When I last visited some time in February, I could still see my site. A few days after that, this was what greeted me.

1I was able to back-up my pictures but not my blog. The posts I wrote there during my transition years from promdi high school-er to a city nursing student, the drama, the anger, the frustration and the ever present confusion, all gone. Forever lost (though nothing is really lost on the internet, I have no idea how to retrieve them).

This happened a couple of months ago but out of nowhere, I am reminded of the loss today.

As of the  moment, all I can do is reminisce those grammatically-incorrect-fueled-by-teenage-angst-I-have-no-idea-at-all (not that I have any now) posts. I won’t remember all the shit I wrote but I guess that’s the beauty of memories — we only remember the things that impact us the most, the things that make us nostalgic, the things that picture the past as a somewhat happier place that it actually was.

This maybe a tad too late but goodbye Multiply! It’s been a good 3? 4 years.

And I still think you’re the best site for uploads. :]


One thought on “Irretrievable

  1. Sorry you lost everything. I saved most of my stuff by downloading each page and saving it as a “complete web page”, before closed. All I have to do is click on each individual icon that is saved on disc, and it comes up just as if the site was still up. The only thing missing are the active icons of the people who commented, but their names and comments are still there. Regardless, of all the people I knew from Multiply from over the years, I’m in contact with but a handful of them.


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