Me time around Paco

One day I found myself lying on my bed with nothing to do. No classes, no requirements, nothing particular in my social calendar either. Usually, I would just vegetate at home, wile the hours away in front of the computer or read manga to make a dent on my backlogs but my itchy feet persisted. At the same time, I wasn’t in the mood to go too far maybe because I have classes the next day (can’t remember). So I searched for the nearest possible place to go to and Google spurted two things: Myradel’s Chicken House and Paco Park.

Riding a Sta Ana-Padre Faura Jeepney, I got off at Pedro Gil corner Paz street and walked along the latter up to Gregorio st. Since it’s listed as one of the 10 Best Pinoy-style fried chicken by a popular website, I was expecting more. Lo and behold, I was the lone customer (tho we should put into consideration that I visited around 1:30 PM, but still). The place was dead though I presume from the presence of a Videoke machine that it comes to life at night to cater to customers who drink beer and sing merrily. Also, waiters should stop giving the surprised look when they see that you’re a lone diner.

paco (4)I ordered for their bestseller, Fried Chicken. Originally, I just wanted a quarter but they only serve half and whole. Since I already went through all the trouble of finding the place, I ordered half (for 195 pesos) and decided to just take home whatever I cannot finish. The chickens are only cooked upon ordering so they’re uhm, freshly fried. With a cup of white rice and a bottle of softdrinks, I was in for a pleasant meal.

paco (6)And who am I kidding about bringing home leftovers? I finished half of a chicken all by myself (except the a tiny portion of the white meat). Myradel’s chicken was really delicious there’s no need for the sauce provided. This meal reminded me of my friend Nicky because as far as I can remember, Fried Chicken is his favorite food and I am sure he will enjoy this (if he can overlook the location).

paco (8)Feeling full and happy, I again rode a Sta Ana-Padre Faura Jeepney and went to Paco Park which, I just found out thanks to Google Maps, is just walking distance from where I previously lived! Sometimes we go far looking for things when in fact, there are some awesome finds in our own backyards.

paco (9)Paco Park is now a recreational garden area but it was once Manila’s Municipal cemetery during the Spanish colonial period which explains all the cemented tombs. The park might get creepy at night but it was peaceful during the day. Who would have thought that there’s a place like this near the hustle and bustle of Taft Avenue? Paco Park is probably most notable for being the original burial site of Jose Rizal before his remains was transferred to the Rizal Monument in Luneta. Totally unrelated blabber: When I was younger, I remember believing in reincarnation, the only prerequisite being that no living being should know you. No remaining pictures, works, memories and everything else. And then I remember feeling sad for Rizal because he would never be reincarnated.

20140226_134556These days the park is popular among lovebirds for whatever lovers do when they are left alone — even in a public place as long as they’re alone. In fact, I accidentally walked into what appears to be two high school students playing with fire. Embarrassed, I hurriedly went back to where I came from. In hindsight, I should have stayed and made them feel uncomfortable. Seriously, get a room. If you can’t afford one, that’s one clear indication that you shouldn’t be doing it.

paco (2) paco (12) page paco (3) paco (11) 20140226_134652
paco (10)Overall, as evidenced by my smiling selfie, I am happy that the park is well-maintained. There’s even music playing and three gardeners sweeping when I visited. No trash in sight. In the spirit of Ted Mosby, I will someday bring someone special here and we’ll do wholesome things wholesome adults do. Charot!

paco (1)


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