A Thai, a Korean, and two Vietnamese

Still under the spell of sticky rice, Dai and I decided to see if Soi, a Thai restaurant we always pass by (and ignore) in Robinson’s Manila, offers the dessert. Of course they do and so we (especially Dai) became regular customers for a couple of weeks. “Became” because we already got over the initial high brought about by our first taste of Sticky Rice.

SONY DSC SONY DSCWe like their appetizer very much.

SONY DSCAnd I’m not sure if this is the practice in all branches but the waitress offered us a shot glass of three different iced teas they offer to help us decide what to get. From left to right: Lemongrass (which I liked the least), Pandan juice and Pandan iced tea.

SONY DSCUsually, bebe and I only share in an order of sticky rice (or she buys one and I have a spoonful or two) for dessert and we eat elsewhere for our main course but on one occasion, we were feeling curious so we tried Vegetarian Pad Thai. Now, this was only the second Pad Thai I’ve had in my life. I didn’t have anything to compare it to except the one I had  during my Schwester’s graduation in a buffet. All I can say is that I enjoyed every spoonful especially after we squeezed the lemon. A college friend said Thai cuisine is weird so I wasn’t really keen on trying it back then. After graduation, I met someone whose opinion is opposite that of my friend. I’m inclined to agree with the latter.

SONY DSCAnd the star of the show, sticky rice.

SONY DSCBebe doing what I’d like to call her “Omo” face which means she’s enjoying the meal.

SONY DSCDespite discovering Thai cuisine, we cannot just turn our backs on our first Asian love (aside from Pinoy foods, duh), Korean. When Chabso posted a picture of this place on her Instagram saying that it’s a bit cheaper than Maru, we had to give it a try.

IMG_1062Korean side dishes aka Banchan. During our visit, some kind of rice cake was being served because of a Korean Holiday being celebrated on that day. The cakes were so good Dai and I asked where we could buy them. Unfortunately, the cake and lettuce weren’t refillable (boo!).

IMG_1067And they implement the “minimum of 2 orders of meat” rule which kinda pushed our wallets to their limits. haha. Maru’s meat is better but then again, you wouldn’t really know the difference once paired with the sauces and the banchans. I want this grill at home so I can have Korean food whenever I want. Then I think of how to extinguish the smoke, how to prepare the sauces and the banchan and all that. Nope, too troublesome.

IMG_1068Our favorite soup which we simply call tofu soup. Spicy and hot (the temperature) and flavorful.

IMG_1071One rainy day we again discovered something great that is Pho. I just learned from Twrix that the pronunciation is actually “Faaah” and not, well, “Foh”. Pho Hoa is a Vietnamese restaurant with branches all over Asia and though I prefer hole-in-the-walls, a brand wouldn’t survive on marketing alone so the food might be good, if not great.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSpring rolls or what we Filipinos fondly call “shanghai”. Can’t remember what we had (vermicelli something) but it was delicious especially when paired with vinegar.

SONY DSCAppetizer which we didn’t touch. From what I saw, these were supposed to be put on the Pho but our bowl didn’t need much enhancing so why bother?

SONY DSCI like the noodles. Seriously, I don’t know how to describe this bowl and Phos in general. They’re filling and flavorful. Perfect for the rainy weather.

SONY DSCCan’t remember the  exact name of this dessert  but it’s basically mangoes, pandan-flavored crepe and vanilla ice cream. The crepe should be improved and vanilla ice cream, as I’ve said again and again, is always noms.

SONY DSCSince Pho Hoa is not really bum-friendly when it comes to price, when we craved for the dish one time, we looked for another hopefully-cheaper alternative and our feet brought us to Pho bac. We assumed it was less expensive because the place looked (no offense) less expensive. We were already seated and entertained before we realized that the price is just the same and being the lazy and sometimes shy beings that we were, we stayed.

IMG_1138Again, the same appetizer. Still ignored.

IMG_1141Spring roll, inferior to that of Pho Hoa’s but still good (oily!).

IMG_1142And the Pho. We always order beef with beef ball or something. Next time we should try other items on the menu.

IMG_1143Can’t wait to have a decent kitchen so I can cook all I want. Lol joke who am I kidding? Or better yet, eat these dishes in the countries where they originated. Now that’s a better idea. If only I had the means.


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