Food Photodump 6

Some things don’t make sense. So I’m going to de-clutter my mind by posting about food instead.

Tessie’s at Lipa City where you can eat in peace. Away from pollution and angry drivers. Ventilation consists of fresh air!20150507_101023Their goto is on point! Garlicky. Perfect with a cup of white rice and a glass of softdrinks.

1Lomi essentials.image-d069410fbfdc239fd3a7da3bcb176ef074f4d2e15094a64e7072a6216042da18-VMad Mark’s is famous for their home made ice creams. They also offer delicious food. Most notable among the bunch is their fried chicken. Big servings as well!

image-2eff3764da168947e845ec61973c5aaa4f1464c3825d0cd5ec841cec54aa391d-VPeri-peri chicken. Now I understand what all the hype is about. It’s amazing how chicken can be cooked in so many ways. What’s more amazing is how different it can taste despite being cooked in the same way.image-047dd8aa30cc6f08f981367883e41e29b769f47c3ffdbf65e0197b975d383a31-VNot all ice creams are created equal. I might sound like a phony but yes, I know why Artisanal ice creams are a thing. I’ve tried Blue Cheese from Sebanstian’s Cold Comfort before but I prefer dojo’s version. Just the perfect balance of tangy and sweet. The Miso Sake was also good. I could eat these everyday if only they were cheaper.

image-312b50ff648567ef4a6f6c621847a6581b3b3752a9188a5bce61b9ee86bb3f17-VDiscovered Staple and Berry in Makati one night because we were desperately looking for 24 hour coffee shops that is neither Starbucks nor Coffee Bean. It’s located on the ground floor of a building occupied by BPO offices so I guess CAs are its target market. Anyway, the place was void of customers during our visit. Yes, yes, we went there at around 1:30 AM but still. I hope the business is good because I like the place. High ceilings and all.

image-c8c716b7be4b4ba438acf45c102356e5ba514364a45c88684d34c8b080c50ad8-VNothing spectacular about the food and drinks. In fact, the pesto was bad. As in microwaved bad. And the drinks were too sweet. But I really like the high ceilings #babaw.

image-5c196bad1b23052858ed7634aaabcfb5286af3709497e511a8a4b592f4072582-V image-cb82a8465de8f7adf45c5cea15f27a4063e578ce32c0d6d28441eedf715c3b9c-VI thank God for my cousins who share the same curiosity when it comes to food. Thanks to them I found out about Estrel’s Cakes. One time, they even went all the way to Quezon City from Batangas just to buy one for ate Kat’s despedida (plus reservations prior because apparently, you can’t just walk-in). The shop is famous for their caramel cakes and I have to admit it was delightful. Not nakakaumay. Still, I don’t think I’m going to travel that far for a cake hahaha!

image-5ffd59d9851df8f3a2dbffe9f55cf9ae62cdf7fc3c6beb1b38b45aee0465d486-VSamgyupsalamat in Vito Cruz area. One time MJ, knowing that we have a special place in our hearts for Korean food and Korean idols, invited Dai and I to try the place. Not the best but they do serve really delicious kimchi. Don’t go there during peak hours because from what I remember there were less than 10 tables and they easily fill up.

image-c7f54badb1c3a9e9868741b9449509e3f38c8f4e55450536091c24e80afb0e19-V image-04c2922005e48d6869543c31f6ddf615633600f5b90c74991ca44a48e8c2aa94-VDecided to add on the calories by having wicked oreos from nearby Flaming Wings. Huhu I missed this place!

image-a2b26fcc5540143a107c46bcc791deb3c5398e0b2d4200e8339e48d952b5dc32-V Tried Ying Ying Tea House in Binondo with my forever date.11He actually liked it so the place is our current default Binondo restaurant. They serve the usual dishes you see in Chinese restaurants. Here, my father is telling me:

Picture ka nang picture kumain ka na nga!

20150812_154549Another place I missed: Big Scoop along Escolta! I had strawberry fields, avocado, vanilla and mango (or was it queso?).20150724_131101Oyster cake from Sincerity Restaurant in Lucky Chinatown Mall. It had an interesting bordering on overwhelming taste but a spoonful or two is enough for me. Can’t consume this one in large quantities.image-43ea7ed70216fe63a2ef10e09c79c798b12c037bbb5c62444ecb7890ced0d79c-VCables everywhere. What an eyesore.

