Project Scream Pie Park

Apologies for the sabaw title.

My friends know that I’m a coward — I’m the one covering her eyes when watching horror movies, shouting obscenities whenever she is intentionally scared and rolling on the floor (literally) in Enchanted Kingdom’s horror house because a moving bridge is too much for her trembling knees –so it was expected that I will be semi-forced to go if ever a horror theme park opens within the vicinity. True enough, we were one of the first people to shell out close to 500 bucks for a ticket to Scream Park Manila, allegedly the first in Asia. Our expectations were high based on their promotional videos and posters.

The park was supposed to open around November of 2013 (just in time for Halloween) but difficulties arose and it was postponed not once, nor twice but thrice. Many were disappointed and we even thought of refunding our money but going seemed easier that the whole process of refunding so off we went (on top of finding time despite the differences in our schedules). Lesson learned: manage your expectations.

Since we bought our tickets in advance, we were treated as VIP (the only perk was the express line). The place was almost deserted meaning business is bad, really bad. But the lack of people added to the creepiness factor. There are three mazes. In the first one, you just have to walk through an abandoned town brimming with people wearing prosthetic make-up (commendable, btw). The second (the longest and best among the three) is a series of rooms with different themes: an insane asylum next to a scene from The Exorcist etc. The third is set in a chapel with a cemetery for a backyard and it was okay.

Was it worth 500 bucks? Hell no. Did we enjoy? Hell yes, mostly because I was laughed at for being such a scaredy-cat. It should have been called Scream AND LAUGH Park. In their credit we did scream a lot. One fourth of the time because it was creepy, the other fourth because we were surprised and the remaining half due to the desire to enjoy ourselves. After sometime we started joking with the zombies (one-sided, of course). We even made brief acquaintances in the form of the four strangers we were grouped with. Talk about grabbing and hugging and screaming at the ears of someone you don’t know in the dark and vice versa and then avoiding each other’s gazes after leaving the maze. In Ja’mie’s word: AWKIES!

project (1)Feeling hungry after all the shouting and screaming, we grabbed some dinner at Project Pie in Bluebay along Macapagal. The place was packed we waited for a table longer than we actually ate.

project (2)The concept of Project Pie is to make your own pizza. If you’re too lazy and you want easy choices, they offer 7 pre-made combinations. If you want to make the most out of your 285 pesos (the cost of an order no matter how much ingredient you put), choose one from the pre-made combinations and add other toppings. There’s pepperoni, meat balls, bell peppers, jalapenos, gorgonzola and a dozen other pizza toppings (half of which I didn’t know how to properly pronounce let alone know what in the hell were). Beware of your choices because if you put too much, your pizza will end up a gross salad of flavors.

project (3)Don’t worry because the staff are really helpful and friendly (unless you don’t like small talk then you’re in for a challenge).

project (4)Setting aside the crowd, I like the ambiance of the place. It’s a bit industrial and there are quotes posted all over. Perfect for Instagram!

project (5)Another good thing about Project Pie is their unlimited drinks for 65 pesos. You refill your own cup and you can choose from iced tea, sodas and juices. Think 711’s Big Gulp, except it’s refillable.

project (6)At first I thought the size was too small it wouldn’t even reach my stomach and I was prepared to visit Jollibee or McDonald’s drive-thru afterwards but I was wrong. It was surprisingly filling and just like any other pizzas, best eaten by hand while laughing with friends.

project (7) project (8)I’m such a loser for not getting ate’s name but she is the funniest, most helpful and patient server ever. Her presence alone warrants another visit to Project Pie!

project (9)


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