Marks & Spencer Salt and Vinegar

While walking along Robinsons, my schwester and I spotted something blue on the food section of Marks and Spencer. Knowing that there’s a 90% chance that it’s Salt and Vinegar flavor since it’s the only one utilizing the color blue for packaging, we went closer and true enough, it was “Hand Cooked Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar”. Out of curiosity and a sudden onset of craving, we bought one for a taste test (naks).

SONY DSC SONY DSCAs usual, it was 75% air and merely 25% chips.

SONY DSCM&S’ version was tangier than that of Lay’s (but still inferior to Kettle Brand) but there’s a subtle hint of sweetness which my schwester and I didn’t like. We want Salt and Vinegar to be just that, Salt AND Vinegar. If we wanted something sweet we should have bought Salt and Vinegar and Sugar wouldn’t we? I assumed it’s because of the “Balsamic” instead of plain old simple vinegar. True enough, according to my research (lol jk it’s only Wikipedia), the condiment was made from a reduction of cooked white grape juice and NOT A VINEGAR IN THE USUAL SENSE.

SONY DSCNonetheless, we still finished the whole bag in less than 30 minutes because you don’t throw away 155 pesos. As usual, I destroyed the wrapper to lick the remaining flavor off of it but thanks to the sweet taste, the experience was stained.




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