Food Photodump 2

You can call this a food photodump. I hate people who judge people who take pictures of their food because not all of them post the pics on instagram u know. Others compile and put them in their blogs so 10 years from now they can be reminded of that meal and their acquaintances and the celebration and their feelings and sometimes, even the topic of the moment. In short, remembrance. Ok lame excuse. haha. Seriously though, in this world where everything becomes intangible (you cannot hold music and mails, among other things), why not immortalize as many as you can in digital pictures? Labo.

Yet another cupcake store opened in Robinson’s Manila and I just had to try it.

20140305_185343A bit pricey at 35 pesos a piece but it gets cheaper the more you buy. From what I remember, a dozen will cost you 22 pesos a piece. The power of bulk yo! Anyway, even tho they’re smaller than your regular cupcake, I’d still buy this over the other ones because they’re not to sweet!

20140305_185622One day I found myself in Navotas and I suddenly craved for Pancit Malabon, yes, the kind with a lot of oil and seafood. Asked the locals where the best store is and I was pointed to Auring’s.

20140309_163524The place was small bordering cramped. Good thing there was an air conditioner.

20140309_160156 20140309_163343Too lazy to describe everything (besides, I always run out of adjectives haha) but everything was good and cheap especially the kare-kare and crab! Where in Metro MAnila do you find a meal of Kare-Kare, Pancit malabon, rice and drinks for 130 pesos?

20140309_161518 20140309_161543 20140309_161557 20140309_161626 20140309_162430It’s always nice to dine with family because it’s always free. haha

20140309_163348On bebe Dai’s birthday, Chabs, Tords and I decided to surprise her with a cake. While she was taking a bath, we hid in her room. Bored with waiting, we went over her things and saw a picture of her from high school with the ugliest eyebrows ever and we couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a picture that should never see the light of day again. Since we were good friends, we put the photo on the cake, turned off the lights and continued waiting while suppressing our giggles. When Dai opened the door we sang and she had the greatest reaction which was to shout loudly out of fear, laugh louder after turning on the lights and laugh loudest in the middle of threats after seeing the picture. BEST. SURPRISE. EVER.

20140312_190249After which we had dinner at Conti’s with Abi.
20140312_205025This one was heaven. It was tender and cheesy. Salmon is my new favorite fish.

20140312_205713Kare-kare which was a bit pricey but Dai said it was worth every penny.

20140312_205717A “just okay” pesto.

20140312_205727A “too salty” salpicao.

20140312_205731And another typical grilled pork chop. Lesson learned: You go to Conti’s for the pastries and cakes but you eat your dinner elsewhere (except for their reallllyyyy gooood Salmon). Actually their foods aren’t bad, only pales in comparison with the caliber of their desserts.

20140312_205735Since starting in Beda I’ve made friends with two Muslims who are both pretty and kind (and I have an inkling they’re both princesses hmmm). I’ve expressed my curiosity and amazement with their culture and they brought me once to a Halal restaurant in the heart of Quiapo.

Can’t remember the names of the dishes we had. The one on the lower left withย gata was a bit dry. My favorite was the one on the lower right because the broth was a bit spicy. Now I have to try other Halal restaurants in the area. Thanks Bai and Nasrin!

20140319_172215After which we had the best fresh lumpia ever (yes, better than everything I’ve tried in Binondo), Globe Lumpia House along Raon street. It’s easy to spot. When you go down the overpass on the side of Quiapo church, it’s the place where there’s always a line. Before, they have tables where you can eat but when I visited, there’s only a counter and they only serve take out.

20140319_180606 20140319_180810Cheap at 16 pesos. Just the right serving size. Saucy. A hint of spicy.

20140319_181130My bebe Dai has phases on the things she gets addicted to. There was a time when she wouldn’t stop watching Japanese anime and manga for 36 hours straight. There was also that time when she watched nothing but American series and she started drinking different kinds of alcohol thanks to How I Met Your Mother (we’re still on a search for our own McLaren’s). Lately, thanks to Running Man (a little more encouragement and I will start watching it), she’s back to her first love which is Korean. Specifically, the new apple of her eye is a dish called Tteokbokki and this is her face after I went all the way to Malate to accompany her in satisfying the craving at 1 AM thanks to the ever reliable Maru.

image-037d108466d65cd9b966366a94cade5998d64b9afa2f252bd1dbc346b54cc97f-VThis is what Tteokbokki looks like. According to Wikipedia,ย it is a popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake and sweet red chili sauce. I have to admit that it’s really good. There’s the chewiness of the rice cake, the saltiness of the fish cake and of course, the spiciness f the chili sauce. It’s the only Korean food Ramm liked and he’s a picky eater. Dai’s cravings are contagious I actually want one served warm from wherever-it’s-cooked right now. Wikipedia adds that it’s commonly sold by street vendors. OH MY I NEED ROAM THE STREETS OF KOREA.

image-65e5261adf8793c9c8e6ffff101f415210f7eb4b26301a57928a022a1862657f-VAnd my favorite banchan of all time (not a kimchi lover), marble potatoes!

image-810fdbb4b3e7dd231b12738e181813c67104a045d5ffda7c161311b4a9fd4a3f-VTill the next food photodump!!!

(In case you were wondering, here’s the first one)


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