When a typhoon slaps you in the face

This morning, I had more than an hour to spare before I leave for school so I logged in on a social media site and opened a Buzzfeed link about the devastating images of typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan). When I saw this picture, I started to sob uncontrollably. I don’t know the people in the picture but I could feel a part of the father’s pain. I guess we’re wired that way, as part of humanity we understand each others’ feelings.


I mourned for the victims but after a few minutes, I realized that my tears weren’t just for them. I was also lamenting for myself. There they were having one of the most trying times of their lives and here I am, sitting in front of a computer, doing nothing to help. I’m just another selfish little prick who goes on with her life, thinking of others just in passing (“Oh, that’s sad”) but taking no course of action.

There is news that donations from foreign countries to the victims in central Philippines grew to more than a TRILLION pesos. Not billion, mind you, but a trillion. I don’t know the facts behind the truthfulness of the statement but a part of me became cynic. What percent of that amount would actually go to the victims?

Honestly speaking, that’s one shallow excuse I tell myself whenever I ignore pleas to donate money, no matter how small the amount. I’m justifying my selfishness and lack of compassion. It’s the same with turning a blind eye to child beggars for fear that they’re just being used by crime syndicates.

But the picture touched me and it got me thinking, is the fear of alligators leeching off on our donations really enough to discourage us from helping?

I hope not.

I pray that my capacity to love others (even those that have different beliefs than mine) grows in a way that instead of making excuses, I just help no matter what. I don’t want to settle with just giving leftovers because that’s not giving at all. With my selfish nature, for sure I can’t do it alone but as the saying goes, nothing is impossible with the help of God.

Let’s keep sending those money and goods in the faith (partially in people but wholly in God) that they will get to wherever we intend them to go. This is not the time to have useless debates about trivial matters like religion.

Lastly, there’s no harm in joining the bandwagon so




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