Healthy Eating and Kim Chiu

Dai and I wanted to try Zigla in the Foodcourt  of Robinsons Magnolia ever since Ramm told us that the dishes served were conducive for weight loss (or not gaining any): healthy, organic and low on calories. One time, while waiting for Dams to arrive at the said Mall, we finally ate at the kiosk.

SONY DSC SONY DSCOne thing Ramm failed to mention though, is that it was a bit pricey. Which brings us to my third-world-middle-class rant. Why are “healthy” foods more expensive than let’s say, a can of corned beef or a bag of chips or a pack of instant noodles? Have you ever tried visiting Healthy Options or another one of those stores which boast of selling organic produce? They’re more traumatic to the budget! 500 gram of Quinoa pasta cost 300 pesos while the white pasta, regular flour, fattening counterpart is only 60 pesos. White rice is 30 pesos a kilo while brown rice is sold for 300 php per 5 kilograms. Yeah right, I can just subsist on fresh vegetables for the rest of my life but I am not and will never be a herbivore. I just find it funny that we went from eating all-organic (paleolithic times) to all-additives/chemicals (uh, now?).

Back to Zigla. According to their brochure which I unconsciously kept:

Just like a car, say a Rolls Royce, the human body has a make and model as defined by evolution. Just like a Rolls Royce with requirement for premium fuel, the human body has its own requirements for food, established long before we invented agriculture and animal husbandry. It is known in Nutritional Medicine that Paleo food provides optimal fuel for our huner-gatherer bodies. To eat correctly is to eat Paleo. Paleo eating standards, however, are difficult to follow in this highly busy world. Zigla! solves this problem by being Paleo-esque: using advances in food sciene and technology to approximate Paleo standards in our everyday food. Zigla! transforms your favorite food into optimal nutrition.

The restaurant offers pre-set meals in three categories namely rice, pasta and classics. All below 300 calories. Now, 300 calories sounds just-right-and-not-really-low-or-special at first but if you know or realize that a cup of cooked white rice is 160 calories and potato chips, Lay’s for example is 170 to 190 calories per serving (and one bag, which you consume in one sitting contains SEVEN servings), then 300 seem low.

Aside from the pre-set meals, Zigla also have the “Evolve Your Own Evolutionarily Correct Meal” where you can mix and match different ingredients like brown rice spaghetti, grass-fed meats, vegan ketchup, fiber cheat, etc.

Dai and I both ordered from the rice section of the pre-set meals. The food came not in plates or styrofoam or plastic but in some sort of paper which I’m sure is more environment-friendly.

SONY DSCDai had beef which consists of high fiber gluten-free black rice, grass-fed beef and teriyaki sauce with essential fatty acid (EFA) and fiber. This was surprisingly delicious given the complicated ingredients.

SONY DSCI had chicken which consists of the same kind of black rice, free-range chicken and barbecue sauce with EFA and fiber. According to Dai this was also delicious but I wasn’t able to appreciate it, which part? I liked beef better.

SONY DSCDai also tried one of their all-natural, all-healthy, all-expensive juice blends (a combination of different fruits). I had a sip and thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick with water — zero calories and zero-cost (most of the time).

2Another thing about 300-calorie meals: they’re almost always below my expectation of what an acceptable serving size is. After finishing our meal, Dai and I agreed that we were both surprisingly full. But then Adams came along with his PepperLunch dinner and I couldn’t help but have a spoonful, or two or five.

SONY DSCZigla isn’t that bad. It’s just not suitable for daily consumption for the Filipino masses because of the price. And what’s the use of eating one healthy meal a week when you’re gonna spend the rest feeding on junk? But if you are very keen on losing weight (or living healthy) without compromising the taste and you have the money then by all means, eat at Zigla three times a day, seven days a week.

After dinner, the three of us saw the latest offering from Star Cinema based on Ramon Bautista’s book, “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? (at iba pang technique kung paano makaka-move on sa wasak na puso)”

Kim Chiu does not simply star on the film, she IS the film. And that’s from someone who doesn’t like her very much. But proper credit should be given to those who deserve it and Kim Chiu has earned hers. The movie is funny and nakakakilig because of her. Never mind the shallowness and predictability of the plot. Go see it (if you have extra dough otherwise, don’t) for Kim Chiu and Kim Chiu alone. Fine, for Xian Lim’s handsomeness as well.

On another note, I need to find my copy of Ramon Bautista’s book from where one of my favorite advice came from:



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