2014 Leftovers (mostly food)

Being slightly Obssessive-Compulsive, a new year means I have to transfer pictures and clear my phone of memory to make way for coming adventures. Hence, even though it’s been eight days since 2014 ended, I still have some leftovers.

Dinner with one of my ates in the dormitory, Ate Mae. At first, I actually didn’t want to stay at the SPUM dorm because we were eight in a small room. Then it turned out to be one of the best times of my life where I was treated like a bunso with caring sisters looking after me. From scolding if I’m still on bed when I’m already late for class, giving advice on how to traverse the nursing life in St. Paul, to going in Manila and treating me to delicious food years after I left the dorm. It’s heartwarming. You really share a special bond with people you’ve lived under one roof with.

received_m_mid_1410606100209_6b6066b42c14d73b58_2I didn’t have a nice experience the first time I dined in Mangan but Ate Mae loves their sisig so off we went. Good thing the fried lumpia we ordered was delicious.

received_m_mid_1410606100209_6b6066b42c14d73b58_5Taro milk tea from Juana’s Budbod and Coffee. I love everything taro and it doesn’t disappoint me one bit that this was just processed as evidenced by the still present clumps of powder.

20140905_124354What I enjoy more than their budbod meals is the hamburger called “Adobonator”. Just your typical burger spiced up with Adobo flakes.

20140905_125347And our favorite from the menu (mostly because it’s non-pork and you can ask for extra sauce), Shawarma budbod.

20140905_124711Ramen and Gyoza from Kichitora.

20140826_194522And fun conversation with friends. I think we were talking about Korean Dramas and Pop here.

20140826_201346Beef Brisket Noodle Soup from Soi. My father was impressed except for the fact that it wasn’t piping hot when served.

20140905_181031Beef Red Curry. I want to go to Thailand and try all their spicy weird tasty delicious food.


Plus some spring rolls with an interesting dip. It is not everyday that my father invites me to dine on restaurants inside the mall so this was kind of memorable. Usually we just eat at fastfoods, Classic Savory, food stalls, carinderia and our favorite, anywhere in Binondo.

20140905_181438To join the bandwagon, Abi, Dai and I dined at Tim Ho Wan in SM Megamall. The line was impossibly long. Our bad because we went there on a weekend and during dinner time at that. I like their menu which doubles as placemat. It was simple-looking and efficient. The items were neither too little nor too much so ordering wasn’t a pain. Anyway, this is “rice with chicken, sausage and mushroom”. With my new found love for mushrooms, I enjoyed this one though the portion is a bit wanting.

20140913_195209And the famous pork buns. I have to admit they were really good. Crispy on the outside, soft buns in the middle and sweet pork inside. Three buns comprise one order and I’m sure I can easily finish two or three orders. Still, you can’t make me queue for close to two hours just to have them. I’ll get my fix again when the buzz surrounding Tim Ho Wan wanes a little or disappears altogether.

20140913_195241Another first is to finally try S&R’s New York style Pizza and roasted chicken. It was the latter that amazed me more. Even the white meat was flavorful! Friends have been raving about these two for years and I only got to try them this year thanks to Pags and her card. Say no to exclusivity! Chos.

20140921_200106One night I sent a message to Dai asking if she was willing to go to The Collective along Malugay in Makati to catch a Franco gig. Of course she said yes. hahaha. While waiting for Franco, we had dinner at  a place called rewind where they played music videos that brought back memories and a feeling of nostalgia. From Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears to Ignition. We couldn’t help but sing along.

20140927_211324ASDFASGAGHAGSADFASD IT’S FRANCO! He sounded better on my mp3 files tho. Forgot what the event was called but Urbandub and Powerspoonz also played. This was at B-Side and I like the set up of the place, standing room only. You’re in a room with poor air conditioning and bad acoustics holding your beer (or whatever your choice of drink is), elbow to elbow with strangers and so near the musicians you see their sweat. And all of you listen, bang your heads, and sing your hearts out to the music. The only downside for me is the abundance of smokers.

20140927_221830A stark contrast is Casa Roces where it’s, uhm, quieter.

20141009_194938The place was a house converted into a restaurant inside the Malacanang compound. The ambiance was a bit formal a friend once told me it was as if laughing and talking in an audible voice is prohibited. haha.

20141009_184729The food was just okay but my opinion would be premature because we didn’t order much. I’ve tasted better carbonara is all I can say.

20141009_184439My dirty JanSport bag is so out of place.

20141009_184523After the meal, a kind staff offered to tour us on the second floor where private rooms are rented out. This is ideal for intimate gathering with friends and family.

