Twrix X FB Waffle X Beth’s

In one of the of the Victory Malate podcasts I listened to, Pastor Nixon said that you can consider someone as your friend if you have gone through at least one adversity. And boy, I don’t know how many I’ve been through with Trix. From our shared love for mathematics and dream of being a CPA (in short, dislike for nsg) to love problems (or lack thereof haha), chasing happiness and life in general, they’re too many to remember.

Many times we’ve drifted and our friendship arrived at a testing point but we always find our way back into each other’s arms (ang arte). I guess she will always be my “friend under the table” and I, hers.

SONY DSCCheers to the first real friend I met in college. To the one who never tire of listening to all my rants and to the person who introduced me to blogging for catharsis. For years, it felt as if we were the only people in our own little world that is As she likes to put it, No holds barred. :]

Medyo sabaw pero ito ang kinain ko nung nagkita ulit kami ni Trix. SM Sta Mesa food court. Sakto ang pancit palabok. Di hamak na mas masarap ang mga Shanghai Toge na nabibili sa gilid ng kalsada with matching alikabok at pakikipagpatintero kay Hepa B sa sawsawan. Kulang sa crema ang maja blanca.

SONY DSCThanks to my more than four years relationship with Robinson’s Manila, I feel that I have exhausted all that the mall has to offer. I jokingly tell people that I can traverse through its floor plan seamlessly with my eyes closed. I have dined at most of its restaurants and food stalls (the remaining are either newly opened, uninteresting or too expensive). I am aware of its strengths and weaknesses. We grew up and changed together. However, you can never really know someone (or in this case, something) 100% and at one point or another, you will have a new discovery. It’s especially nice if the discovery has been there for a long time and you just didn’t notice.

Case in point is Famous Belgian Waffles’ stall in the quaint part of the food court (yeah, the paragraph above is to introduce waffles). When I posted my Wicked Waffle stint a couple of weeks ago, Pags told me about this brand which is right under my nose so I had to try.

12354235The first time, I had blueberry cream cheese (Sorry Pags, couldn’t wait for you). The waffle was delicious and freshly made upon order. I remember thinking that Wicked Waffles’ version was thicker but upon reviewing the pictures, they looked almost the same in size. However, I am not a fan of blueberries. I bet I’d love cream cheese alone.

SONY DSC SONY DSCThe next time, I tried banana hazelnut and it was noms. My favorite flavor so far.

SONY DSCI have an affinity to public markets because I grew up in one. I’m  comfortable with the hustle and bustle, the heat and humidity, the different odors that combine into one familiar stench, the multitude of people from all walks of life, the dirtiness, the relatively cheap price of goods, the danger and of course, the food.

When I once visited Sta. Ana Public Market, I spotted a stall full of customers (while adjacent carinderias were almost void of people) near the entrance and when I came nearer, I found out they specialize in Pancit Palabok so even if I just ate PM1 from Mang Inasal, I did not hesitate and ordered one of their bestsellers. The name of the store is Beth’s.

The noodle of Pancit Palabok can either be thick or thin and I opted for the latter. The serving is hefty I end up not finishing everything especially if there are no more chicharon, egg and other toppings because noodle+sauce only seemed bland. The puto is okay, I just am not a fan of the delicacy in huge amounts.  My favorite is their Lumpiang Toge and pinakurat na suka sans the oiliness. Aside from tricking myself into thinking that it’s healthy thanks to the veggie fillings, these fried goodness are really delicious. The best part though is the price. Puto=2 php per piece, Toge=8 php/pc and the palabok was 40 pesos as far as I can remember!

SONY DSCYay for foods you can eat even if you’re broke! :]



2 thoughts on “Twrix X FB Waffle X Beth’s

    1. parang pantay lang sila sa akin pags eh. haha. natawa naman ako dun sa “arti ko” will try plain creamcheese next time. or creamcheese wtih ham haha :]

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