Dos Mil Katorse

2014 was pretty epic for me. It was the year I…

Got stuck in first year college.

Dragged Fae and Emman to The Bootleg Beatles, probably the closest I could be in watching my favorite band.

Went out of the country alone and realized how wonderful it is to be a FIlipino.

Climbed a mountain (two, actually) and craved for more!

Encountered whale sharks and realized I really should learn how to swim.

Didn’t save a single cent.

Moved on from an infatuation 5 years long.

Finally got my wish and experienced Dengue Fever which was the worst I’ve felt and hope never to experience again (on the good side I lost 2 kilograms).

20141130_221254Read less than 10 books.

Went South to Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol.

Then up North to Tuguegarao and Ilocos.

Splurged my money on Ramen (Santouka, Kichitora, Ippudo and the never-ending Erra’s).

Spent Valentine’s Day in UP Los Banos with friends.

Attended UP Lantern Parade in Diliman.

Took advantage of free food at UP Pasalubong Festival in Kalayaan dorm.

Watched Tao Rin Pala 41 of the UP College of Med (Basically it’s the year I had a feel of what it would’ve been if I pursued my dream school. No worries though because I’ve moved on. In fact…)

Got integrated in San Beda, along with 16 to 17 year olds fresh from high school.

905877_713204858726638_608107593714061734_ointegration (1)

Went to three weddings, two of which on the same month.

Became close with my Victory Group.

Had road trips to waterfalls and sunken cemeteries with cousins.

Tried smoking weed twice, both times I didn’t feel anything to which I realized it wasn’t for me, THANK GOD!

Had an affair with Bataan, from seeing what the inside of a Nuclear power plant looked like to visiting reconstructed old houses.

Sent off relatives who migrated, three of which were guy cousins who bullied me I grew up with.


Cauterized my warts (or rather, “had my warts cauterized”).

Sported red under-highlights inspired by Kathryn Bernardo (HAHA!).

Filled myself with countless bowls of Lingnam Mami and other Binondo finds.

ATE A LOT. With family, friends, and sometimes, alone.

There are still some that slipped my mind but this is already a pretty long list that makes me smile and look forward to 2015.

And of course, in the spirit of save-the-best-for-last cliches,

I am very thankful because 2014 was the year I got baptized both with water and the Holy Spirit. The year I first answered an altar call. The year I surrendered my life to Christ.


2015, you have a lot to cover because 2014 was awesome.



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