How I spent my birthday

Not that anyone asked.

0000H – Welcomed my birthday while playing Clash of Clans. Yeah, I originally downloaded this app because of someone. Played it diligently for a couple of weeks then got bored. All of a sudden, most of my cousins are into the game and they invited me to join Onofre Clan, an ode to our great grandfather. Now I am hooked again partially because I discovered the joys of engaging in war with other clans (winning is good but losing irks the hell out of me, competitive ang peg HAHA) and mostly because I get to bond with my cousins albeit  it’s only for trash talks (some are too funny) and troop requests. It doesn’t help that we engage in war one after another.

yay love and belongingness!
yay love and belongingness!


in defeat we find refuge in our genes HAHA
in defeat we find refuge in our genes HAHA

0100H – While waiting for my troops to be “cooked” for another attack, I started listening to OPM music on my iPod. It started with Up Dharma Down’s Feelings, Tensyonado, Prinsesa by Teeth and a whole lot more. And Sugarfree of course. Can’t get over the drums of Prom.

0200H – My sister and her boyfriend arrived after a 12-hour trip from Manila. We talked for a while and then they rested.

0300H – Watched videos from the Med Groove Med Rhythmia 2014 (MGMR) on Youtube. I watched the event live but I just had to hear UP MedChoir’s piece again especially Kuya Pogi‘s solo while singing “Telling the world” from the movie Rio. After that, I stumbled upon Jefferson Bethke’s video, “Counterfeit Gods” and I was rebuked. Watched his other videos as well and they were all convicting.

0400H – Last day of Simbang Gabi. I love the cool breeze in the province! Forgot what the homily was about because Fr. Castaneda was speaking in Ybanag and it’s a shame that I can’t comprehend most of what he was saying.

0500H – Helped in our canteen. During Simbang Gabi, we open as early as 3 AM to accommodate church goers who want something to warm up their bellies.

0630H – A breakfast of coffee and Mami (which I suddenly miss)

0715H – Went with Pangs for a visit to Our Lady of Guibang. It’s somethig unusual because my father doesn’t usually go to church.

0900H – On our way home, we had breakfast at a carinderia along the high way which serves really good food and red rice!

0930H – My goal was to not sleep for 24 hours on my birthday but my eyes were giving up on me. I asked Manang Tess to wake me up at 10:30 AM.

1200H – When I woke up it was already 12. Boo! Manang Tess said she tried to wake me up a couple of items but I was dead asleep.

1300H – Because it’s the day before Christmas and I’m always in the province, I always get to celebrate my birthday with my high school friends. In the past, we had the habit of going on sleepovers on the eve of the 23rd for my salubong with matching “Ha–ppyBirth–day–Rani–lyn!” in a weird tune. But as changes go, some of us became busy with our own lives. Now, I only invite them on our canteen for an order-all-you-can spree. My first visitors this year are Jov and Fae and they really planned on arriving earlier to monopolize me. Awww.

23rd (14)1400H – My other high school friends followed and a day of fun ensued.

23rd (15)

23rd (16)

23rd (12) 23rd (9)I’m very thankful that my friends are content with unlimited order from our canteen’s humble menu. Celebrating is hassle-free. hehe

DCIM101GOPROGOPR3535.Having fun with my sister’s GoPro. It’s amazing how wide the lens can capture.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR3522. DCIM101GOPROGOPR3525. DCIM101GOPROGOPR3538.Some birthday vanity with my cute headband from National Bookstore.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR3494. DCIM101GOPROGOPR3491. DCIM101GOPROGOPR3495.Thank you to the people who never fail to show up year after year and spend a couple of hours with me on my special day!!!

23rd (7)1830H – Of course I also have to thank the people who help my parents in providing for us! 

23rd (17)1900H – Drinking session with my sister, her boyfriend and Achok over coconut flavored rum.

2100H – Helped in the kitchen for our Noche Buena.

2200H – Noche Buena with my paternal cousins capped off with sharing tea and a whole lot of stories with Esai while making sure the Crispy Pata was simot to the bones.

2359H – Welcoming the birthday of the greatest gift of all (fine, the actual date’s disputable but it’s the fact that God became Man that counts)!!! Though we are undeserving, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

A year older and hopefully a year better. THANK YOU LORD!




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