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I guess posting the happenings in my life through pictures will become a regular in this blog because I can’t seem to find the right words to type most of the time and if there’s one thing I’m good at (I think), it’s writing mundane captions. haha! Take note: they’re mostly food.

If you find yourself in Baguio and you’re sick and tired of the usual pasalubong like Mikasan’s Choco Flakes, Tartland’s Lengua de Gato, and Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam (which has almost doubled its price since I last visited), do yourselves a favor and try Choco Peanut Bar and Cheese Bar. They’re so good I was supposed to give them out but ended up eating them all by myself.IMG_20150122_202254 20150127_143337Also, I didn’t know 10 pesos now can only buy this little roasted peanuts. I hate inflation, especially when it’s food-related.

20150109_154835Siomai ala Lipa. Tito meng pointed out to me that the meat product used in these maybe double-dead (aka Bocha). How else can you sell three huge pieces that are pure meat for only 10 pesos and earn profit at the same time?

20150109_172727The perpetual street food.20150109_173940I read somewhere that this place offers one of the best tapsilogs so I was happy when I found out it was located along Gastambide, a stone throw away from my current school. It was a huge disappointment. The biggest one I’ve experienced in recent memory regarding food.

20150203_133355On one hand there’s this make-your-own burger, street style along Mendiola in front of Security Bank which we students fondly call Yosi-lane because it’s teeming with teenagers who can’t wait to die so they catalyze the process by smoking. It can get quite pricey at 50 pesos and up especially if you want ham, egg, bacon and etcetera with your burger plus all the oil the bun can soak. But it’s good alright. Just prepare yourself with the tirade of the vendor’s mouth spouting curses.

20150206_170851On the other hand is Mike’s Shawarma along Gastambide. It’s like finding gold when you least expect it. One Β of the best and cheapest Shawarmas I’ve had. It’s only 35 pesos for pita, add 5 for cheese while Shawarma rice starts at 50. The best part actually is the free chocnut after paying for your meal. It’s so good I eat here at least twice a week and that’s considering I only have classes during MWF.20150203_132421 20150211_151539IΒ have a new found appreciation for brewed coffee and and anything that’s legit caffeine in general. I no longer like 3-in-1 because they’re mostly sugar and frappes only make me fatter. I now like the kind that wakes me up just by its smell. This is all thanks to ObliCon which taught me how to study hard.20150109_231910One time me and my cousins decided to just brew coffee at home because we we’re too poor to afford Starbucks.

20150109_234358My failed attempt at a professional IGer shot: bird’s eye view plus the presence of hands. Too bad I don’t own Rayban shades and there weren’t any flowers around. #waley

20150109_234757I am now beginning to appreciate make-ups and beauty products in general. Not that I use them every single day but it pays to be knowledgeable on the basics. Who knows I might start posting beauty tips in the future HAHAHA. One of my prized possessions as of the moment is this shu uemura eyelash curler. It’s pretty expensive but I swear it’s the only curler that worked for me. And I don’t know how but for some reason, my lashes (or what I have for lashes) are still standing (?) 8 hours after curling. The hype is real!

20150112_090931An old time favorite and a new discovery. Chicken Parmesan and Curry Bread from Breadtalk.

20150122_142934Lodlod Fiesta 2015. It’s fun to meet your older cousins’ friends because they’re older and have more experience. And I don’t know about you but I feel safer drinking in the province. People are generally kinder and more trustworthy. Also, friendships are usually built to last. Take for example Ate Kat who has the same set of friends she’s had since 2nd grade.

Also, congratulations Kuya Bobong and Ate Cy! One of the simplest yet most heartfelt weddings I’ve been to. A proof that love overcomes.20150125_155608(0)I’m vulnerable to father-daughter dances.
20150125_180002And as a proxy to my mother who is one of the principal sponsors, I found out they have the best seats in a wedding reception.20150125_181431UP Fair 2015! Where I heard the best #whogoat so far. “Buti pa sa tricycle, 20 pesos lang special ka na”. Came to watch Urbandub and Franco specifically. It’s not the first time I saw Gabby Alipe but I fell for his dimples that night. HAHAHA

20150212_010348And I realized 90% of Franco’s songs are about the her-bal-medi-cation. It was fun though a bit tiring because there’s too many bands playing. Plus, starting from Udub’s set when Gabby asked everyone to jump, the audience was infested by Jejes who were brutally pushing everyone and were purposefully irritating the guys to incite a fight as well as snatchers who used the commotion and distraction to take advantage of people. The guy beside me lost is phone and I almost lost my iPod.

