World War Z with TLW

If ever the apocalypse is near and our end is indeed in the hands of Zombies, I am sure I wouldn’t last 24 hours. First off, my father is a simple man. He is not an ex-Army or United Nations officer. He is not a doctor or a virologist or whatsoever. And as far as I know he’s not Will Smith. Second, if we follow Darwin’s theory about the survival of the fittest, I am not fit enough in terms of body built (which is needed due to all the running and dodging) and I don’t believe the “eat or be eaten” motto (the literal one) if it comes to that. It’s corny for others but as of this writing, I’d rather die than kill.

World War Z, a movie starring Brad Pitt, is loosely based on a novel with the same title (note to self: read the book). I like how the director didn’t make Pitt’s character all messiah-ic by having him discover a cure. In fact, I like that they didn’t find the reason for the beginning nor the means to end the pandemic because then it would have turned the film into just another man-defeats-Zombie-and-the-apocalypse movie. We humans make it appear like we can do something about the end of the world but in reality, we can’t. If it’s bound to happen, it will happen because there is One that is greater that all of us and all that we know combined.

Anyway, I enjoyed the film from beginning to end especially the part where (spoiler alert) they try to go to a certain part of the facility up to Pitt walking towards the Zombie-filled hallway while drinking Pepsi. The film is full of CGI and effects and loud audio and screaming and running and blasts that the scene I mentioned above is a welcome respite because it has a certain intimacy, silence, fear and urgency to it.

Also, watch out for this scene because it’s heart-pounding and it makes you want to cover the mouth of everyone with adhesive. The words “SHUT THE F*CK UP” doesn’t ring any truer.

Watched the film and spent the day with the persons whom I wouldn’t mind hiding from Zombies with.

1234Tords, Chabs and I wanted Chinese food for lunch and Dai was game for anything so we decided to eat at Wai Ying. Since we weren’t in the mood to go all the way to Binondo due to the heat and traffic, we visited their newly opened Taft Avenue branch on the ground floor of EGI Taft Tower (just beside DLSU) instead. The place is cleaner and better-looking than the one in Binondo but I like the ambiance of the latter better. Besides, the service in the Taft branch was slow. Our orders took quite a long time to arrive even if we were one of only two occupied tables and there were a dozen waiters.

Fried Wanton (12 pcs, 130 pesos). According to Chabs and Tords, the one they had one time was sour. Good thing this wasn’t.

SONY DSCOut of curiosity we tried Beef Chong Fan (3 pcs, 65 pesos) which is basically steamed rice noodle sheets stuffed with beef. I like the consistency of this one though the sauce (which was a bit sweet and according to Tords, tasted like alcohol) was a bit too overwhelming so I wish it was served separately.

SONY DSCBeef Mami (100 php). Their beef isn’t as tender as that of Lingnam’s but it’s still delicious. And I love their thin noodles, the thinnest among all versions I’ve tasted.

SONY DSCAs far as I can remember, 1/4 kilo of roasted pecking duck in their BInondo branch only costs somewhere between 200-300 pesos so I was shocked when the waitress told me that 1/4 kilo of the same dish costs 400 pesos. We just settled for Roasted Duck/Asado Rice (190 pesos). The duck was tender. The asado, on one hand, wasn’t. I realized that I only like asado as filling for siopao. No thanks for Asado Mami and Asado rice maybe due to the recipe’s sweet taste.

SONY DSCHoney Baked Rib Rice. This one was okay and the meat, tender though the honey was nowhere to be tasted.

SONY DSCCurry Beef Brisket Rice (120 php). My favorite among all the dishes we had because curry is my favorite spice as of the moment (it’s enough reason for my want to go to India). It’s creamy and curry and even if it lacked spiciness, it’s still a satisfying meal. Don’t let the lack of visual appeal deceive you.

SONY DSCBusog lusog. If you ask me, I prefer the Binondo Branch.

SONY DSCMy first cup of Gong Cha WinterMelon Milk Tea in months! Gah, I missed this, the best Milk Tea in town, bar none. There was a time when I used to buy one (with extra Gong Cha cream) every single day. It’s weird because I found the wintermelon too sweet. Maybe months of sticking with water has weaned my taste buds plus my brain is messing with the experience by thinking of all the calories in one serving of this heaven. Next time I’ll try 0% sugar, if that’s possible. The Gong Cha cream though, was as noms as ever.

SONY DSCWhen was the last time the four of us had a sleepover? I can’t really remember. So Imagine my joy when Tords and Chabs decided to spend the night at Dai’s condo. After watching The Dictator (what, you haven’t seen it? you HAVE to.), we were all propped comfortably on Dai’s bed doing the pre-slumber check of our social networking sites when suddenly, Dai saw a picture of strawberry cheesecake on Instagram. She showed me the photo and I suggested, without thinking that it would be taken seriously, “tara Starbucks, Belgian Waffle”. Before I knew it, the four of us were walking along the relatively (compared during daylight) deserted street of Pedro Gil towards the Starbucks branch at Robinson’s Manila. This reminded me of old times, times when we strolled the familiar streets of Malate because we all lived within the vicinity.

And this, my friends, is Starbucks on a Monday midnight. No long lines and constant buzzing plus there’s plenty of available seats (no need to wait while giving the occupants the evil look). How I wish it would always be like this, conducive for studying and intimate conversations.

SONY DSCChabs named her drink “ever”. Gets? “drink forever“. The conversation then stirred towards other notable suggestions like free, you, me, and free for Dianne (she insists specificity).

SONY DSCMi paborito Strawberry Belgian Waffle (just realized the price had a 5-peso increase), Cinnamon Roll and Corn beef stuffed pandesal which I have to admit is not your ordinary corned beef stuffed pandesal but for the expensive price, it better be. I’m not a fan of their drinks (especially when a frappe is left at room temperature for a couple of minutes) because I’m contented with Kopiko’s 10-peso Kopiccino but the three of them raved about the new offering, Red Bean + Green Tea frappuccino (or something like that).

SONY DSCConversation with these people is always easy. Before we know it, the barista was kindly asking us to leave because they were already closing. Thanks TLW, good night morning :]



2 thoughts on “World War Z with TLW

  1. Honestly speaking, nakakatuwa tlga kyo mkita mgkasama sama 🙂 A picture is worth more than a thousand words so I assume na nag enjoy kyo! PS: WWZ is awesome..watched it with a friend tpos waley kme gnawa kundi gayahin ung boses ng zombie at ako nman matunow tuwing fino focus ung camera sa wafung mukha ni brad pitt..if the world would be put to an end by zombies..i wouldn’t mind be bitten as long as i have brad pitt with me ❤ HAHA!

    1. aww. thanks pags! pala, umuwi ako ng isabela and since yung long off mo eh august pa, pagbalik ko na lang yung antipolo trip natin hehe.

      yes yes, mas minamahal ko si brad pitt habang tumatanda siya. don’t mind being a zombie as long as he bites me hahaha:]

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