Ultimate Binondo foodtrip

I dropped my summer class due to unavoidable circumstances which made me question everything at first. In retrospect though, I guess it’s for the best. Never doubt the grand scheme of things orchestrated by the One and Only. What’s the point? Well, I now have a lot of time in my hands. Went home to the province in a spur of the moment decision. I spend the day complaining about this impossible heat (which forces me to take a bath everyday, TMI I know) and helping out in our canteen but I still have a few hours left to spend on this blog because my backlogs are growing too big it’s becoming an eyesore for a to-do list freak like me. Lemme start with something that happened way back in January. Sometime during the first and second months of the year, I frequented Binondo like I never did before. Frequent as in there was one week where I went three consecutive weekdays. I had this list of things I wanted to eat and it was fortunate that I have long lunch breaks. Most of them have been crossed out (to my utter delight and my father’s utter complaint). The few which are left include a milk dish I am not too excited to try and other specialties which can feed a family and cost an arm. It was my foodtrip with Ate Karen and Ate Janine one fine Sunday that started the adventure. First we went to the Feast at PICC because Ate Janine is such a huge fan of Bo Sanchez. Topic was about wealth and how our self-worth determines our net worth. binondo (13)Churches around Sta. Cruz binondo (15) binondo (14)First stop is Shanghai Fried Siopao which they enjoyed. Just like me, they expected the Siopao to be deep fried instead of butt-fried. I’ve had this countless times before and I have nothing more to say. binondo (9)Mooncake from a grocery store. A bit pricey and dry, if you ask me. binondo (16)Chami from Salido restaurant. We ordered for spicy but this wasn’t spicy at all. Still, it was delicious. We went a day or two after the Chinese New Year and the restaurant was out of supplies. They didn’t have their famous Pork Asado. binondo (17) binondo (19)Maki Mi from Ongpin Manosa. If you’ll make me choose between Chami and this, I’d pick Chami any day. This one’s consistency reminds me ofΒ sipon and the taste is a bit bland I needed to put hot sauce to make it better. It’s not my type. But Ate Karen loved it and it’s their bestseller that’s why we ordered in the first place. binondo (18)I brought them to New Eastern Garden Restaurant for fresh lumpia. Again, I’ve tried this before so moving on binondo (20)Binondo never fails to surprise me. Just when I feel like every siomai and chicken feet and noodles start to taste the same, I discover something as common as fried chicken binondo (21)cooked in an extraordinary way. I was sure this is perfect when paired with their pancit canton but we were running low on funds and we’re saving up space in our stomachs for dim sum (yes, everything happened in one day a few hours). binondo (22)Lord Stow’s egg tart. The cream was so good. I threw the shell afterwards. binondo (23)And our last stop for that day, Dong Bei Dumplings. The place was too small so you either have to wait for a table outside or share one with strangers. But their dumplings taste so fresh this one is filed under “Places I definitely have to visit again”. I just wish they have ample spicy sauce next time. binondo (10)From hereon out, I was with Pangs who I really appreciate because even if he complains about my bad judgement of food and calls me pretentious (in Ilocano, agin agin), he still lets me order every. single. time. New Toho Food Center I saw form Jessica Soho Reports. It claims to be the oldest restaurant in the country, being established even before the 1900s. binondo (25)I wanted to order their secret dish involving milk but the prospect of eating something sweet for lunch didn’t appeal to me. So we ordered Pancit Canton and Pork Asado. My bad because I forgot Pork Asado IS sweet. I don’t know why this dish is the specialty of a lot of restaurants in Binondo because I only like it when used as filling for siopao. As toppings for Mami (hello Masuki) or viand, no thank you. All Pancit taste the same to me at this point, they are all good. HAHA. binondo (24)We always pass by Tasty Dumplings before but never try it because the place is always deserted in their branch along Ongpin St. I think that one’s already closed and they moved to Masangkay street. binondo (1)Pangs had beef Mami which was decent but still nothing compared to Ling Nam (I’ve been raving about their Mami for so long I should get at least a free bowl. haha). I ordered Pork chop noodles. This one’s served in different containers which appealed to me because I don’t like a messy plate. The pork chop was ordinary, too thin, in fact. The broth was also ordinary. And the noodles, apart from the green thing on top which added a salty flavor was also ordinary not to mention thick. But when you combine all three, it becomes delicious because they complement. binondo (32)Revisited Salido. This time we had Three Cups Chicken and Pancit Canton (if it’s true that this dish is for long life, I wouldn’t be surprised if I live to be a hundred with the amount I ate in the span of a week). My expectations were high for the chicken and I was disappointed. It’s like a fancy version of Adobo. A fancy, expensive and very oily one. I like their Pancit because the noodles were thin. If you’re wondering why I always get Pancit, it’s not because I am on a quest on discovering the best one in Binondo. I only order for Pangs so he wouldn’t complain even if my other orders are bad. binondo (8)First time to cross Carvajal street. binondo (11)Tucked in this unassuming place is Quick-Snack. binondo (27)Which offers forgettable (regrettable, even) siomai, decent lychee drinks,Β lumpia salad which reeks of the smell and taste of vegetable (eukkkk) and one of the best Fried Lumpias ever! It’s huge I had a hard time finishing it which again prompted my father into teasing me saying “Hindi masarap no? Kung anu-ano kasi inoorder mo. Agin agin ka manin.” Pangs naman, di ba pwedeng busog lang? binondo (26)Big Bowl Noodles along I forgot street basta it’s near Carvajal. binondo (5)My first bowl of hot and sour soup. Definitely not my last. True to its name, it’s hot and sour, perfect with rice, perfect alone, perfect for cold weather. Just thinking about it right now is making me salivate the same way Lay’s Salt and Vinegar flavor does. binondo (3)Another siomai. My favorite siomai, actually, is Master Sioma’s Beef and Japanese ones. Not sure if those are authentic but they’re so good I can probably (meaning I haven’t tried it) finish 10 orders easily. binondo (4)Then there’s the Lumpia house we had a hard time looking for because it’s tucked behind an apartment building and if your vision isn’t 20-20, you wouldn’t be able to read their signage. binondo (12)I love the ambiance of the place even if it’s pink. Reminds me of old houses in the province. Plus, compared with the rest of Manila, it’s not as polluted and hot. binondo (6)This is definitely better than New Eastern Garden’s primarily because the filling was cooked and still warm. Plus, the lady was kind enough to give me extra crushed peanuts. And you don’t need utensils to eat this one because you can consume it the way you consume a burrito. My only problem is the proportion of filling to wrapper, there’s too much of the former and not enough of the latter. binondo (7)Spotted in Luck China Town where we go to for the free air conditioning. binondo (2) binondo (28) binondo (29)Lastly, instead of their famous Hopia, I visit Salazar for this mongo-filled Tikoy. Chewy and delicious. binondo (30) binondo (31)I haven’t been to Binondo in over two months. I need to go back.

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