we live for long weekends

Actually, since July this year, all my weekends are long. I only have classes during Tuesdays and Thursdays (don’t judge me they’re from 7 AM to 9 PM) and the rest of the week is spent doing usually useless things. Yeah, you can say that I’m a part time student, full time bum. I know, I know, it’s not a wise use of my time especially since I’m not getting any younger and most people my age are already building stable futures for themselves while others are literally having babies blah blah blah. I’m sorry for being a super late bloomer. We’ll get there when we get there.

Actually, I’m both relieved and scared because I don’t anymore have the urge to get ahead of the rat race (or the school race or whatever race there is) and be a lot of things at the same time. It sounds like an excuse of some good-for-nothing who gave up on dreams but trust me, I’m more at peace now than when I was so obsessed with my future a few years back. I’d like to take my time and just be thankful for every day if you don’t mind.

Now where were we? Yes, long weekends. One time, I went home to Batangas because there was a national holiday and a cousin visited from overseas. Since my feet are itching to go anywhere new, I dragged them along for the ride and I’m thankful for their compliance even if the trips were on short notice.

Newly discovered Lomi House in Lipa. Business was good as evidenced by their expansion and the number of customers present when we visited. Word of mouth really is the best form of advertisement for small businesses.long weekend (25)The lomi was decent but I’ve tried better elsewhere. I especially miss the one beside Our Lady of Good Voyage in Lodlod and the one in Pangao. The reason why people flock Corcolon is the copious amount of toppings, all bad for the heart.long weekend (33)Bato Springs in Laguna. I saw this from an IG post and when I told my cousins about it, Ate Janine said that it doesn’t look as good in real life. In fact, when she brought friends to the place, they were very disappointed. This did not stop me from wanting to visit. Besides, you don’t only go to a place to take pictures of it and post them in social media. Thanks to her story, I was expecting the worst. But you know what they say about low standards, they’re easily met.

But seriously, Bato Springs isn’t that bad. I’d take it any day over your typical resort with swimming pools. The water was cool, there were a lot of trees, the public bathrooms were clean, the store inside the premises didn’t mark up their goods too high. The best thing during our visit though, was the lack of an obnoxious crowd. Thank God for lean months!long weekend (36)The problem with leaving your waterproof cameras at home is that you can’t wet your hands until everyone is satisfied with their pictures haha!long weekend (10) long weekend (28) long weekend (5) long weekend (21)The next day I decided to make the most out of the weekend and climb Taal Volcano. When I first suggested it, I felt that some were not welcome to the idea. And you know how Filipinos are so adamant about smooth relationships with others we’re too scared to say no right? Always answering with the sometimes irritating “kayo bahala” and “okay lang” with side glances. I said I’d still push through with the trip even if I go alone, no hard feelings. Sorry I can’t keep calm once something excites me 🙂

Seriously guys, it’s the suggestion we’re rejecting not the person himself. Annnndddd the answer will always be no if you don’t ask in a polite manner. In the end we all went hehehe.

We traveled to Taal via the Talisay road and there are a lot of locals offering boat rentals along the way. I think they have a standard rate of 1,500 or 1,800 (can’t remember) which is good for up to 6 or 7 persons. The ride was uneventful because it’s a lake and not the open sea so the waves were gentle.
long weekend (30)Once you reach the island, you will be welcomed by a typical tourism-dependent town. Locals will offer you overpriced everything from bottled waters to face masks. Majority of the tourists were Koreans and I was instantly reminded of my visit to Pagsanjan Cavinti Falls. Most of the visitors rent a horse for 500 pesos per person both ways on top of a 500 peso guide fee for the whole group. In need of some exercise, I decided to hike with the guys while ate mik and ate janine rode horses. What’s the use of going to Taal if you won’t absorb the scenery at your own pace and inhale the fresh air right?


If there’s one thing you need to know about the trail going to the crater, IT’S FULL OF SHIT thanks to hundreds of horses used to carry hordes of tourists up (when we arrived at around 10AM the queue number was already in the 200s!). There were so much of these brown thingamajigs you’re like playing a game where the objective is to reach the top dung-free. And the smell, oh the smell. You know how when you’re oxygen deprived from hiking you sometimes stop to catch your breath and want to inhale deeply? Well you can’t do it here lest you want to puke afterwards. Tipid tipid sa pag inhale.
pageBut the view makes up for it so enough of my complaining 😉 long weekend (22) long weekend (23)Upon reaching the top you are welcomed by the barricaded crater and stores selling souvenirs and drinks.
long weekend (18)If you want to see the an unobstructed view of the crater, go to Red Lava for an additional fee of 50 pesos. This portion was formed by hardened lava and is reddish in color. Hence, the name.
long weekend (1)Taal is an active volcano and our guide let us touch parts of red lava where you can feel the heat coming from below the earth. Reminded me of how we humans are all just under Nature’s mercy. Imagine if all volcanoes erupt simultaneously…long weekend (9)It looks like a yummy brownie but that’s actually a rock. Also, how good are iPhone cameras I want one!
long weekend (37)No proper footwear so I just borrowed my 12 year old cousin’s PE shoes. Good thing the trail was relatively easy.long weekend (12)Second cousins yo! Missing my other four ates!long weekend (17)Largest lake on an island in a lake on an island in the world! (elbruz.org)

Processed with VSCOcam
Processed with VSCOcam

Last stop of course involved food. Despedida dinner for ate mik potluck style!long weekend (20)There’s Krispy Pata, barbecue, sizzling liempo, roasted chicken, sisig, mashed potato, cake, alcohol, Coke and of course white rice! Sobrang dry ng mga kinain namin sinabaw ko ata yung toyo at gravy :)))) Nobody fainted from too much cholesterol and fat so we’re good.long weekend (1)In Rihanna’s words, cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


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