Pasafest 2014

Pasafest (short for Pasalubong Festival) is an annual celebration held at the Kalay/Kalayaan dorm (for Freshies) of UP Diliman where the student residents showcase the different delicacies from their home provinces. Do you know what the best part is? It’s free. All you need is patience and an empty stomach.

pasafest (4) pasafest (6) pasafest (3) pasafest (5)Can’t remember everything we had (this happened in January, talk about backlog. Come to think of it, Pasafest probably originated from students bringing Pasalubongs after the Christmas break) but my favorites were Pancit Palabok, Tinapa and the Special Peanut Butter. Though we were only given tiny portions, we were unable to try everything due to fullness. Excited for Pasafest 2015!

pasafest (1) pasafest (7) pasafest (8)Catching up over alcohol and food afterwards. Grabe, I’m not used to drinking with my high school buddies because we’re wholesome like that but I think this is the start of something new haha!

pasafest (2) pasafest (9) pasafest (10)


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