20150212_011827Had early lunch the next day at Korean Samgyetang along Katipunan Ave (in the same building as Mercury Drugstore and Gino’s Brickoven Pizza. The prices were reasonable and the Korean owners very nice. They have this thing called Korean Ginseng Samgyetang or chicken soup which is allegedly one of Korea’s healthiest recipes. It’s like chicken arroz caldo.

20150212_113855Our agenda in going there, however is to try spoon pizza, a popular dish in SoKor. Instead of bread, the crust is made of mashed sweet potatoes. And it’s eaten with a spoon (duh?). Delicious is an understatement.

20150212_120111Impromptu Chinese New Year date with Fae. First stop was Lucky Chinatown Mall.

1 2And then the oldest Chinatown in the world itself. We went the night before the actual Chinese New Year and the density of people is already high.

20150218_194006 20150218_194009We ate at Cafe Mezzanine.

20150218_195907Had a taste of the famous soup no. 5 made of cow balls testicles. It tastes like your typical internal organ when cooked. Just a little fattier and more tender. What I enjoyed more is their Xiao Long Bao. Can’t think of anything I didn’t like about it. The soup, the thickness of the wrapper, the sauce, the meat, the temperature, everything was good!

20150218_201522Tikoys everywhere.

20150218_204534And just like anywhere in Binondo that night, long lines. I actually wanted to try other restaurants I haven’t been to but I’ll save that for another time.

20150218_205116Watched Terno Inferno in SaGuijo, a Cafe and Bar along Guijo street which serves okay Nachos and good sisig with TLW one Saturday night. Line up included Children of the Pilgrimage, Hidden Nikki, Pulso, Up Dharma Down, and Yolanda Moon.

I enjoyed Hidden Nikki and UDD’s sets the most. The acoustics of the place wasn’t the best because I couldn’t hear the lyrics most of the time. Chabs said 19East in Muntinlupa has a better sound system but the entrance fee is also more expensive.IMAG3789When it was UDD’s time to play, people started pouring in and it became hell for claustrophobics. And though it took them forever to set up their instruments, I can say that it’s worth the wait. Also, Armie’s voice sounds even better live and she’s so adorable dancing while playing the iconic red organ.

IMAG3837I hope they don’t get blinded by the lights.

20150222_012402Two buffets during my schwester’s birthday week. Two buffets and no exercise.

First was Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater in Mall of Asia.

image-7de49de2c1d7b8f1f2bae483c7145f7f9362c7fa1fc0415a47a84cb5d02b407b-VWe went there on a weekday so it’s expected that there weren’t a lot of customers but still, it attracted far less than its neighboring buffets.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR6491. image-54be55b1042d9e23f8c4c6f27c5de1d7ecb8422f3fb3468362efce37ff750c58-VThe selection was great and there’s even a performance of some sort. My favorite was Japanese pizza.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR6458.Second was at Vikings in SM North EDSA. Good thing we had a reservation because it was packed.image-a7e9d46850c7dce5e52a3829ef9399c216ec566d0db00ea5404681973637c7cb-VIt offers a more varied selection and I enjoyed everything I ate. Haven’t been that full in a while!

Plus they have really lively waiters who will dance for the birthday celebrant with much gusto. My mother was too entertained her eyes kept following that huge Happy Birthday sign wherever it went. No wonder Vikings is the most popular buffet place in Manila.

DCIM101GOPROG2206567.Happy birthday Schwes! :]

DCIM101GOPROG2196547.And some sister bonding at Amo Yamie Crib because Ronz misses being a student hehehe.

image-5a2ccb6e2a809f35fcaa57e7372cf3997c3cf6d8a861f565efdc292448baf645-V image-1d1d384354a0fe53af738aae5ae302608cb51d48df961396cca452a78b9dfb97-V

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