Caffe Zicarelli

Decided to try Caffe Zicarelli at Northstar Mall in my hometown when I went home for a 2-week vacation. As far as I know, the owner of the place is the same person who owns the GPTCA Canteen in my high school alma mater. Ekkkk, hope they serve better foods.

SONY DSCThe interiors were simple with one wall decorated with stills from Italian movies. It would have been badass if it were the Corleone’s.

SONY DSCI was with Shiela and Cha who were kind enough to fetch me at our house. haha. Other eswaners were unavailable because hey, it’s the middle of the semester for students and the middle of the week for those who already have jobs. In short, the three of us share the three-letter word starting with B in common.

SONY DSCCha had Tanduay Ice while I decided to try San Miguel Apple.

SONY DSCThe menu was extensive though the first thing I looked for was Cannoli (so I can Instagram “leave the gun take the…”). It was unavailable so we settled for pizzas and pasta. We had Quattro Formagio, Salame and something with seafood. I like four cheese the most. The crust was thick it reminds me of the ones sold in supermarkets, frozen. Nothing special about Salame (except we had a laugh about the name because salame in Ilocano is a derogative term for “meddler”). The one with seafood tasted a bit weird at first.

SONY DSCThe Chicken pesto was superb though there’s too much oil at the bottom of the plate. Also, the chicken was a bit wanting.

SONY DSCWe also ordered Halo-halo. Now, other Β people might find this version to their liking but not me. The ice cream on top was Vanilla, hence, delicious. However, I like my halo-halo to be 30% ingredients and 70% ice. In this case it was the opposite. Also, I prefer simple ingredients, think about Razon’s macapuno and banana. Or my family’s sago and gulaman. This one had jackfruit and cherries and pineapple . I don’t eat those. My taste bud appreciates the 30-peso variants sold on the roadside.

pageWhat I loved in their dessert section is the panna cotta (original flavor). It was light and creamy I would have tried the coffee flavor and ordered another original flavor if only Cha did not stop me, reminding me of the calories. Yesterday I was browsing the pictures in Cza’s phone and when I saw a photo of this dessert, the two of us proceeded to relive the goodness of panna cotta, this panna cotta.

SONY DSCWill visit Caffe Zicarelli again when I’m home to try other items and of course, to rekindle with their panna cotta.



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