Y tu mama tambien

The only thing the film inspires me to do is go on a road trip. The destination is not necessarily a beach. Heck, a destination is not necessary at all. I just want the driving and the talking and the listening to music and the stopovers (and picture taking, if I may add).


The film is not only about teenage boys, their raging hormones, an older woman betrayed by her husband and their sexual adventures — though there’s a lot of exposure of the uhm, human anatomy — with Mexico as the backdrop. It’s the kind you know you’d think about days after seeing, the kind you tell your friends to watch and the kind where you keep the file in your computer (contrary to deleting right after watching).

They drive through police checkpoints, poor towns, drug busts, cows, and villagers demanding for donation for their beautiful queen. The car gets stuck on sand at night and they wake up in a beach that is not commercialized.

I especially am fond of the witty lines of the characters and the side stories by the narrator (much like footnotes in a book). I like the sound of the movie. It’s not too loud and music is not “overused”. In fact, other than the ones played by radios, stereos and other music devices, there is no actual background music in the movie.The score director sure knows how to make use of silence.

Some scenes I find funny. Some, uncomfortable. And some, sad.

Y tu mama tambien is much more than a road movie.


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