The final episode of the epic drama that is Breaking Bad actually aired last September 30 but I haven’t seen it until a few minutes ago. People have moved on and I’m only starting, all because I decided to teach myself a lesson on delayed gratification. Also because I promised to watch when I have all the time in the world to grieve and cry and watch tribute and compilation videos in YouTube afterwards.

But the inevitable happened. There was the file, sitting pretty on my desktop, waiting for me to show even a tiny flicker of weakness. I clicked and before I know it, I was crying out of nostalgia, out of amazement, out of sadness, out of happiness, out of everything one could cry about in a series. The writers did not disappoint. The last episode (the last half of Season 5, actually) lived up to all the hype surrounding it.

In fact, while the first season back in 2008 averaged only 1.2 million viewers, the fifth season premiere received 2.9 million viewers, the midseason premiere went as high as 5.9 and the last three episodes had 6.4, 6.58 and 10.3 MILLION viewers respectively. Many have asked if the creator, Vince Gilligan, has thought of making more episodes but he said he’s happy with what has been done. Now that’s what I call quitting while you’re at the top.

This meme is a perfect depiction of what I feel right now.


Except my eyes are red from crying and snot is pouring out of my nose.

Some people might not be happy with the ending but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. (SPOILERS!) Walt cannot undo the things he did but at least he took a step or two down the less-evil path. Jesse IS free. Todd and Lydia are dead (they’d make a cute couple, maybe in television hell).

I sort of miss the time when Jesse was simple-minded and happy and Walt still haven’t totally broke bad. Just shows how sin makes us miserable in the long run, no matter how tempting they appear at first.

On a lighter note, imagine if someone as brilliant as (or even better than) Vince Gilligan make another series as intense and critically-acclaimed? Only, it’s the other way around. Breaking Good, anyone?

My feels would be cut short because I have to be up early tomorrow. Life goes on. I just need  to find another show to get myself into.

Goodbye, Mr. White.

One day, I’ll shave my head and sport Heisenberg in a costume party or something.

Lastly, this and this made me really happy.


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