Food Photodump 4

I’m slowly but surely gaining back the weight I’ve lost since 2013, but I can’t help it. Food is my weakness. No, taking pictures and curating them in photodump posts aren’t helping.

Plastic balloons aren’t actually food but given that I used to chew them like a gum back in the day, I thought it appropriate to include  them here. Lelz. Anyway, I bought this pack impulsively after seeing it in a sari-sari store in my home town. And maybe it’s because I haven’t played with it in more than a decade but the taste was too toxic I gargled with tons of water afterwards. The thought that I used to swallow my saliva with all the chemicals present when I was younger makes me cringe.20150426_200914I will never EVER be a vegetarian. This one is from a Korean restaurant along Adriatico street, from what I remember it’s called Cafe Chosun Go! Kizip. Banchans were pretty decent but they don’t have marble potatoes 😐

image-7efda61443da9ddcf48efef8e815703beba179dd6cd8eda5b70867181df0afd2-VFrom Cafe UK in Mendiola. Nothing’s spectacular save for the cake. And it being open 24 hours. But I haven’t tried everything on the menu so don’t listen to me hehe.20150304_153034My cousins brought me to Hayden’s in Lipa City. This was owned and operated by an Italian guy, Hayden (obviously) which is a plus point in the authenticity department.

20150307_225654The fries was generic but the pasta was great, definitely not Pinoy style. The very affordable price sealed the deal. We will be back. Last time I heard, they moved to a bigger place which I think is a good thing because I know it will attract a following in the coming months.

image-440b020bb8cbcc7da183bcbb461e54ac649391fd300028d6cb4b6c88a6674f64-VTried Senor Pollo in Makati with Dai. Had a hard time looking for Ebro street but the hassle was worth it (also, we discovered Jupiter st. along the way). The place is a Latin American chicken street joint. The prices aren’t that steep compared with other restaurants, especially in Makati, but I don’t think it’s affordable by “street joint” standards if you factor in the minimum wage in the Philippines HAHA! I’m not sure what the difference is between Latin American and other versions of fried/roasted chickens but it was the bomb (I think the chimichurri makes all the difference)! Our favorite side dish was Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. SO. SO. GOOD.

image-73365c0b483729c41005cfd2b2a2f34a23de019f36633945f21a3215b7dcf14c-VWent to McLaren’s Pub in Greenhills with college buddies for Abi’s despedida. Obviously, it was inspired by How I Met Your Mother. Of course it’s not exactly the same but it will do. Would love to spend Friday nights here if only it was nearer where I live, the same way McLaren’s was in the same building with Ted’s apartment.

SONY DSCKids, this is how we usually are.SONY DSCTried the newly opened Hot Star branch in SM Manila. It had me at LARGE FRIED CHICKEN.

20150330_145024Compared with my iPod, it is large. Thin, but still large. Tasted like MSG at some point, but still decent. I actually want to go back and try other flavors. Or better yet, go to Taiwan where the brand originated but #walangpera. What’s with Filipinos and our obsession with foreign franchise?

20150330_145707Had to satisfy my Salt and Vinegar cravings needs but all the grocery stores I went to didn’t have Lay’s so I tried another brand. Nope, not salty and sour enough. It lacked the umph and hmmm factors.

20150422_130141Tried Tsukemen at Bluebay walk with Denden. Tsukemen is actually just ramen with a twist. Instead of everything served in a single bowl, the noodle and the soup are separated and you eat it by of course dipping the noodle in the soup. HAHA beats me why this is a thing. I guess it’s to cater to OC people who don’t want their noodles and soup to, uhm, mix? Labo.  But the place is amazing. 100 points for the interiors department!

DCIM101GOPROG2346829.We tried their bestsellers. I forgot which but one had cheese. Because cheese makes everything better. Others may find the food a bit salty but it was fine by me. I just wish the noodles were thinner and harder. We also shared in an order of Gyudon, nothing mindblowing.

DCIM101GOPROG2306785.Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe near De La Salle Lipa is a favorite among students. The food was okay, I think everything was made from scratch.DCIM101GOPROGOPR6735.But more than the food, it’s the place which is Instagram worthy that’s drawing in all the customers.DCIM101GOPROGOPR6739.DCIM101GOPROGOPR6759.DCIM101GOPROGOPR6749.DCIM101GOPROGOPR6757.FATGRILL! Ever heard  of KKK? It stands for Krispy Kare Kare and you have to try it.DCIM101GOPROGOPR6763.Finally saw AEGIS live at Cowboy Grill in Malate! They’re an institution in terms of tonsil-shredding and my forever Videoke peg!image-9d8697d2e62f5630d5c0b9e1c5be06447ec71d6043311c7dced019e13d9c4409-VThat’s my face while listening to Basang Basa sa Ulan hehe.

image-23b47b6e5a4d6f6e0cc910eb7789fcc9456f82f6fbc10655a87c8bc42b2c90bc-VRevisited an old favorite, Central. Albeit a different branch from where we used to frequent. Didn’t want to run into drunk college students so we opted for the one in Makati for a more fitting crowd. Lelz.received_10202755650971422My failed attempt at detoxing. Can’t subsist on juice alone. I need carbs. And fats. And junk food. Best tasting of the bunch is Aloe Vera with White Grape Juice. An unlikely combination if you think about it but I swear it’s delicious especially when chilled. And as of now this is the closest I can be of ingesting all my greens and fruits. If you can’t eat it, juice it. Probably need to invest in a juicer so I can start living a healthier lifestyle. Or I can just stop making excuses and thinking that machines would make me slimmer.



2 thoughts on “Food Photodump 4

  1. Hi, amazing person. I’m just posting this comment randomly, not really related to your post up there. Keep doing what you’re doing no matter how slow or futile you think it is. Your success everyday makes me smile. I love you, Rani. See you when I see you.

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