1-2 punch of Bohol and Cebu with KPop on the side

I don’t know if it’s just me being easily influenced or everyone else is under the same dilemma of starting to like something because a friend passionately advocates it. In my case, it’s the Korean boyband Bangtan Boys (BTS). Earlier this year, Dianne got obsessed with the band and I am not using the word for embellishment because she really IS obsessed. It’s the only thing she can talk about. I’ve never seen her that attached to anything in our years of friendship. Of course she watched the recently concluded The Red Bullet and she even got famous for live-streaming the concert with all her curses and spazz and FEELS. I don’t know when it started but I found myself reading some of her tweets (20k in less than three months I tell you), liking pictures and watching music videos (Danger being my favorite). I do know tho that I plummeted completely down the hole called the ARMY (official BTS fanclub) just this week because I had Dengue and was too weak to do anything but watch videos. Hence, I finished American Hustle Life as well as made a dent on all the BTS-related videos on YouTube. Now I have to admit Dianne has succeeded in her goal of making me fall in love with BTS (ultimately going against my will of listening only to songs I can understand the lyrics to). I’m still not as obsessed as her but I’m getting there. And I don’t want to.

call me "NOONA"
call me “NOONA” (photo not mine)

It scares me, really. I now find myself watching and rewatching vids of these 7 boys (all of them are younger than me WHAT THE HAY!) doing silly funny cute things. I even had a dream about them. They’re sucking the productivity out of me. There goes my plan to rewrite all my accounting notes and advance read in Obligations and Contracts. I have a lot of things on my plate but here I am still lingering in the aftermath of their TRB concert on the internet at 2 AM. I’m thinking of writing a post dedicated entirely to BTS but I’m afraid I might fall even deeper. To cut the story short, this post is a buffer.

Lord pls help me get over BTS. Or still fawn over them but in a healthy way.

My semester break was pretty jam-packed. For the first time, I traveled with my family. We don’t usually go on vacations because 1) they’re expensive and 2) we can’t always afford to go together because no one will be left to manage our canteen. I am so used to travelling with friends whose goal (to explore even on no sleep) is the same as mine that I was a bit pissed at first because my parents kept on complaining. But I am thankful that God used the time to help me realize certain things.

Sometimes I am so preoccupied with ticking things off my list and seeing sights that I forget the real essence of a vacation like this one, that is, to spend quality time with the people I love. Because I’m young, travel for me equates to an adventure which involves a lot of walking and choosing cheap over comfort. For older people, just like my parents, the meaning is different. My father complained that I kept dragging them from one place to another. Apparently, his first priority was to rest, sight seeing is just second. He didn’t care if we spend the whole day holed up in our hotel room (which is so against my belief that rooms only exist for you to leave your things and take a shower on). Thank you Lord for reminding me that travel means different things to different people.

There are vacations alone where you go soul searching (no matter how corny that sounds). There are vacations with friends where you pimp each other to strangers and take pictures and videos that should never ever see the light of day. Then there are vacations with your family where you just spend time together while appreciating the beauty of the place you’re in.

I am so thankful that I didn’t ruin everything. Despite some minor misunderstandings, I still enjoyed a lot (especially because my parents paid for everything HAHA). I hope that next time, we will be complete.

Come to think of it, my itinerary was too much. At 3 AM we were already at the airport in Manila. Delayed flights and we were in Cebu by 9 AM. From Mactan International Airport we went straight to the pier to catch our ferry to Bohol. When we arrived in Bohol, we went straight for the tour. No sleep, no taking a bath, no anything. I did not put into consideration that unlike me, not everyone gets super hyper and energized when on travel mode.

cebu bohol (3) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI am smiling in this picture but looking at it now, it makes me sad. Reminds me of the story of Igorots shipped to the US to be attractions in an amusement park.

SONY DSCThis guy sang “How Great is Our God” and the song just fits the view during the Loboc River Cruise perfectly that it gave me goosebumps.

SONY DSC SONY DSCBilar man-made forest

SONY DSC ceb 12 ceb 1Learned a lot from Habitat butterfly garden. My 2nd favorite from our Bohol trip. This little creature here is so soft and fluffy. NO, HIGADS DON’T BECOME BUTTERFLIES.

SONY DSC cebu bohol (4)The guides know what tourists want: Facebook-worthy pictures

cebu bohol (5) ceb 1234The Dragonfruit ice cream is a must.


SONY DSC SONY DSCPanglao island. Beaches are so nice when there are no hoards of people. Plus accommodations are cheaper during non-peak seasons.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCDear pesto spread, thank you for keeping me sane. It was love at first bite.

SONY DSC SONY DSCThe tour around Bohol Bee Farm was very informative. It inspired me to make my own herb garden. Of course that dream is short-lived because plants die when I hold them. The only thing that lived through my hands was monggo (monggo+wet cotton=one of the coolest science projects ever). Too bad I didn’t take down notes of the different herbs and their uses.

SONY DSC SONY DSCNext time I go back to Bohol, I’m staying at  Bee Farm and having a massage here.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCHinagdanan Cave. Who would’ve thought there was an amazing place down under? My mother was so scared she passed even though it was less than a minute of going down semi-steep stairs.

SONY DSCThe guide takes far better pictures using my camera than me it’s a shame.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCAftermath of the earthquake.

SONY DSCIf you happen to pass by Dauis Church, do yourself a favor and try the Ube Souffle from Cafe Lawis. WORTH. THE. WAIT.

SONY DSC SONY DSCLarsian’s in Cebu


SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCOne of the best nachos ever. Perks of being with Pangs: you can order more than one plate. Forgot the name of the place but it’s along Mango Ave.

cebu bohol (9)In and around Cebu.


SONY DSCGo-to place. In the same building as Sampaguita Suites.

SONY DSCDinner with Schwester at Cebu Yacht Club. Place is 5 stars. Unfortunately, the food is only 3.

cebu bohol (1)Chillin like a villain at the airport. Schwester wasn’t able to meet with the rest of the family because her schedule sucks. By the time she arrived in Cebu (where she is currently based), I was the only one left because I booked the midnight flight! Oh, and another thing my father complained about me is my love for flights during ungodly hours (very early morning or very late at night) eh yun po ang mura eh -_-

ceb1234Next time I’ll become a better travel-buddy to my family :]


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