Paper wastes and respect

A few months ago, a customer became hysterical after the staff of Happy Lemon informed her that unfortunately, a drinking straw was unavailable. The woman shouted at the poor little creature saying things like she should have been informed beforehand and they’re the worst branch and she doesn’t care if they’re on soft opening, etc. She asked for her money back even though the drinks she ordered were already prepared and left after causing a commotion. All because of a freaking drinking straw. Sometimes, hearing the line “CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT” makes me want to punch something, preferably one with a face.

Yesterday, the ever-full-of-sense Ate Bel relayed a scene on her bus ride to Manila. A mother carrying her baby was unable to pay for the fare and the bus conductor reacted in a somewhat hostile manner. As a result, most passengers became holy and gave him the you-are-such-a-bad-person stare. Could he really not overlook a mere 50 pesos? Then Ate Bel, who was sitting near the front, overheard the driver and the conductor in conversation with the latter looking visibly problematic. “Pare, bukas wala ka nang trabaho” said the bus driver.

Today, I got to spend the whole afternoon sharing stories with a security guard in one of the most exclusive schools in the country. Tales of how you’re supposed to be strict with rules according to your higher-ups and unreasonable parents who would complain to the office after shaming you in public were told. Guess whose side is always taken and who takes the blow, irregardless if he’s right.

Tonight, I have added yet another part time job experience under my belt in the form of marketing specialist aka flyer distributor. I’m not saying that it’s less of a job because it’s decent but there’s something off about approaching people with a smile and being turned down with a curt wave of the hand as if you’re not even in the same species. A bit OA to compare but I sort of understood what Naruto meant when he said other villagers looked at him that way just because he’s a Jinchuuriki.

But of course I also am guilty of looking at some people as a nuisance without even realizing that they, just like everyone else, are just doing their jobs because not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouths (some multi-level marketers who are honestly over the top are a whole different story. We’re allowed to be mean to them so they’d stop. haha).

Where am I getting at? I guess we should treat every single person with respect. RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT is bull. Respect everyone period. Even those whose livelihood we control? Yes. Even those who we deem not worthy? Yes. We respect not because of. We respect even if. We respect despite of.

Big words for someone like me who can’t even wait till the second week of January to break her New Year’s Resolutions.

I don’t know. I just promised myself right there and then, under the slight rainfall, holding an inch thick of flyers, that I would (as much as possible) accept with a warm smile and a “thank you” all the flyers being offered to me even if I know I will never be interested in them and even if my bag becomes filled with paper waste.


2 thoughts on “Paper wastes and respect

  1. I have a friend whose dream is to hand flyers for a day as a living. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in UPD, and she still wants the job. 🙂 That’s pretty neat, actually. And also, I feel bad for the waiter/barista at Happy Lemon. Ako nga, I haven’t been using straws for 4 years already. 😀

    1. Wow! ang cool ng friend mo. :] I guess we all have weird dreams. mine is to work at McDonald’s. I’ll try to be the most efficient cashier, ever. Haha. ikaw ba?

      yes, sobrang naawa ako sa waiter and nainis dun sa customer, paka OA e.

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