin
Ay dumadaloy ang dugo
Halo-halo sa isipan ko
Init, tinig at tamis sa araw-araw
Damdamin ko’y umaapaw

Handang sabihin at ipakita
‘Wag pigilin ang pagbugso
Pagkagising panaginip
‘Wag pigilin ang damdamin
Puso, hayaang paganahin
Sa muling pagkikita mayroong dadalhin

Talumpati sa harap ng isang tao
Walang ibang kailangan
Lahat kabisado
Buo ang loob ko sa’yo
Ganito ako kasigurado
Init, tinig at tamis
Awit, Yakap at halik
Ikaw ang tubig na papawi sa’king uhaw
Pagibig ko’y umaapaw

I need to hear this live so I’m currently stalking the band’s Facebook and Twitter pages for gig schedules. Gah, can’t remember the last time a song made me feel this way (probably Sugarfree’s Kwentuhan) especially because I’m not as passionate as some friends about music. I’ve also listened to some of their other records and my second favorite is “Nakauwi Na” because there’s something about love being equated to coming home.

Now excuse me while I go back to listening and daydreaming. Kinikilig ako bye! ❤ ❤ ❤


One thought on “Earworms #3

  1. I feel the same when i first heard Umaapaw. I was instantly hooked. The melody hit me hard. The lyrics harder. This song was very well crafted.

    Even the music video > it appears simple but the metaphors give more clarity to the lyrics (like the first distant handshake).

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