Roadtrips are made of these

1. Junk food. Lots of junk food.

roadtrip (21)2. An unfortunate event. In our case, it was a motorcycle crashing straight on the back of the car. The damage was very minimal, not even visible to the naked eye unless you look hard enough. However, I was stunned when I found out how much it would cost to have it repaired. Truth be told, having a car is like raising another child — very expensive. Thanks to the incident we were three hours behind schedule and I got to enter a Police Station for the first time. I pity the driver of the motorcycle (though he was at fault. How can you crash into a car which is stuck in traffic?) who claims he didn’t have money, only enough to buy a jar ofย lambanog for retail. If I were the owner of the car I would’ve let him off unscathed and even give him money for medical check-up (fractured bones, just in case) but maybe I can only say this exactly because I don’t own the car. Sometimes I hate myself for being too soft-hearted for the wrong reasons.

roadtrip (22)3. Sidetrips. Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

n1 roadtrip (15) roadtrip (26) roadtrip (27) roadtrip (28) roadtrip (31)Nagcarlan Church, where Anne Curtis’ telenovela “Ang Kampanerang Kuba” was shot.

n24. Winding roads and changing scenery.

roadtrip (16) roadtrip (13) roadtrip (10)5. The main event. Hi Majayjay (otherwise known as Taytay falls)! We came from Batangas so I really didn’t know how we got here but it was kind of far flung I can’t imagine anyone going there by commuting. But many have done it (as evidenced by dozens of blog posts on the subject if you search Google) so it’s uhm, do-able.

roadtrip (36) roadtrip (37) roadtrip (38)According to some blogs I read, there was a 5-minute hike from the jump off point to the falls. Nah, it cannot be considered a hike, more like a “walk” on cemented roads.

roadtrip (39)My first reaction upon reaching the falls: WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? SERIOUSLY THERE’S TOO MANY PEOPLE!

roadtrip (40)But we wouldn’t let that ruin our mood would we? So we walked further where the density of people was less. This is what summer weekends look like. And I doubt if summer weekdays are any better.

roadtrip (5) roadtrip (11)Once we went into the water though, every complaint vanished and was replaced by a shivering coldness that’s such a welcome respite in the impossible heat it’s comfortable. For the record, of all the natural falls I’ve been too, Majayjay has the best (meaning cleanest and coldest) water despite the hoard of people. If not for fear of a downpour, we would’ve stayed longer. We should’ve brought tents and spent the night there in the first place!

roadtrip (2)6. And of course, mates who you’re comfortable being on a roadtrip with. People who are easy to ask out, who wouldn’t mind missing lunch for a couple of hours, who wouldn’t feel obliged to converse every single minute of the trip, who are not uncomfortable with silence, who’re not maarte and all. I miss my cousins! Here we are eating Ube Jam for lunch because we forgot to bring decent food. Grilling meat/hotdog/fish and eating them with salted egg and tomato on banana leaves using our bare hands would have been perfect given the setting but we weren’t prepared!

roadtrip (4)(Another side trip: Palaisdaan but it looked too lonely)

roadtrip (17)BONUS: Discovering delicious, filling, value-for-money food! This one’s from some foodcourt-paluto fusion near Nuvali.

roadtrip (18)And then there’s the hangover starting with being welcomed by the heat, the traffic and the noise altogether when you arrive in Buendia.

roadtrip (6)

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