The curious incident of a bakery with bad service

During our five day stay at Mirador Mansion, I noticed that this establishment, Jenny Bakery, opens daily but is already closed when we come back at around 7PM. Also, it never ran out of customers. On our last day I decided to queue out of curiosity. Little did I know that I accidentally stumbled upon something big.20151120_132709When I was already inside the store, a staff looked at my hands. Upon seeing that they were empty, she rudely directed me to follow her outside the building where I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hundreds of people were lining up to buy cookies (well technically, it’s a line for a line inside). I’ve passed by this scene for the past four days and thought that it was a queue for the bus!

I asked the guys in front of me if the baked goods tasted like heaven and they answered that they were also first time buyers. Since I already invested time and my curiosity got the better of me, I waited for close to an hour even if we we’re about to leave for the airport for this blue ticket so I can then go inside and buy the darn cookies.20151120_133639For starters, the goods they sell are pricier than your average tin can of biscuits ranging from 70 to 190 HKD. And you cannot hoard for each person can only buy 2 of each variety. I wanted to try the Mix Nut Cookies but I was told it was unavailable.

Almond flakes. Pretty good but not enough to make me fall in line that long again.20151120_1509214 Mix Butter Cookies (Flower, Shortbread, Raisin Oat, and Coffee). My favorite among the bunch is the coffee-flavored one. For some reason, it tasted better the longer I had it and I was sad to see the last piece go. The cookies were not the chewy kind and they surprisingly Β melt-in-your-mouth but they make me want to drink water afterwards. But still, I think the hype is not justified. More so because the staffs were so rude (tired? annoyed by people who cut lines?) my mother saw one kicking the luggage of confused buyers who didn’t know that they had to have the blue slip first before buying. I guess the fact that it’s not easy to get your hands on it is a factor? Delayed gratification.20151120_182444While waiting I saw people taking videos of how long the line is and posting their clips on social media so I decided to Google Jenny Bakery and the results amazed me even more.

Apparently, since opening in 2005, the brand has been incredibly popular, even opening branches in China and Singapore. And get this, there’s even a black market for their cookies as well as counterfeit ones so they sort of change the design of their tin cans every once in a while!Β WHOA.

Now I want to try the Nougat Candies!

Do visit their website. Reading through it is entertaining in itself.


Go try it for yourself and be the judge. That is, if you are willing to fall in line.


One thought on “The curious incident of a bakery with bad service

  1. Hype breeds more hype. Selling out each day is good for business and for demand. I don’t know if the cookies are any good but sounds a little like the emperors new clothes! Even if the cookies are not good it’s too late for anyone to say anything especially if you wait in line for them.

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