20141009_194408 20141009_194824Overall, Casa Roces is a nice place to spend special occasions in.

20141009_194925Malacanang at night. Perfect for jogging.

20141009_195329The first Maginhawa Food Festival was both a success and a failure. A success because there’s a huge turnout of people. A failure because there’s a huge turnout of people. Good thing Fae and I arrived early so we were able to eat at some organic restaurant before it got out of control. There’s barely a space to walk in. Everywhere there are lines that make you want to go home and cook your own food. Almost all restaurants ran out of their bestsellers. Being the hardheaded people that we are, we said screw that and still waited in line to be seated in Gerry’s Jeepney for close to an hour. Plus another 30 minutes before our order was taken. Plus another hour before our food arrived.

20141011_190631 20141011_213716 20141011_213726Food was decent but if you ask me, I prefer Seafood Island’s Dapitan’s Pride. Ugh, I miss that.


The idea of a food fest, at least for me, is to try as many food as possible. Unfortunately, after Gerry’s, we ran out of energy to participate and squeeze ourselves in the crowd. We just said we’ll go back when there are less people. Good thing Mariel lives on the very same street albeit a little farther from the part dense with restaurants. She cooked Omu Rice for us and it was good. My friends now know how to fend for themselves unlike me. T.T

20141011_225828Plus a little extra on the side. If you remove from your mind the fact that it looks like this, it’s a good pulutan.

20141012_023507Send off dinner for Ron who left on such a short notice even he himself was shocked. We miss you! My favorite in Max’s menu is their Boneless Bangus. Pair it with the builder fried chicken on Catsup+Worcestershire (I Googled the spelling haha), white rice and caramel bars or buko pandan for dessert and I’m great to go.

image-1f8949038e26c61751cbd10a22a0e778752c195d3be01048194bcd957cc8605e-VWas supposed to only eat ramen at Erra’s then go home but for some reason, Keb, Dai and I found ourselves walking along Malate and Ermita and ultimately ended up eating at Century Park where I first had a taste of lamb plus mint sauce. Still not sure if I like it or not. That’s why I like these people, they’re so spontaneous and flexible. haha.

image-3fa950d257efdaa4cbfb9c4d2209d0cc633300c625c088ecc6dba531a1aa33fb-VAlso had to wait in line for this one.

20141112_201247 image-bba161650300288de9df9278f061cf1649053416c2f5fa07d9f5d19cee5e9253-VBut it was worth it. Don’t ask me about shoyu shio tantanmien etc etc because I always forget what they’re called and why they’re called those. I’ve tried a good number of ramens and they’re all delicious to me (well, almost). Probably an overflow from my love for Japan.

image-2636ef4cb56d2a519d1f7cd47029f3bc0a71db75cf1073cbe9800363dc8d7604-VWhat I enjoyed more than their ramen is the pork bun. IT IS A MUST TRY. If only it wasn’t 100 pesos a piece, I would have ordered more than one. Dianne loved their sesame seed ice cream or something.

3On the other hand, don’t eat at Cravings in Katipunan. It’s a waste of money. ‘Nuff said.

20141102_192932Yet another Korean restaurant opened in Malate. Same old, same old.

20141103_205248Dams’ pool party. Enjoyed the food from Amber!

IMG_4364294292529With the two constants in my life in 2014. Naks!

20141208_212156UP Lantern Parade Maskipaps (?). Didn’t have enough money for tickets so we just listened to UrbanDub and Ebe Dancel from afar. And thanks to UP Medrhytmics’ performance, I am in love with Ebe’s Lakambini.

20141215_211408Visited this restaurant just to confirm and it’s true! Dianne’s current addiction, the Korean boyband Bangtan Boys, who had their concert in Manila Last December REALLY ATE HERE AFTERWARDS. Considering they were staying at Diamond Hotel it was understandable but who would have thought that a band so popular they were able to fill MoA Arena despite the expensive tickets would eat in an unassuming place? KPub in Taguig was more like it. We were so so bitter because this was practically located on our backyards! If only we were at the right place at the right time.

1Taiwan beef noodles from Suzhou, a newly discovered hole-in-the-wall along Mabini in Malate. I’m so happy that there’s still a lot to try in Malate despite people saying that it’s already dead! One order is good for 1 to 2 if you’re really hungry and 2 to 3 if you plan on ordering something else.

