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I’ve been meaning to go to The Mind Museum in Taguig ever since it opened last year. 250 exhibits located in a 5,000 square meter area building situated on a 12,500 square meter park. What’s not to look forward to? But Taguig is not really very accessible from where I live plus the admission fees weren’t exactly budget-friendly at 600-750 pesos (unless you’re a public school student or a teacher because the entrance is only 150 php for you, better go!). So when I stumbled upon a voucher in DealGrocer months ago, I immediately availed and looked for possible companions afterwards.

mindmuseumOur tickets were good for an all-day, no time limit pass which suited me and my companions (no other than TLW loves) just fine since we’re not fond of being herded from one place to another.

SONY DSCWe went on a Friday during lunch time and we were glad that the place was almost deserted. No school field trips and no kids running around.

SONY DSCThere are five exhibitions in the museum namely Atom, Earth, Life, Universe and Technology. With no guide whatsoever, we wandered on our own from one to another. And to utilize the no-time-limit pass, we went back to galleries which interested us so I only vaguely remember in which part I saw which exhibit.

The Story of the Universe.

SONY DSCThe Lightbridge connects the Universe and Atom galleries. Unfortunately, it was under renovation during our visit.


SONY DSCFour faces on the moon.

mindmuseum1In the Spaceshell, we watched a film about the beginning of the universe and life. It was projected on the ceiling of the domed space so we were practically looking up. But we didn’t have to uncomfortably crane our necks thanks to the sofa with backrest elevation of less than 45 degrees. It was very comfortable I decided I want one on my future house.

SONY DSC SONY DSCThe Tunnelcraft connecting the Universe and Earth Galleries. This rotating tunnel features imagery from the Hubble telescope to simulate travel between outer space and Earth and it was really nauseating but fun. Tricks your mind into thinking that the floor is moving instead of the stars. I dare you to stay here for 5 minutes without blinking.


The Story of the Earth.

SONY DSC mindm1The Story of Life.


How love messes with your brain.

SONY DSCAfter the Life gallery, we decided to grab some late lunch at the only accessible place from the museum, Jollibee. Gah I missed Chicken Joy and Jollispaghetti!

SONY DSCThe Story of the Atom (my favorite gallery, tied with Technology)

SONY DSC SONY DSCMost favorite exhibit of all. So awesome it makes your hair stand. ktnxbye.

minds SONY DSCAmazing:ย Newton’s Cradle. How many balls will shoot off from one end when you hit it with a ball on the other end? Try it with more balls. Witness Newton’s Third Law of Motion at work: that there is an equal or opposite reaction to every action

SONY DSC SONY DSCAnd the poses we did.

minsadThe entire second floor is occupied by the Story of Technology.

mindsaaaThe Gutenberg Press.


SONY DSCThat’s the x-ray of my belongings!

SONY DSC mindsss SONY DSC SONY DSC mindssssssssssssssssAnd the only decent picture of the four of us (because the ones with the T-Rex have so many wrongs on them).

SONY DSCWhen we left the building, we were welcomed by a lot of people outside. Good thing we went early otherwise we’d have toย share the exhibits with a crowd. We’re shy around other people especially because we take sometimes-stupid-always-fun pictures. But a coin always has two sides. Because of our small number, we weren’t able to witness exhibitions where resident scientists perform science experiments like a Magic Show on a birthday party. The last time I saw one was years ago and the staff spiked a balloon with a barbecue stick but it did not burst. Yeah Science!

SONY DSCScience in the park which we didn’t appreciate that much. We were disappointed the moment the huge bubble did not materialize. Plus, it wasn’t air conditioned. lol.

mindsaAll in all, we enjoyed the place very much. I was reminded of some of the things my science and math teachers taught me from elementary to high school especially the experiments we did. Wish all children are given the chance to visit these kinds of interactive museums so they’ll appreciate that science is actually fun. There are a lot of other exhibits inside but posting them all would defeat the purpose of going there and actually seeing for yourself. Let’s leave some things out for mystery’s sake.

After Mind Museum, we ate merienda at Mary Grace.

SONY DSCClockwise from left: Mexicana Chocolate, chocolate with Chili powder and cinnamon which was okay and even actually good but when you’ve tasted Mint Hot Chocolate, you sort of elevate your standards. You find this one too thick and not smooth enough. Cappuccino. Mint Hot Chocolate, still the best thinking about it makes me drool. Cheese roll which was okay and Limone Santi which was divine especially if you’re sick and tired of cheesecake and you want something with a sweet kind of tangy.



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