My second-rate-still-delicious Chicken Curry

One day, I woke up and decided to try my luck with cooking. It was a Monday and I had nothing better to do. Besides, I craved for real, home-made food. Mang Inasal’s PM 1, though satisfying, just did not feel right. And so I went to the supermarket and put a dent on my allowance even though it was only the first day of the week thanks to impulsive and unnecessary purchases. After seeing curry powder, I thought it fitting that I try Chicken Curry believing that everyone should at least learn how to cook their favorite dishes.

One of the unnecessary purchases: brown rice. Didn’t know this was expensive (compared with white rice). But it’s supposed to be healthier so why not. Problem was, instead of just putting water and cooking, I needed to soak it first with water for an hour. Too time consuming.

SONY DSCWhile waiting for an hour, I cooked Chicken Curry. The ingredients I used were only chicken breast (white meat only to support “the cook healthy eat healthy” shiz I was up to that day) and potatoes. No carrots because I don’t eat those and I’m cooking only for myself — I live alone at the moment and am not expecting any visitors. Cutting these things was a pain especially because I didn’t have a chopping board and the knife I used was far from the ultra-sharp ones they have on TV.

SONY DSCSautee the garlic in olive oil.

SONY DSCAdd the chicken and prepare to evade splashing oil.

SONY DSCAdd curry seasoning. One pack is good for 1 kilogram of meat. I used 500 grams so I only put what I estimated was half of the packaging.

SONY DSC SONY DSCAdd the potatoes.

SONY DSCAnd cover so the meat and potatoes would cook evenly. I only found out how crucial this part was when some potatoes tasted soft and delicious while some were still hard and raw.

SONY DSCWhile waiting, wash any dishes you may have used because unfortunately, you do not have a maid or a dish washing machine.

SONY DSCFor the best possible outcome, use coconut milk. If that’s unavailable, evaporated milk is recommended. If you’re like me, who forgot to buy one of the most vital ingredient for Chicken Curry, use whatever kind of milk you have at home. Be it powdered or skimmed or whatever. You’re the one who’s gonna eat it anyway. In this instance I used Magnolia Purefresh low fat Cow’s milk.

SONY DSCOne thing I don’t like about recipe books/articles/etc is the “exactness” of measurements. So I don’t follow those most of the time. I just do the instructions on how to proceed with the darn cooking and figure out everything else on my own to make it more, uh, personal.

So I poured milk until I deemed it okay. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. I was aiming for a sauce-y Chicken Curry so I can pour it all over my rice. I had semi-sauce-y.

SONY DSCIf there’s one thing I learned during my immersion cooking stints, it’s the power of Magic Sarap seasoning granules. Unfortunately, someone told me they’re very unhealthy and full of MSG so I put my hopes on pepper and salt. They did fine, just not as tasty as Magic Sarap.

SONY DSCWait for the whole thing to boil.

SONY DSCTadaaaaaaaaaaaa! Chicken Curry ala Rani. Seriously, it’s nothing compared with the one I usually have at the nearby Carinderia in terms of taste but I cooked this one, effort and all and it kinda made it more delicious in my opinion. Honestly speaking tho, there’s something lacking but it’s pretty decent not to mention HEALTHY. Carrots? Magic Sarap? No thanks.

SONY DSCThe brown rice was amazeballs. Compared with the 1:1 ratio of white rice, the ratio is 3 cups of water for every cup of brown rice. I was expecting it to be soggy and watery but the consistency of the outcome was still fine.

SONY DSCYour favorite viand cooked by no one else but you, Brown rice, perfectly chilled Mogu-Mogu, delicious revel bar and a movie friends raved about all in the comforts of your home. Monday afternoons couldn’t get any better.

SONY DSCUnfortunately, there’s enough Chicken Curry left for a few other meals and so you have no choice but to eat the microwaved version for the next two days. Note to self: think about the portions next time lest you want to eat the same thing again, over and over.


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