January and Frebruary in pictures

Been meaning to try this restaurant in Greenbelt ever since someone whose palate I trust said that they serve one of the best Ramen he has ever tasted.

jan-feb (8)The place was full even though it was too early for dinner time. We ordered pork bowls of some sort and their specialty Ramen. Every component of the bowl was so good. It didn’t even matter to me that the broth was already cold halfway through our meal. It had a milky taste in it. Though it’s a bit pricey, I will surely be back and order a bowl all for myself.

jan-feb (9)I was with Abi and Kirk by the way. High from our Ramen dinner, we decided to go to Tagaytay. The only thing we did was loiter at Starbucks with its chilly air. The spontaneous road trip was fun though.

jan-feb (4)Lodlod Fiesta equals food. There were more this year than last but Tito Del’s absence this year made Fiesta 2013 a lot better.

SONY DSCWith cousins and their friends. Your cousins are some of the best drinking buddies you’ll ever have.

jan-feb (5)I got it from my Momma and my Momma got it from her Momma. With my Nanay. Haven’t been back in Batangas ever since January and I miss the place. But I have things to do here in Manila and I really don’t have the extra money to splurge (where did all the Christmas money go?).

jan-feb (1)Redeemed a voucher at KXP. Nothing spectacular.

SONY DSCQuiapo Church. Whenever I see a picture of the parish, the words “Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy” come to  mind.

jan-feb (11)With my favorite high school buddies in Chic-Boy Legarda. I remember I made them wait for close to 2 hours and they still welcomed me with those warm smiles. I love you three!

SONY DSCAttended the 15th Wedding Anniversary of my aunt. They had civil wedding before so they had a church wedding this year. It’s sweet to witness renewal of vows.

jan-feb (2) jan-feb (12) jan-feb (13) jan-feb (14)Rushed to Robinson’s Magnolia after the wedding to meet with my training-mates from St. Luke’s. It’s been a year since we first met each other. Paragon ftw!

jan-feb (1)

This is how I like my taho. My professor told me he wouldn’t be surprised if I have Diabetes in the future. Me neither.

jan-feb (15)Red velvet crinckles with cream cheese fillings from my entreprenurse friend, Raissa. Really noms.

jan-feb (16)My sister’s boyfriend’s surprise for her on Valentine’s day.

jan-feb (17)My two bebes.

jan-feb (19)Spicy squid and chicken something from an emerging fastfood, Ersao.

jan-feb (18)Sunflower oil from Human Nature. The catalog claims that it can lighten eye bags and stretchmarks, can make hair shinier and skin softer. In short, all around. #GawangPinoy

jan-feb (20)Again with my two bebes. Decided to try the newly opened Shrimp Shack besides The Old Spaghetti House in Robinson’s Manila. When we found out the two places share the same kitchen we were a bit disappointed. HAHA.

jan-feb (25) jan-feb (24)Shrimp scampi was okay. Roast beef was wanting. Shrimp popcorns were decent. Peanutbutter something dessert was the bomb.

jan-feb (3)Celebrated my Schwester’s birthday at K-PUB Korean BBQ at the Fort (the colorful building at night). Went there at around 2 PM because I thought they don’t close in the afternoon. I was wrong. We were planning to avail the 899 no time limit but since they close at 3PM, we opted for the 699. It has a one hour time limit which starts when your first meat is cooked and ready to be devoured.This choice compared with the 499 has more meat choices and it came with pizzas and seafood.

jan-feb (21)And then Bubble Pop played on the big screen. I know someone who will enjoy this place more than everybody else. It’s Dianne.

jan-feb (32)We ordered one of everything and I was too hungry to note which was which. Beef was good. You can pass on the chicken because it’s slow to cook and not easy to eat  the Korean way. As usual I enjoyed my share of wrapping the meat and some rice and banchan in lettuce and dipping it in the special sauces. It makes me feel healthy.

jan-feb (29) jan-feb (30) jan-feb (31)Thanks for the treat schwester!

jan-feb (22)Gawad JPIA ball at Le Pavillion. A bit culture-shocked because alcohol was free-flowing in an event sponsored by the school.

jan-feb (23)LCC’s first baby’s first birthday! Reunited with college friends.

jan-feb (10)And something more afterwards.

jan-feb (6)


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