Pancake house with “fambam”

For her second paycheck, my schwester treated us to Pancake House. And I wonder when my turn (to give back) will be. Patience Rani, you’ll get there.

My loves sans my two ugleh brothers and Manang Tess.

SONY DSCThe branch in Trinoma was void of customers during a weekday afternoon.

SONY DSCFor starters, we had warm potato salad. I consumed most of the potato, Pangs ate most of the greens. I don’t know if its usual but some of the leafy vegetables tasted bitter. Or maybe that’s just the carnivore in me talking. I like that it’s warm because it still is weird for me eating cold potatoes.

SONY DSCWe also had Caramel Banana Walnut. This was superb thanks to the banana and the walnut. IHOP’s pancake are definitely fluffier but for some strange reason, I like this one better.

SONY DSCBeef Tapa which was decent but not extraordinary especially if you can get the same quality at Sinangag Express for 1/3 the price.

SONY DSCI forced my mother to have Cornmeal Crusted dish under the Low-salt portion of the menu because she’s hypertensive and it’s low-salt. I doubt if this one’s low-fat though because it’s breaded and fried. Anyway, it tasted interesting because the dip wasn’t the usual soy sauce or gravy but yogurt. If not for the dip, it would have been bland but hey, it’s low-salt.

SONY DSCClassic Pan Chicken, nothing special.

SONY DSCChicken Fillet with Cheesy Spinach Pesto Linguine. At first, my sister and I disregarded the slice of lime provided and the pasta turned out to be too salty. And I know there’s “cheesy” in its name but cheesy is different from salty. It tasted like the cook put too much salt in it and though I’m a salty person, I don’t eat plain salt (I do before but I’m changing my ways). After a couple of bites, we decided to squeeze the lemon to hopefully improve the taste and it did make the dish more bearable we finished it in no time. The sourness and the saltiness sort of complimented each other.

SONY DSCThe FitFlop store at SM North Edsa Annex have this cute couch which called for some sisterly vanity.

123435My sister and I always fight over the most trivial things in the past and I know it’s normal for children, those sibling rivalry ekeks but for adolescents living together, it becomes weird especially on a regular (almost day to day) basis. It’s especially hard because we’re only one year apart and people love to compare. Ever since we started living on different roofs though, we became closer than ever. Maybe because we don’t see each other every single day and we start to appreciate the times we spend together. It only proves that in every relationship, a little distance is good.

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.

– Margaret Mead

Now our parents are fond of recalling our pulling-each-other’s-hairs and banging-each-other’s-heads-on-the-wall days and we only laugh at our childish ways.

Ich liebe dich, schwester! :]


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