10 of the things we did at Manila Ocean Park

10. Had our picture taken at the signage.

SONY DSC9. Camwhored around the area especially when there’s no crowd because we went on a weekday morning.

SONY DSC8. Camwhored some more around things one doesn’t usually see outside the Philippines for the sake of our Balikbayan relatives. Case in point: Jeepneys

SONY DSC7. Paid a hundred pesos (or two) to feed koi fishes from a feeding bottle and had our picture taken for souvenir. Warning: hold the bottle tightly because these fishes suck hard (my cousin dropped a bottle).


6. Found myself wondering why I was laughing at the Penguin Talk Show along with my 9 year-old cousin who couldn’t speak Tagalog while my Aunt and Uncle slept. In retrospect, it was corny. Nah, either it was a tiny bit funny or I’m shallow.

SONY DSC5. Took this photo and wished I knew how to swim so I can experience at least a portion of the living ocean. Also, it reminded me of Maidentrip, a documentary about the two-year voyage around the world of a 14-year old Dutch girl. After seeing the trailer, I can’t wait to watch the film.

SONY DSC4. Took a couple of pictures of the Oceanarium which I thought would impress me. Sadly, it only made me dizzy. Maybe due to thickness but the glass felt like it was graded. Not entirely the architect or whoever’s fault because I easily get sick (carsick, seasick, all kinds).

SONY DSC3. Interacted with one of the most stunning coastal raptors in the country, the Lawin, inside the Birds of Prey Kingdom. Paid another two hundred pesos for the opportunity to wear a really thick glove, hold a raw piece of meat and witness the amazing predatory skills of the bird. The protein was gone in a millisecond  and we only have the advances in shutter speeds of cameras to thank for the decent pictures. Being preoccupied with smiling at the camera is a factor but I swear I only felt the bird and didn’t actually see it.

SONY DSC SONY DSC2. Watched the Marine Life Habitat Show featuring sea lions of South America and realized that they are one of the most adorable creatures ever. Aside from being able to flex and extend their necks almost 360 degrees, I’ve never seen anything swim as graceful as they did. The tricks were simple like clapping and balancing a ball on their noses but I was smiling like an idiot the whole time not minding that I was directly under the sun’s mercy. When the trainers asked for a volunteer, I raised my hand and up to this day, I’m still bitter that I wasn’t chosen. After the show though, I felt a bit guilty and sad. How much pain did the poor animal go through just to learn those tricks? I just wish they are treated humanely. Thoughts of animal cruelty prevent me from enjoying Zoos. Safaris are a better idea.

SONY DSC1. Visited my favorite attraction of all (even in Ocean Park Hong Kong), the Jelly Fishes! Did some emoti (in Ja’mie King’s word) poses and marveled at the awesomeness of these creatures especially with the added effect of lights. They’re so delicate and mesmerizing and their movements, soothing. I don’t know about you but jellyfish aquariums and firework displays have the same effect on me. Both make me stop and stare.

1The mirrors in the room made it look like the area was bigger than it actually is. Anyway, I WANT A JELLYFISH AQUARIUM IN MY FUTURE HOUSE (preferably in my room).

SONY DSCPeople say Manila Ocean Park is underwhelming but I’m easier to please than most. hehe. We skipped the all-star birds and musical fountain shows because going home and sleeping seemed like a better idea than waiting til 4 pm when it’s only 1:30. If I go back, I’d like to experience the Trails to Antartica and see the musical fountain show I missed.


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