Gumbo thanks to coupons

Dai and I are both suckers for the “buy 1 take 1” marketing strategy. Especially if it’s for something like Gumbo, a place we don’t frequent during our college years due to financial constraints. Though it means that we need to shell out a certain amount of money we wouldn’t otherwise pay for food on a regular day, we still fall for the trap because the thought of getting another meal of equal or lesser value for what you paid for is too enticing.

Pre-meal vanity.

2Plus we like dining in their somewhat secluded place in the mall, away from crowds.

IMG_1566And their comfy chairs.

IMG_1572When I first ate at Gumbo with Jinks, I wasn’t able to appreciate the complementary bread and oil provided. Going so far as calling it useless. But then Gi commented on my blogpost about her dad saying that the best way to eat bread is by dipping it on olive oil with Parmesan cheese and soy sauce.

IMG_1576So I heeded her advice, only substituting vinaigrette for soy sauce and voila! It was so good Dai and I always end up finishing all those oils, even thinking of licking everything off of the plate if only it wouldn’t be so barbaric-looking. Thanks Gi! That’s one useful advice for a lifetime.

IMG_1577During our first visit, I forgot what we ordered but it was two regular-sized portion of meat sitting on a bed of onions and cauliflower. Some parts were tender but other parts were bordering on being as hard as cardboard. haha.

IMG_1579For free we got the Quattro Formagio pizza and it saved the meal from being disappointing. Actually, any four cheese pizza is delicious for me.

IMG_1580Our server during that visit was very kind and professional. She was always smiling, she wasn’t itching for us to leave and best of all, she refilled our water even before we ask her to (and for me that means a lot).


During our second visit we were with Ramm and Trix.

IMG_1617Dai ordered Kiwi shake which I didn’t taste because I don’t eat Kiwi. The only fruits I officially eat are still BAO (banana, apple, orange).

IMG_1620This time, our coupon wasn’t a “buy 1 take 1”. Instead, we got Gambas al ajillo for free if we consume a certain amount. The dish lacked something but the shrimp was tender.

IMG_1621And the four of us shared in two orders of the Grande grilled pork chops. Ramm and Trix opted for rice while Dai and I had buttered veggies and mashed potato. The pork was tender and flavorful there’s no need for dipping sauce. We were satisfied even without rice.

IMG_1622 During our last visit, we again had the “buy 1 take 1 coupon”. This time, we ordered Grande serving of Honey glazed chicken with mashed potato and fries as side dishes. The chicken was superb Β even the white meat was edible.

IMG_4372And we got Carbonara for free. It’s basic, nothing too fancy and the pasta was thin. The serving was more than enough we had a hard time finishing it. The key is to chew and actually taste your food while engaging in conversation with one of your closest friends.

IMG_4371Usually, after we dine at Gumbo, we are given another coupon with our bill. The last time though, there was nil so we haven’t been back since. Still waiting for the coveted piece of paper. It’s not that Gumbo’s not worth dining in on, we’re just plebeians.


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