20150812_172343Red table in SM Manila. It’s some sort of Korean fastfood so they don’t have grills but the kimbaps especially the one with cheese are delicious.

image-3dd129a5e5c62197baccd09d3335e2e09f33611e3259ab27cf46f34fb1fedc97-VI don’t always go North. Aside from the impossible traffic I have to to through before reaching Quezon City, I’m also unfamiliar with the place and I’m content with Manila. One time though, Pangs, Rons and I went to Gilmore and got lost along the way in search of this one, Laksa King Noodle House. It was one of the rare moments when my father suggests where to eat so we hesitantly (haha) obliged. It was featured in Biyahe ni Drew and my father is a fan of Mr. Arellano. Whenever he finds out thru Facebook that I traveled somewhere, he’ll ask if I went to the places Drew went in his show so kyot! Anyway, just order their laksa and siomai. Why would anyone order sisig in a Noodle House anyway? I learned my lesson.image-d40783dbaca600f6aad7c0bebaf661f02fe11f79c17750e8940895d501615536-VAlso revisited Iscreamist. The place is still small. But the presentation of their products improved!
image-c501c4e5ee04dd3c5093ec7ad9546ebc2ab0f6adbd7043f0e2d9c9cb1db17664-VLounged at New Bombay in Greenbelt with Papi and Dai one evening because we were craving for shisha. Forgot what we ordered but they were delicious! One was like Indian dumpling that came with spicy sauce. I especially enjoyed dipping the breads (not sure whether roti or chappati) in curry! I really really want to go to India so I get to try their cuisines! 20150810_222745Uncle Moe’s Shawarma in Kapitolyo. I had Special Beef Shawarma, “shawarma beef, keema, smoked cream cheese, sauteed onions and chilli“. It was really good but not budget friendly especially because I’m used to cheap ones sold almost everywhere. Haha! This thing costs 195 pesos and one order is not enough for me. Worth it, but still 195 pesos.

20150921_190506Another Kapitolyo hit, Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina. What can I say? The food is great but you have to watch what you order because there’s too much cheese it can be nakakaumay. Don’t follow my example and get a burrito, nachos and quesadilla in one sitting. But the burrito is superb!

image-3a75ed8dde2a22718b6a7323a029b01f3cbac7542dde09d36f48ccdbb30ee259-V Try burning some of the calories you ate by walking to Epic cafe to again drink calories. Useless endeavor! I had the drink with marshmallow and I found it too sweet. Naks, I’m beginning to appreciate the bitterness of coffee. Who knows, I might go black in the future.image-cdbcdf30e9d36cace88be3294872ae0d291575580f5f8f9f09e78b86c9a83188-VA visit to the North would be a waste if I only dine in one establishment so as much as possible, I try as many places as my tummy and budget allow me to.

Cool Beans cafe, one of the old timers along the famous Maginhawa street which is popular enough it has its own food festival. I enjoyed iced Sagada brew.image-7919c729d9c98431ada45f528c8cf1cb9009c8bb8daf82f0a538c9be8f468e0f-VCrazy Katsu. Can’t believe I only tried this a couple of weeks ago when I’ve been hearing about it since college. I guess the distance is a factor. Haha! Anyway, don’t be like me who ordered pork. Get Chicken Katsu Set! Big serving, tender chicken with a kick of spiciness, affordable price. If you’re asking for more, you’re asking too much. It’s even worth the wait outside, standing while the rain pours.

IMAG7707And an accidental discovery, Chocolate Chip Army Cookies. The shop is tucked on the third floor of a building at the end of Maginhawa. Really easy to miss unless you know what you’re looking for. The space is kinda cramped but the air conditiong is strong. I can only imagine how expensive rents go along Maginahwa nowadays. The people who own a lot in the area have hit a real estate jackpot.

IMAG7725It was special because TLW was complete after a loooong time. And I get this feeling that it wouldn’t take that long again for the four of us to be together next. hahaIMAG7722Spoken Definites c/o Tordsy’s ultramegapixel cam. I actually want an HTC phone for the sole reason of the nice pictures it takes.

IMAG7779The place is a heaven if you have a sweet tooth. Unfortunately I’m more of a salty one.
IMAG7780I took this picture and it instantly reminded me of Chuckie. You know, a demonic doll who’s about to kill your friends…IMAG7803Afterwards we were looking for a cake shop because Dai needs to greet an idol (familiar with #SwegChicken?) when we were brought by the tricycle driver to A Baker’s Table. This particular shop flirts with your nostalgia. Remember the candies of your youth? From flat tops to butter balls to hawhaw milk candy? Well, here you can try cakes inspired by them!IMAG7837We had flat tops and hawhaw cakes. The flat tops was dry and forgettable but hawhaw was a different story. It was fluffy and creamy and light. One of the best cakes I’ve had!

IMAG7841I’m really game to try other flavors in the Baker’s Table and other restaurants along Maginahwa (there’s too many and they change every couple of months!) but I need to find the time and will to brave carmageddon first.


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