because food and celebrations go hand in hand

First time to see what the inside of a motel looks like for a friend’s bridal shower and it was uhm, themed? Can’t believe Mikki is already married maybe because I don’t see myself settling anytime soon (or anytime ever, really) but I realized most of our parents and grandparents tied the knot the same age (or younger). Aside from teenage pregnancies, the trend now is to marry older and have fewer kids compared with previous generations where they marry as soon as they hit puberty and have as many children as possible. I read somewhere that in developing countries, children are seen as a source of help for tending to farms as well as a source of income when the parents become older. As technology advances and social security is improved, we need less people to do more work. So basically families are becoming smaller and people are becoming more solitary independent.

10494568_10152533154339321_6823270714258175405_nCongrats Mr. and Mrs. Mangulabnan! I know you’d make a good wife (and ย mother in the years to come) Mikki. It’s not everyday that you meet someone who is excited to cook breakfast for her husband. hehe

mikkiSaw college friends I haven’t seen in a while.

13876_807173282640980_509998156229186287_n 10460756_807173229307652_5164440147067260444_n 20140710_174105 10515042_10203626285233581_1697232278_nIn the same month I attended a cousin’s wedding and what I remember most is the food partly because of their complicated names. You see I’m just a plebeian, used to buffet spreads and not 7-course fancy dinners during weddings.

Take for example Chestnut pana cotta with passion jelly sheet and frisee salad. When I think of pana cotta, what comes to mind is a delicious dessert made of thick cream. Not chestnut and it definitely does not go with salad (which tasted like grass, btw). Maybe it’s just my unrefined taste bud but I’d have Carinderia food any time of the day over this one.

20140630_192617Chorizo crusted chicken breast, slow baked potato flan, green pea and mint oil. I have to admit this one’s delicious but I was amazed to know that there’s such a thing as “slow baked”. So can you actually fast bake? Also, I need the recipe of the potato flan because POTATOES.

20140630_200851Ume sake parfait with ginger sauce and green tea almond tulle. Apart from the long name, it was decent. I especially enjoyed the lightness with every spoonful, like you aren’t really eating anything at all. Overall, I thought I would be left unsatisfied because the servings were smaller compared with what I’m used to (a Filipino idiom perfectly expresses it:ย di aabot sa bituka) but funnily enough, I felt full after the meal. Then I remembered that it takes 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to receive signal from the gut that you are already full that’s why those who want to lose weight are advised to eat slowly. Same with plated meals, because they come one after the other, you are forced to actually savor every bite and not rush into stuffing your mouth with carbs. Now that’s smart.

20140630_203124(0)Birthday celebration of my brother dear at Banapple, one of my favorites.

image-e86ece89cf8404af6e8e118981cb99e7dfe23385ef5b149bb144db7e52f0e7b4-VBecause their banoffee is to die for.

image-3fafbad7157587ada9fc9ee10b64b105f688491191224692b6c80335b47f2191-VAnd everything is reasonably priced, has huge servings and is delicious.

image-0ccd0e301654c9fef5c12d6bb02dff7ae6f9b6f73afdbfc1d0366aba6106aa6a-V image-9fd7920bca11c62565b0cbcebfd8aabeb1975e8e8840ef48fd22c38be9fe153e-V image-def236ce8dbf9ab36ba38071fe9095eae1a0de027e5fce53d8c2ab36ff1099cd-V image-f4a8050c1948343a3e0939a10af8163c7da47164da4d1254a725d96d42b6321b-V image-26e5dbb0946e30018b99bbcbb07cefa8a17175292f0e87ec796add30bbd025c1-VMy nephew Wacky’s baptism. I’m a godmother again! Already lost count of my inaanaks. I’m a bad and irresponsible ninang. Also, almost everyone I know are getting married, having babies or entering into relationships and then there’s me, liking their Facebook/Instagram posts.

20140705_111311 20140705_114320 image-de76171faf216aa7c00ab9eda61cb229d50ecb64a8c622b088fae2b90d3962a2-VAnd bebe Ramm’s birthday. I have developed a fondness for Korean food thanks to Dianne. Her addiction with anything Korean is so contagious it overflowed on me. Hwangso-Ga Korean Buffet along Adriatico street in Malate is a good choice to satisfy cravings. Though there are only two kinds of meat to choose from (pork and beef belly), the assortment of banchans (Korean appetizers) and hot dishes is worthy of the 399 price tag. There’s even a section for create-your-own bibimbap. Just don’t get the pumpkin porridge, it’s gross.

image-7fe10cd724d6e2d5355cc9b0801df2528a719b6157fbe3ce5edef03d2e7981cf-VNothing like the sizzling sound of grilled meat to make you salivate. Especially if you can have as much as you can.



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