*a picture-heavy with sometimes sabaw captions post ahead*

City lights delight providers for the head
We afloat tonight the heaven is our bedSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCTagaubos.SONY DSCSik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple, the one I failed to visit the last time.SONY DSC20151120_082808 20151120_082835 20151120_083205Spent a good hour looking for this road and I even had a map. How geographically challenged can I be? -_-20151120_100616 20151120_091946All for the quaint Hau Wong Temple.page5 20151120_093331And the nearby Kowloon Walled City Park.20151120_094452 20151120_094735 20151120_094926SONY DSCSONY DSCConcrete jungleSONY DSCSONY DSCWhere I first found out that my mother’s afraid of heights.SONY DSCSONY DSCSaw the post office I missed the first time. Bought a stamp for my collection. Lost it.SONY DSCSONY DSC“Hangry” exhibit ASONY DSCFrom Palengke to Ocean ParkSONY DSCThings you only buy on a family trip.SONY DSCWill open a can of sardines and eat after posting this.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCLazy animals who don’t want to go out of their houses.SONY DSCSONY DSCWill also cook a pack of Pancit Canton.SONY DSCThree years made me weak. After riding one roller coaster and walking through the penguin aquarium, I vomited my guts out.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC“My mother is afraid of heights” exhibit ASONY DSCSONY DSCSymbio. How the earth was formed from two dragons or something like that.SONY DSCWhat’s better than space mountain? SPACE MOUNTAIN WITHOUT A QUEUE!SONY DSCSONY DSCBest jungle river cruise guide. And she’s cute.SONY DSCSONY DSCToy Story LandSONY DSCMystic Point. Do yourselves a favor and ride Mystic Manor.SONY DSCGrizzly Gulch featuring three criminals, a very welcome addition! Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars is a must. Almost took the top spot away from Space Mountain.page3Tarzan’s tree house. Missed the raft again. Psh.SONY DSC“Disney Paint the Night”image-d2c1102edfb9098ef35cd1e2f2b246452248ae291c931c76388be00eebad27df-V 20151119_192704The closest thing I have for a White Christmas for now.SONY DSCCity of Dreams, MacauSONY DSCThe majestic A-Ma temple. Tourists on a day trip don’t usually visit the place because of its location (more than an hour travel time one way) but it’s a worthy item in anyone’s itinerary.SONY DSC20151118_123701SONY DSCMy favorite OOTD from the trip and a “magkamukha raw tayo?” photo.pageSONY DSCI understand that we visited a day before the Macau Grand Prix (thank God because we saved ourselves from overseas carmageddon) and it’s an annual tradition of the country but I don’t see why they need to decorate the beautiful Senado Square this way. An eyesore.SONY DSCSONY DSCTikim tikim.SONY DSCI also don’t know why everyone goes gaga over Lord Stow’s egg tarts when Ko Kei Bakery has the better version.SONY DSCThanks to the Grand Prix there were a lot of people even on a weekday.SONY DSCThe most “instagrammable” casino in all of Macau. Also where BigBang had their 4-day MADE Tour concert </3page2SONY DSCMirador Mansion and the many hostel it houses.1 (5)I like the place. Kinda shady, feels like home.SONY DSCAnd then it’s time to go home. 5 days went by fast but there’s a life to live elsewhere.SONY DSC


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