Meet my fitspiration

We’ve all heard of one version or another of the “I-have-a-friend” story. And this post is dedicated to that friend of mine.

You see, ever since I can remember, I have always been horizontally challenged. The last time my waist line was below 30 inches, I still didn’t have my menarche. It came to a point where I reached the 200-pound mark. Over the years, concerned people have tried to encourage me with stories of their friends who lost this much weight by doing this kind of diet, you know, the if-they-can-do-it-why-can’t-I and shit like that. Much as I try to be inspired by these tales, they’re somewhat distant and unreal because the biggest losers they were referring were alien to me, they were my friends’ friends, not mine. And then Pags came along.

Pags and I were schoolmates in college but I never really met her until someone told me I had a doppelganger in another section. Curiously, I searched the crowd and asked around for someone named Kristin. When I saw her, I was expecting us to really be lookalikes because everyone is claiming we’reΒ pinagbiyak na butoΒ but honestly speaking, we weren’t (not that I don’t want to look like her because Pags IS beautiful). Despite that, I saw clearly the aspect where most people based their judgement, our body built. Pags and I were both curvaceous (naks) and just because two unique ladies have the same round features and long black hair, everyone assumed they were twins. It’s kind of sad how most of us are appraised based on our body weight.

Rani and Pags circa 2010? 2011?
Rani and Pags circa 2010? 2011?

Anyway, this post is not about weight and society. Instead, this is to share my i-have-a-friend story and my protagonist is Pags. College was nightmare for the both of us in terms of weight with 4th year as the worst. During that time, we were in the same class and I remember clearly how Mama V would let us stand in the middle of the lecture just to say (for everyone to hear) that we need to report at the clinic for our weekly weight monitoring. Yes, I know her intentions are good but our egos wanted to hide in our mothers’ vaginas. Though we really couldn’t blame Mama V because this is how Pags looked in 2012:

1Posted with permission. I have pictures much worse but Imma post them when I’ve lost as much weight as Pags so the difference would be noticeable. hehe.

And this is Pags as of June 19, 2013:

SONY DSCWOW right? Just so you know, from 100 kg (her heaviest), she’s now only 60 kg! That’s 40 kg in one year! What makes the transformation more awesome is the fact that she didn’t take any slimming pills. It was pure self-control, discipline and hard work!


One time we met at Robinson’s Magnolia for dinner. Since a friend told her that I’ve been meaning to try Quiznos, the stall became our destination.

SONY DSCShe recommended that I try Chicken Carbonara, “All-natural chicken, Smokey Bacon, All-Natural Mozzarella, Sauteed Mushroom, Parmesan Alfredo Sauce” and I ordered regular which was 8 inches. The serving was super big I doubted if I could wolf everything down but the sub, particularly the filling (because I had wheat bread and it was kinda dry), was so good my plate was empty before I knew it.

SONY DSCThe desserts portion of the menu could be improved since they only offered cookies and I chose raisin oatmeal. This was on the moist and chewy side, a bit sweet and not oat-y enough.

SONY DSCWhile I consumed all the calories above, Pags particularly asked for something that’s not more than 300 calories and she got an all-veggie sub in wheat bread. It looked tasty and delicious all right, but still, I salute her self control. In the presence of mouthwatering sandwich combinations she settled for something a little less satisfying (in terms of satiety) but definitely healthy. And then I remembered what bebe Korine posted in her Instagram account, “you cannot compete with what you eat“.

SONY DSCWe talked about anything and everything, about the future, our plans, our past, weight loss and our wants. One thing more I like about Pags is her firmness when it comes to fighting for her beliefs even if it makes her unpopular. Unlike me who tends to be okay with compromising, she’s a bit hard-headed as long as she knows she’s right. Pags knows what she deserves and boy, this girl ain’t settling for anything less. I should learn a thing or two from her. hehe.

It was a really pleasant night and I am glad that our meet up pushed through. Every time I see Pags my motivation to attain that normal Body Mass Index is renewed. This is just what I needed since it felt like I reached a plateau and I’ve been gradually returning back to old (and bad) habits over the past few weeks. Thank you Pags for getting me back on track. You are a real fitspiration! :]


2 thoughts on “Meet my fitspiration

  1. Awwwwww :3 I felt as if I was featured on Women’s Health! =)))) I exactly felt the same when somebody told me that I look exactly like you!:))) I’ll be looking forward to this follow up blog with our before and after pics..more like Rani & Pags version 2.0 =))) Miss you Rani! Hope we’ll push thru the Rizal escapade someday πŸ˜›

    1. glad that you appreciate it Pags! sobrang nagenjoy akong isulat yan :] yup yup. sana this year magkalakas loob akong magpost ng before after pic, dapat maging at least 65 kg muna ako. haha. Miss you too Pags! yep yep. definitely matutuloy yun! :] hugs!

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