Breakfast at 2AM: Kanto Style

If my father knew of my late-night excursions, he would not have let me live alone.

One midnight while browsing through the random blogs I chance upon, I saw Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Mandaluyong. It prides on serving “Affordable Gourmet Breakfast 24/7”. Maybe it’s the effect of not eating enough carbs that day or the fact that the place is just a couple of minutes away by taxi from where I live but I HAD to go right then and there. I don’t know with you but I sometimes have that feeling, stemming from the impatience and impulsiveness combo that I possess. I have to try it now while the excitement and curiosity are at their peak, never mind that it’s 1 in the freaking morning and I don’t have a freaking car otherwise, if my need is not met, I’m sure to be in a sour mood. Kids, I am a bad example of delayed gratification gone wrong. Don’t follow my lead.

Back to Kanto, I sent a message to Dianne because she’s the only person I know with the possibility, no matter how small, of saying yes to my somewhat libidous not to mention dangerous request. To both my delight and anxiety, she said “sure”. Delight because I wanted her to say that and anxiety because I didn’t expect her to say so. A part of me sort of wanted her to ground me back to reality, to tell me I’m acting stupid and that I should go to sleep and we’ll try next time. Oh well papel.

We met in a 7eleven near where I live. She rode a jeepney from her condo to mine without bringing any gadget whatsoever — the less you have, the braver you become. The 20 minutes I spent waiting for her was one of the longest. What if something bad happened along the way (because the route to our area does not really look, sound or feel safe)? How would I explain to her parents, to everyone, that it was my fault? Would I be able to live with the guilt for the rest of my life? Such thoughts, though OA when I look back now, were the kind that pestered my mind at that time. When I finally saw her though, all the pessimism vanished. In fact, the first thing we did was look at each other and laugh, “Para tayong timang“. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, here we come.

We didn’t have a hard time finding the location because I Google-d everything. And it’s the only store still open at 2 AM. When we arrived, two tables were occupied despite the hour being what we like to call “unholy” so the place must definitely be worth all the hassle.

SONY DSC SONY DSCIt takes a while for orders to arrive, we waited for close to 30 minutes (though I read somewhere that the wait can be as long as an hour during daylight).

SONY DSCWe ordered four plates all in all. We figured we had to make the most out of our visit because once we’ve been to a place the first time, the charm is diminished by 50%, no matter how good the food.

Batangas Beef Tapa served with two eggs freestyle, garlic rice and tomato pesto. The first thing I noticed was the lack of any form of pesto. Too bad because I was looking forward to actually eating tomato this time but I didn’t want to bother the servers who appear sleepy. The tapa was tender and the serving, hefty. I just wish it was served in a warmer state.

SONY DSCTuyo and Kesong puti. I have to give it to Kanto for presentation. We wanted to try the Chocnut Champorado with tuyo so badly but it was unavailable so we settled for this one. Tuyo and Kesong Puti are both salty foods, vinegar served on the side would have been appreciated. Or better yet, Tuyo + Monggo.

SONY DSCTheir famous Eggs Benedict. In Kanto, this only cost 90 pesos and it doesn’t come as cheap in other establishments. My first Eggs Benedict ever so I really have nothing to compare it with. I love how the egg was cooked, not very fond of the sauce and the bread was stale. I have a feeling our orders were already cooked ahead of time because none of them were warm, maybe that’s the downside of visiting a place during the wee hours.

SONY DSCFrench Toast with Bacon and Eggs. My favorite plate. The sweetness of French Toast plus the saltiness and oiliness of Bacon topped off by scrambled eggs is just delicious.

SONY DSCHot chocolate, definitely Swissmiss (the brand) accroding to Dai. Perfect with everything above. Plus a little rain on the background and comfortable silence surrounding the residential area to complete the scenario.

SONY DSCWe also wanted to try Ice scramble but it was unavailable. Next time I’ll order pancakes, vigan longganisa and spanish sardines benedict among others. Definitely one of the best food trip with the best buddy. Did not regret my sudden decision to try Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.

SONY DSCAfter our meal, we had to wait for more than an hour for a taxi or for the rain to stop. No worries because we weren’t in a hurry. We left the place past 4 AM and customers were beginning to arrive.

BTW, there’s an on going excavation near the area so you need to either drop off at the main road and walk the rest of the way (if commuting) or find another route to San Joaquin.

SONY DSCThey say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I am starting to agree.


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