for the sake of

Since I started this blog to chronicle my life (char), it can’t be helped for me to post pictures. In fact, I use this site as an excuse for the pre-meal-not-for-instagram and selfie photos that I take. Unfortunately, WordPress only offers 3GB of free memory for it’s non-paying users. One day, I opened my account and saw that I’ve used up 85% of that allotted space.

You see, before I discovered the wonders of the Batch Editing feature of Photoscape, I used to upload pictures without reducing their file sizes, meaning one photo took up to 4MB (contrary to 200KB after post-processing). I figured if I wanted to continue posting pictures in this blog, I needed to download all the images in my Media Library that are more than 500KB, edit and then upload them again one by one in their designated posts and exact location to save up on memory space.

Who, in her right mind, will do that? It’s time-consuming and practically unpractical considering I’m doing this out of the pure want to document my life and not for any other financial reasons.

Well I did. For the last few days, I’ve done exactly that to more than 800 pictures.

And I don’t feel like all those hours were wasted. In fact, I felt sort of happy after scratching off “change pics in blog to save memory” on my to-do list (once something is written, I have no other choice but to accomplish it or else productivity will halt and I will procrastinate for the rest of my life, I live by lists and I refuse to dishonor them).

Seeing that percentage go down to 23% is worth it. It doesn’t matter that it’s already wayyyyy past bedtime, that I’m gonna wake up past noon again later and that the day will be 12 hours shorter for me. What’s important is that I have my life back and I can move on to more important items on my to-do list like copy pictures from Cha or, uhm, plan about Antipolo trip with Pags or er, review. Yes, I will review. I will definitely review.


77% Baby!

This only means one thing…

More pictures [of me]! Because I believe that the true essence of blogging is narcissism. HAHA


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