KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) at Holdak

Went on a sleepover at Mezza Residences with my high school loves. One good thing about the place is the abundance of establishments occupying the same building. Just a stone throw away is a Supermarket, a cafe and a couple other restaurants. One of them is Holdak which prides itself on being “the real korean fried chicken”

SONY DSCThe menu is simple and can be exhausted within one or two visits. I sometimes like menus as such because ordering does not need too much effort.

SONY DSCHoldak’s fried chicken has four variants. The difference among them is shown in the board below.

SONY DSCWe visited the place early morning so it was deserted. The interior has high ceiling and is made mostly of glass– a good ambiance during mornings and late afternoons but I doubt during lunch when the sun is at its brightest.

SONY DSCPadak, zesty Asian flavor topped w/ spring onion.ย I like this one the most solely because when I think of Korean Fried Chicken this is exactly what I expect. Sweet and savory. The best thing about their chicken: boneless!

SONY DSCJack Daniel’s, their version of the world-famous sauce with caramelized onions. Didn’t know Jack Daniel’s was ย a world-famous sauce (apparently from T.G.I.F.). All along the only JD I knew was the Whiskey (imagine if that was the case!).

SONY DSCSpicy Yang-nyam. This was the one I had. Basically the same with Yang-nyam but spicy (duh). And I have to say this isn’t for the faint-hearted because it IS spicy. I’d like to think I have moderate tolerance for spicy food but I had a hard time finishing this order (though that can be attributed to lack of fluids to ease the flavor because during our visit, their filter for tap water was not working and we’re cheapskates especially on drinks).

SONY DSCCurry fries. A bit disappointing compared with their chicken. Maybe I was just expecting too much from curry given that it’s one of my favorite spices.

SONY DSCCheese Ramen which came in this cute container Cza and I badly wanted to take home.

SONY DSCThis was one bowl casserole of comfort with a dash of nostalgia thanks to the curly noodles reminiscent of Lucky Me!. I was expecting cheese to be visible but I saw none though it was very prominent when you sip the broth. There weren’t too many ingredients which was a plus point. Just like what I said, this one spelled comfort food for me I wanted it to rain hard outside while I was eating just for the heck of it. I wish they’d offer half-cooked eggs as add-ons in the future. I suggest you share an order with a friend because the cheesy broth can be too overwhelming to the point of being nauseating after some time.

SONY DSCWhat better way to cap off a korean meal than Melon-flavored ice cream, creamy and cold (though a bit over-priced). I love you Holdak, another reason for me to frequent Mezza!

SONY DSCOn a different day, I dragged my friends to V. Luna in Quezon City to try Carinderia Buffet. I had fixated on the place since I was desperate for home-cooked Filipino meals and this one promised an unlimited serving for only 150 pesos. After an FX and a jeepney ride plus minutes of walking under the scorching heat of the sun, my dreams shattered when the pedicab drivers told us that the place was out of business since January. Seriously! All those effort put to waste. Wish they’d update their freaking website because it gives the wrong impression that they’re still in operation. Ugh. Note to self: call establishment before going especially if it’s located in a land far faraway.

SONY DSCThank God because our heads were cooler and patience longer than normal thanks to the 5 for 100 promo of a Korean restaurant we chanced upon.



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