20141217_203810Kutchay and Pork and Shrimp dimsum plus their best seller Xiao Long Pao or soup dumpling. The skin was a bit thick and it’s a challenge to finish it in one bite. Overall we were very full. Now all we had to do was walk to Mabini from Robinson’s Manila instead of taking a jeepney all the way to Binondo if ever we have Chinese food cravings. Note to self: bring my father here.

image-c3479d559b3a1083d7cf0b43735fed923eda428bb4e1ebdd4e4d855490da73c3-V 20141217_204857(0)There’s still a lot to try so we’re definitely coming back.

image-958f16fb225572da42c4b793d0512d43cb86c1a59f1490e4448b5d6f3719f7b8-VMe with my bebe’s Bangtan Dolls. I told you her addiction was contagious -_-

image-024524c5dd17c7d44001f9536a014e82f22309532743dda676d83ae5ba06376b-VRevisiting Oarhouse Pub along Adriatico. A pitcher of Amaretto Sour only costs 320 pesos and it’s good for the whole night. Plus the eggplant lasagna is really good and cheesy. Other must tries are beef caldereta and their lunch specials.

20141219_012137Waiting for the night to turn into morning at our favorite branch of CBTL, the one in Adriatico near Erra’s.

20141219_022758Not another ramen.

20141218_204543 20141218_192924Forgot what Pags had but it was good.

20141218_193419Since it’s the latest I’ve tried, I remember what this one tastes like. It was milky. Plus the way the egg was cooked is divine. I also love the bamboo shoots which I think are called Menma (brings to mind a Naruto anime character that made me cry in the past).

20141218_193428Don’t ask me what my favorite ramen place is (excluding Erra’s) because I don’t know what to answer. Hi Pagsy!

20141218_193401Desserts at the nearby Scarsdale followed. Aside from Malate, I should also discover Mandaluyong more since I live near the area. I just found out this year that I need not go to Taft for the LRT and MRT if my destination is in Pasig or Makati or San Juan because there’s a nearer route.

20141218_205530My first croughnut and I found it too sweet. I’m really not a fan of sweets per se because I prefer them to be eaten with something salty. But Scarsdale is a good hangout place. I’m starting to like coffee (the real ones which are bitter and not frapped) thanks to Obligation and Contracts.

20141218_210423Christmas party turned lunch with less than half of my dutymates in college. The longer time passed since we graduated, the harder it is to set a date with complete attendance. Hi Ash, Mel, Tords and Chabs!

received_892042054154102.jpegThis one’s from C2 in Robinson’s Manila. Forgot which platter but everything on it was ordinary.

20141219_131456Not sure if I’m too old for Christmas parties or I just prefer sharing a meal with friends while catching up over playing parlor games and getting drunk but food dates pretty much summed up my December. Next stop is Friuli Trattoria along Maginhawa street. Loved everything from the pizza to the carbonara to the cheese sticks tot he salsa. Plus the price is reasonable!

20141219_193123Hi Jinks! Finally got a slot in your calendar occupied by medschool!

20141219_193143Some Churros while walking. I wasn’t able to finish this one so I put it in the fridge. The next morning I had a bite and it tasted better.

20141219_211116Christmas party of the latecomers. Seriously, we better change our bad habit of being always late. We agreed to meet at 7PM, others arrived at 11PM! Good thing Ysa’s mom’s Carbonara with lots of bacon is the first thing that welcomes you.

image-3dfe458715b53297cc89e31e8c59bbd72277a3325b32bb0e5bfb651b9643890a-VFrom HK to Bora to Cavite!

image-0701c8af2479763d2f1a6d6cb9447e9e8edb6617cc535e7085cbaf9d6f018806-VI wonder when will we be complete again…

image-1c7599e3e70cf4a0cb0339391d78e0ed4d757ca6387bf4dc7fb7bbc510402a25-VLast but not the least, merienda at Century Park with my Victory Group before heading home to the province for the Holidays! The pizza was decent. The chicken, overpriced. The Carbonara, a must (very creamy we ordered another one!). Thanks to our beautiful leader for the treat!

20141221_140205Chocolate eclair, cream cheesecake and their bestseller (forgot the name). I enjoyed all three because they were not too sweet!

20141221_143927Presenting my VG! My goal is to have a complete picture with them this year. Jacky, Ate Meg, Jonah, Rani, Micah. Lovely is missing in this photo.

image-196fab2cc3f9e88ce1b2b4580615705ee64c75826d7b0df94ff26da1efdb8fd6-VWhile Jonah was MIA here.

image-2580ffee075129dd6f4294c939162429b308e1d07c24334e547776519f05c644-VOf course the annual Christmas decoration of my favorite mall and the place we jokingly say is the extension of our homes, Robinson’s Manila! Every year it’s getting better and better it never fails to make me excited for the season.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
I know, I know. I typed “good thing” a lot. But there really are a lot of good things in life (ano raw?)…


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