Baguio part trois: more art and a Happy Meal

The Easter Weaving Room is only walking distance from Rin’s place so that was our first stop for my last day in Baguio.

baguio day 3 (1)The actual weaving room is located on the ground floor. When we arrived, everyone was so busy doing their jobs and most of the people we talked to treated us like some sort of unwelcome guests. No hard feelings though because their line of work needs a lot of concentration. In the end we just observed them, took a couple of pictures, asked some questions, said our thanks and then left. According to one more accommodating lady, the hardest part of their job is the beginning where you have to make sure that the threads are aligned. Imagine how intricate that is. One mistake and the whole thing will be messed up.

baguio day 3 (4) baguio day 3 (3) baguio day 3 (5)The upper floors of the building display a wide array of products available for sale. They range from house ware items to clothes, fabrics, native costumes, apparels as well as church vestments! They were kind of expensive though all I was able to buy is a passport cover and Rins badly wanted a chess set which costs 17,000 pesos!

baguio day 3 (8)Next stop was BenCab museum, owned by National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto Cabrera. It was more or less a 20 minute ride from the city proper of Baguio. As far as I can remember, there is a fee of one hundred pesos for visitors.

baguio day 3 (21)I have no idea who Sabel is but she is quite prominent throughout the museum. A number of paintings was inspired by her, my favorite being the “32 variations of Sabel”.

baguio day 3 (10)Erotica: the subject of countless artworks since time immemorial.


baguio day 3 (14)A furniture I forgot the name of which was a status symbol back in the days. I’m sitting on it the proper way based on what I saw in an infographic.

baguio day 3 (19) baguio day 3 (18) 333Lovely backyard. I’d love to wake up to this view every morning. I just wish the water wasn’t as yellow.

baguio day 3 (17)After BenCab we went to a famous restaurant in Baguio, Good Taste. Among all the places we dined at, I think this one gave the best value for my money. It’s affordable and very ideal for large groups. I can imagine bringing my family here if ever we go on a Baguio trip in the future.

baguio day 3 (22)Their buttered chicken is so good. Enough said. I’d love to try more of their dishes but there’s only Rina and I.

baguio day 1 (9)Custard and Yema cake. Not the best but considering it is only sold for 22 pesos, not bad. I kind of felt nostalgic upon tasting these two. They reminded me of the cakes I used to by in the nearby bakery in my hometown when I was younger.

baguio day 3 (25)And a Happy Meal to end the trip (this is actually the first time I ordered a Happy Meal in my life, all for the sake of the Mario toy Skay wanted).

baguio day 1 (12)Dear Rins and Baguio, thank you for an awesome time :]



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