When the time you [thought you] enjoyed wasting is still wasted

In early 2014, I came upon a website which can approximate the time you have spent logged in on Facebook.

What I saw shocked me partly because it was a LOT and mostly because I know, deep in my heart that I’ve wasted more than 74 days. And this was in the first quarter of the year. Now it’s the last week of August.

fb time (2)74 days, 1 hour, 17 minutes.

Right now I can enumerate a gazillion things I’d rather spend that amount of time with.

I could’ve read books.

I could’ve spent time with my loved ones especially those who are no longer with me today.

If I exercised even for only a quarter of that time, I guess my BMI would already be normal.

If I used even half of that time studying about Nursing and for my licensure examinations, maybe I could’ve made it to the top 10 list.

I could’ve traveled and made memories worth telling to my children and grandchildren.


Anything but spending 74 days in front of the computer.

Anything but scrolling down my NewsFeed for things my online ‘friends’ posted (half of them I don’t even give an f to) or updating my profile or playing dumb games (Friends for Sale and Farmville, anyone?).

It’s bad enough that almost all announcements, group requirements and events are posted on the site because I have an excuse not to deactivate my account. It’s harder now that I have unlimited mobile data. I check the site more than 5 times a day and sometimes the reflex to click the blue icon scares me.

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally appreciate social networking sites. I just need to  get my time back from Facebook.

I haven’t figured out how but acknowledging the problem is a start.


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