Kapitolyo equals food

From way way back. Posting this now because it was raining that day (just like tonight) and my stomach longs for good food after subsisting on wheat bread, eggs and other 7eleven stuff for a week.

Avocado cheesecake from Lia’s Cakes in Season.

SONY DSCChocolate Avocado cake.

SONY DSCMad Mark’s! Wanted to try “THE” Man Sandwich. Unfortunately, it was unavailable. Sucks when the place which is such a hassle for you to go to doesn’t serve the only thing you came all the way for during the time of your visit.

SONY DSCGood thing they serve homemade ice cream. We ordered Javan Hot Chocolate and Half-baked Madagascar. I like the latter better since I get easily get tired of chocolate-flavored anything.

SONY DSCAnd Zing Wings! These are my kind of wings, spicy and tangy.

SONY DSCDeprived of the sandwich and stranded because of the heavy rain, we decided to try out the restaurant next to Mad Mark’s, Thai Dara. This was my first taste of Thai food and it left a good impression.

SONY DSCBebe loved their Thai iced tea while I’m partial towards it.

SONY DSCWe thought an order of their rice meal is only good for one person so we had two of them. Little did we know that it’s good for 2-3 persons.

Bagoong Rice (Kao Klook Kapi), “Thai shrimp paste with sweet pork, egg, green mango, onion, cucumber, dried shrimp“. The cucumber aside, this was flavorful. The saltiness of the pork and the mild sourness of the mango when combined plus the vinegar, I especially like.

SONY DSCYellow Curry rice, “Exotic yellow curry fried rice with chicken, egg, pineapple, tomato, peanuts“. Thanks to Chicken curry being my favorite viand (the Pinoy version with lots of milk), I almost always end up ordering something with curry whenever I see the word written on a menu. This was pale in comparison with Bagoong rice. Plus, the curry flavor wasn’t as strong as I hoped it would be. We ended up finishing the Bagoong rice and having most of this order bagged for take out. Microwaved it at midnight and voila, it tasted better. haha.

SONY DSCSticky Rice with Mango. Probably the best discovery for us that day. Just the right ripeness of Mango, warm, chewy, sticky rice topped off with coconut milk. Every bite was a delight. This item is considered a dessert, I say it can be a meal all by itself.

SONY DSCThe day ended with a sleepover at Abi’s place. A sleepover wouldn’t be complete without midnight binges. First of is Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s. I paired it with bananas and I finally have a slight idea on what all the hype surrounding this product is about. It’s better-than-your-average-spread, yes, but I still wouldn’t shell out 500 pesos for a bottle.

SONY DSCAnd of course, Jack and Coke. If Coke wasn’t so fattening, I’d be drinking this more frequently. Perfect with a good film and bagSSSSS of chips, Lay’s Salt and Vinegar being on top of the list.

SONY DSCThese two people who are very fond of watching horror movies forced the coward me to watch one at midnight (Evil dead, it’s gross and good). When all of my cravings and tummy’s wishes are satisfied, who am I to complain?

SONY DSCThanks Dai and Abi. Can’t wait for the next Kapitolyo adventure with you. :]

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