10 things we did at Bluroze Farms Parks and Wildlife

Bluroze Farms is located in Purok 6, Lodlod Lipa City. Just a tricycle away from where my maternal side of the family lives so I’m such a loser for only visiting the place once before this post, way back in early 2000s.

IMG_025810. Had our picture taken with 400-peso preserved ostrich eggs.


9. Had our picture taken with the signage.

IMG_02848. Got high from breathing fresh air, feeling the really cold weather and seeing all the greens. If I live in Lipa, I would visit the place every weekend and bring a book or my iPod, lie around somewhere and enjoy the day away.

IMG_0269 IMG_02877. Went inside the Bluroze Maze which didn’t feel like a maze at all hence, my is-that-it pose. You can see the right way from where yo’re standing because the vines and leaves have fallen off of the screens. There’s a hanging bridge somewhere which wasn’t scary but still, it’s a hanging bridge that actually shakes.

IMG_03466. Pondered on the AWESOMENESS of God (all caps) while we watched the intricate colors and design of this peacock.

IMG_03765. Smiled and sometimes laughed at some of the signage.

IMG_0332 IMG_0334 IMG_02754. Imagined what our wedding receptions would look like (in the future of course, if ever there’s someone we can marry) upon stumbling upon this reception area.

IMG_03793. Ate. A lot.

IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_03892. Brought back to life the inner kid in us on the swing. There’s one swing which is better than the others because it’s atop a slope and you feel like you’re being thrown higher up in the air than you actually are.

IMG_04241. Climbed the water tank, got over our initial fear, welcomed the strong and chilly winds, saw the whole area from above. Really, the best thing to do at Bluroze.

IMG_0300Bluroze offers rooms and cottages for those  who want to spend the night as well as other function rooms for seminars and the like. When we went there, a school held some Boy Scout event and there were tents all over so I guess  you can also camp there.


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